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   Chapter 63 it's true that your combat effectiveness keeps on long

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In the villa, Heidy sat on the sofa and leafed through the documents in her hands. By the time she got off work, Heidy would bring all the unfinished work home to talk about. In this way, once she met any danger, Heidy could also ask for help from Hearst in time.

Heidy blocked the file in front of her and gradually used the file to cover her face. She secretly pulled down a little file and peeped at someone who was sitting on the desk dealing with the business. "Hearst, are you busy today?"

"Yes, a little." Said Hearst in a plain tone.

"Okay," Heidy lowered her voice. She thought that he didn't know what day it was? Thinking of this, Heidy was a little disappointed.

But on second thought, maybe he didn't care about any holidays at his age. Thinking of this, Heidy continued to focus on her documents. Time passed, and it was eight o'clock in the evening.

At this moment, his cell phone vibrated. Then Hearst picked up his phone and put it near his ear, "Hello?"

On the other side, Noah smiled and said, "I guess you don't know what day it is today. To make myself more positive, I come here to remind you."

"Get to the point." Said Hearst in a low voice.

Seeing that he was impatient, Noah smiled and said, "You are so impatient. Today is the seventh day of lover's day. Don't you want to celebrate it with Heidy? It's your first Valentine's day. "

Hearing her words, Hearst raised his head and looked in the direction of Heidy. Thinking of what she had said just now, he immediately understood what she was thinking. "I owe you one time." There was only a few words left between them, and then they ended the call.

As soon as she looked up, Heidy was taken aback. She turned back and looked at the man in front of her in surprise. "What's wrong?"

Then, he took the documents from her hands and walked towards the door, holding her hands tightly. Seeing this, Heidy asked curiously, "What's wrong?"

With one of his hands in his pocket, Hearst said with a smile, "Go on a date."

What? Hearing this, Heidy was stunned for a few seconds and then followed him with a smile. A childish voice came to their ears as they walked to the stairs. Then, just then, two fat hands were holding his legs, which said, "Daddy, hug."

In the meantime, Hearst stopped in his tracks. He touched his head and said in a low voice, "Gavin, daddy and aunt have to go out. Stay at home with aunt Annie."

"Daddy, I want to go with you. You didn't stay with me even today..." begged Gavin, blinking his black eyes. As he spoke, Gavin puckered his lips, looking innocent.

Kneeling down, Hearst started to speak in a calm voice, "Gavin, you are grown up and sensible. I will accompany you tomorrow, okay? "

With a slight pout on his lips, Gavin turned to glance at Heidy with his vicious eyes. "Oops, oops... I want my father... "

Looking at his eyes, Heidy felt like weeping but had no tears. He looked like a wicked witch who took awa

When she lowered her head, Heidy suddenly realized that Gavin who had been standing next to her had disappeared. She looked around immediately with an anxious expression on her face. "Where is Gavin?" Said Hearst in a low voice.

Heidy turned around and saw that Hearst had already bought some snacks. Heidy said in an uneasy tone. "I don't know. I just answered a phone call. Who knows Gavin..."

The words did not fall, Hearst looked dignified, and reprimanded, "Will you pay more attention to Gavin when you answer the phone?"

She looked at him in astonishment, and Heidy's face was as pale as paper. Looking at his blaming eyes, she lowered her head and apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't notice..."

Before she finished her words, Hearst turned around, ran to the crowd and started to search for Gavin. "Gavin! Gavin!"

Heidy stood still and had mixed feelings seeing him nervous. Since they got along with each other, he had been cold and seldom emotional fluctuation. However, he was angry with her because of Gavin. Thinking of this, Heidy felt sad.

Hearst looked around but didn't find little guy. Clenching his fists, Hearst started to pull out his phone. Just as he was about to arrange people to search for Gavin, a young voice called out, "Dad!" The next second, Gavin threw himself into Hearst's arms.

When the man appeared in front of him, Hearst crouched down and hugged him. He shouted, "Gavin Tan, don't you know how dangerous it is to run around?"

With fear and nervousness on his face, Gavin said in a low voice, "Dad, I didn't mean to leave. I just saw the beautiful toy..." As he spoke, Gavin lowered his head, without saying a word.

Then Hearst embraced him in his arms. Hearst was still very worried about him, with his lips tightly closed. In the meantime, Heidy stood still. When she saw how intimate Hearst and Gavin were, she felt like an outsider who was unable to turn into their world. Thinking of this, Heidy had mixed feelings

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