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   Chapter 62 please leave my father

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After hearing this, both of them stiffened in an instant. Taking a step forward, Heidy turned to the source of the voice. At the entrance of the room, she saw that Gavin and Annie were looking at them. Seeing this, Heidy left his arms unnaturally and tied a few strands of hair behind her ears.

Hearst coughed unnaturally. He didn't expect to be interrupted. Looking at the innocent and puzzled expression of Gavin, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "It doesn't matter. Father and aunt are playing."

"A kiss? I want my kiss, too. " Said Gavin, smilingly.

Then Hearst turned around and walked up to him. Hearst squatted down and said, "It's late. You should go to bed now."

Annie looked back from shock, looked away from Heidy, and said with a smile: "Gavin said he couldn't sleep in bed, brother Hearst, please stay with him."

Gavin nodded. He tugged on his sleeve and said in a spoiled tone, "Yes, daddy. I can't sleep. Please stay here with me."

Seeing that he seemed to ask for a favor, Hearst couldn't refuse. Hearst turned to Heidy and said calmly, "I'll be back soon."

Nodding with understanding, Heidy smiled and said, "Okay, don't be too late." She had to go home tonight. After getting things done, she had to go back to the Hua family.

Hearst said with a whistle, he picked up Gavin and walked outside. With a deep look at Heidy, Annie turned and left.

Half an hour later, Heidy was lying on the bed. When she was about to fall asleep, there was an empty seat next to her. Hearst turned her around and said to her apologetically, "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting."

With her eyes open, Heidy put on a smile and said, "It doesn't matter. Let's get started. I need to go home tonight."

"You won't stay?" Then Hearst spoke in a hoarse voice. Before he met with Heidy, Hearst had believed that he didn't need women. He didn't know until he met her. He felt so warm to sleep in her arms. So he didn't want her to leave.

Raising her chin slightly, Heidy chuckled, "I want to have a good sleep tonight."

Hearing her words, there was a smile in his eyes. Then he got on top of her and quickly took off her clothes. Looking at her fair skin, Hearst lowered his head and couldn't wait to leave his own marks on it.

Now, she was not that shy anymore. She could persuade herself to enjoy it.

The atmosphere was ambiguous. Before she knew it, Heidy had already stripped naked. All of a sudden, the door was pushed open. The next second, he pulled up the quilt quickly and covered on her body because he didn't want anyone to see her body.

Looking at the little boy who was standing in front of the door, Hearst said in a sullen voice, "Gavin, haven't I told you that you should knock on the door before you enter?"

Reclining on Hearst's chest, Heidy looked at the little guy

t promise you now. "

Seeing that she refused to accept the proposal, Gavin mumbled his mouth angrily and said angrily, "Huh, I hate you." After these words, Gavin ran to the sofa. He lay on his stomach and shook his shoulders in grief.

Seeing this, Heidy didn't know what to say. Heidy came to his side and rested her hand on his head with hesitation. Gavin raised his head and looked into Heidy's eyes.

"Gavin, aunt is not that hurry. Let's get along for some time. Maybe you will like me. If you still don't like me then, I won't force you. " Said Heidy softly. In fact, it would take her some time to get used to it.

Feeling the temperature from above and looking at her tender appearance, Gavin still looked at her, without saying a word.

Then, Hearst came over to Heidy and Gavin and looked at them with a smile. Noticing him, Heidy put her hand down, stood up and said, "Have you finished your business now?"

Holding her soft hand, Hearst said to her in a low voice, "Well, I'm done. Gavin, you should continue to play. Daddy and aunt have something to do. Don't disturb them. "

"Okay." Gavin said nicely.

Heidy nodded. She waved to Gavin, "Auntie go upstairs first. See you later." Then Heidy left with Hearst.

Instead of stopping them, Gavin winked and watched them leave. Last night, they had a conversation about what Hearst had said to him, telling him not to break into his room impolitely. Otherwise, he would be angry and ignore him. "This aunt seems not so annoying. No, she will fight against me for Dad. " Gavin said, shaking her head.

Seeing the beautiful face of Heidy and the tenderness in Hearst's eyes, Annie became more and more upset. Her intuition told her that her rival in love had appeared. Annie's lips smiled at the look of Gavin. She believed that Gavin would be able to destroy their relationship and turn Heidy down.

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