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   Chapter 60 Are you a maid, sister

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On the weekend, Heidy sat in Hearst's yard and read a book on management. The present relationship between them had obvious changes to the mental state of Heidy. This used to be her most resistant place, but now she felt that it was better than a cold Hua family.

The servant came to her, put the coffee on the table, and respectfully said, "Miss Hua, please enjoy yourself."

Heidy nodded politely, picked up her coffee and drank it gracefully. Her phone vibrated. Taking up the phone, she put it on her ear and answered, "hello."

"President Hua, we only found two of them, but none of them are willing to identify the man named Jacob Xu." The man said honestly.

Frowning, Heidy said in a serious tone. But she also knew that Jacob was thoughtful enough to leave no evidence against him. "Where is the man in City S?"

Hearing his words, the man in a low voice said, "the man's past has been completely wiped away, as if he has vanished from the earth. It's completely impossible to find him."

Hearing this, Heidy was a little confused. Such a result meant that there was no progress in the investigation. Tapping her fingertips on the table, Heidy said thoughtfully, "We haven't found this clue, so we don't need to investigate anymore. I think we should start from the place where my father died. You have to visit the surrounding residents and shops secretly. You'd better get the camera at that time to check if there is anybody escaped. "

Understand what she meant, the man immediately agreed: "Yes, president Hua, I will start to arrange immediately."

Saying that, Heidy rubbed her temples wearily. It was more difficult to know the truth. "Anyway, I won't spare anyone who hurts my father." Said Heidy seriously.

The sun was scorching hot, so she stood up and walked towards her room. Since she knew that Hearst was in the study, she planned to go upstairs to look for him. She went to the study on the second floor and knocked on the door. With permission, Heidy opened the door and walked in.

It was not until she walked into the study that she realized they were talking about the video meeting of Hearst. When she was hesitating, Hearst turned to look at her and said, "wait there."

Knowing what he meant, Heidy murmured softly, then turned around and walked to the bookshelf, ready to read the book. The topic was supposed to be a meeting with the market management in Europe, because they talked in English. Some words are incomprehensible, and some are still understandable.

She took a few books and sat on the sofa, reading a pamphlet on it. Heidy picked it up and found it was a passport. She opened it and checked the message. Heidy's eyes flashed wrongly: "He is also from City S?"

Confused, Hearst ended the meeting. He stood up, came to her and took the passport from her hand. "What are you thinking about? So focused?"

Taking her mind back, Heidy raised her head and said with a smile, "People all say that a person's ID card can best show his appearance."

With his eyebrows raised, Hearst slowly asked, "what's your conclusion?"

"You're handsome." Heidy said with a smil

st being so violent, Noah said jokingly, "Heidy will be your wife from now on, and I will be your brother. Aren't we family? "

"Yes, you can." Hearst nodded in response.

Hearing their conversation, Heidy said shyly, "I didn't say that I would marry him."

Hearst came to her and held her slender waist. Not caring about the starlight at all, Hearst pulled her into his arms and teased, "You want to flirt with me?"

Her cheeks were hot, and Heidy took a quick response: "No, I don't."

"So you have to marry me." The last sentence was a firm conclusion given by Hearst.

Hearing Noah's laughter, Heidy hurriedly left Hearst's arms and walked towards the door: "I'll drink water." Then she went downstairs.

Raising his eyebrows, Noah said jokingly, "Your woman is easy to be shy, that is nice."

Speaking of which, Hearst didn't say anything, but a smile was shown on his face unconsciously.

Heidy came to the living room and was about to drink water when the doorbell rang. She opened the door with casualness. When she saw the person standing outside, she was surprised. This is...

The little boy blinked and looked at the woman in front of him curiously. He asked, "Aunt, where is my father?"

Heidy's brain was in buzz when she looked at the man who looked exactly the same as Hearst. Is this little baby boy... Heidy swallowed, and then spoke: "He's upstairs."

Looking at her up and down, he asked like a little girl, "Then why are you in my father's house? Auntie, are you a maid? "

With her eyes on the young girl who had been standing at the door all this time and then the little boy, Heidy's breath suddenly became a little disordered. She was at a loss. For a moment, she didn't know how to answer.

The baby boy gazed at her with a serious look. His expression was just like Hearst's. Just then, Hearst's voice came: "Gavin, why are you here?"

Hearing the voice, the baby turned and ran his legs excitedly and ran towards Hearst: "Dad, I miss you so much."

Holding the little boy in his arms, Hearst turned to look at Heidy unconsciously.

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