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   Chapter 64 Don't be in danger without my permission

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The original good mood became unhappy because of this episode. They had already lost the romantic taste of Valentine's day. "Father, I want to go home. Let's go home." Gavin held Hearst's neck and said coquettishly.

Fixing his eyes on Heidy who had been silent all this time, Hearst said to Gavin, "I have asked the driver to drive you here. He will drive you back."

Before Gavin could answer, the driver had stopped the car in front of them. Hearst opened the car door, put down Gavin in the back seat, and reminded, "Go to bed early when you go back." Then he closed the car door.

Gavin lay on the edge of the window, watching Hearst outside the car, a touch of loss appeared in his eyes, but he could only watch Hearst getting farther and farther. At this moment, there was a feeling of being abandoned in the heart of Gavin.

After sending Gavin away, Hearst came to Heidy. "Heidy."

Hearst stretched out his hand to grab her hand, but was casually avoided by Heidy. Heidy looked at him calmly and whispered, "It's late now. I'm a little tired and want to go home. Let's meet another day."

Seeing that she didn't want to talk to him, Hearst looked solemn, but he didn't say anything more. He replied lightly and walked toward his car.

On their way, both of them kept silent. Thinking of what just happened, Heidy felt a little hurt in her heart. She felt that Gavin was more important in Hearst's heart. Reminded of the day when she was required by Gavin to leave, Heidy started to worry. If Gavin forced Hearst to break up with her, what would he do?

As the car stopped in front of the Hua family's villa, Heidy collected her thoughts, opened the door, and said politely and indifferently, "I'm here. Thank you for sending me back. Goodbye."

She had just walked a few steps when a low voice came through, "Heidy."

She stopped, but didn't look back. Hearst came over to her. He stared at her side face and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm sorry for what I did just now. I shouldn't have been mad at you."

Hearing his apology, she turned around and looked at the cold faced man beside her. Thinking of what had just happened, Heidy said with an insidious smile, "It doesn't matter. You just care too much about Gavin. After all, he is not my son. It's normal that I don't take good care of him. "

With his brows knitted, Hearst replied worriedly, "I didn't think so. I was just worried that he might get lost and didn't know what to do. You are a good girl and you will be a good mother in the future. "

Hearing that, Heidy's heart missed a beat. Heidy looked up at him, shook her head and said lightly, "In fact, I don't believe I can be a good mother, especially a stepmother. I promised to bear a child for you, but I never thought about being a mother. Actually, it's not part of my plan that we will be together. "

From the first encounter to the date, Heidy had tried her best to act her role. Now, their relationship had changed, but her mind had not been able to follow the pace of change. The appearance of Gavin was an accident

loud bang on the phone, Hearst was scared and immediately ordered, "Go to the Jing City!"

Three minutes later, Hearst arrived at the construction site of Jing City in a hurry. Hearst quickened his pace. There was a panic in his eyes. Thinking of the sound on the phone, Hearst picked up his pace. He saw some people standing there nervously from afar.

Seeing that, Hearst ran up immediately and caught the assistant Chen, "Where is Heidy?"

Looking at him, assistant Chen said in a trembling voice, "President was pressed under the building."

With eyes wide open, Hearst only felt his breath failure, but he quickly calmed down and asked, "tell me the exact location!"

Assistant Chen pointed to a direction. Before he could even point his finger at the direction, Hearst had already walked briskly up to there. Not saying a word, he bent over quickly and pulled the hard concrete away with his bare hands. Then he started to dig the hard ground with his fast pace. Seeing this, Assistant Chen shouted quickly: "Don't stand, just dig." While he was speaking, all the people immediately joined in saving people.

As they were talking, Hearst looked rather nervous. He moved all the things that prevented him away with all his strength. With a strong uneasiness in his eyes, Hearst kept mumbling to himself, "You must be all right."

Five minutes later, Heidy was found by Hearst. Seeing the blood all over his body, Hearst felt scared. Behind the pillars, Heidy covered her head with both hands, and blood kept running down her forehead. She closed her eyes and frowned tightly, looking miserable. She curled up, and there was a big stone pressed on her back.

He strode quickly, pushed the stones away, bent over and picked her up. Looking at her pale face, Hearst was flustered, "Heidy, wake up!"

On the other hand, Hearst tried several times, but Heidy kept her eyes closed. Feeling a little nervous, Hearst picked Heidy up and ran out quickly, "Hold on. Everything will be fine! You can't be in danger without my permission! "

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