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   Chapter 50 If you dare to touch me, I will bite you to death.

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10050

Updated: 2020-02-14 00:32

In the morning, Heidy came to work in the Hua group as usual. For her, although this life was simple and boring, she had to go through the process, which was her obligation.

As soon as she arrived at the company, she heard that Sherry's voice suddenly came from behind, "Heidy!"

She stopped and looked sideways at Sherry who was walking towards her. A girl was standing beside her. She remembered that the girl was her best friend. With a cold expression, Heidy said in a low voice, "Isn't that enough?"

Speaking of this, hatred was evident in Sherry's eyes. "Heidy, you'd better stay away from Jack in the future. Otherwise, I won't let you go. "

Smiling softly, Heidy squinted and turned to her. She looked down at her and said contemptuously with the advantage of height, "Sherry, it's so boring for you to say this to me from afar. Only you will treat a man like Jack as a treasure. He doesn't even deserve to be a weed here. "

Heidy turned around with a sniff, raised her head and left arrogantly. As she said, Jack was her past and she didn't care or feel heartbroken because of this. Not all the feelings can be returned.

Standing there, Sherry's face was full of obvious jealousy. She stared at her back and bit her lips hard. Seeing the cozy gesture of Heidy, the fire of jealousy was rising in her heart. "Sherry, don't be angry. We can't afford to offend Heidy." The girl suggested.

"She is just born with a silver spoon in her mouth. So what?" "If she hadn't kicked me out of the Hua family, I wouldn't have been looked down upon by others."

"By the way, Sherry, didn't we see that Heidy and Steven attended the ball last time? I remember that you went after Steven before? I just heard that Steven was chasing after your sister. " The girl said softly, leaning over to her.

Hearing what she had said, a hint of ruthlessness flashed in Sherry's eyes, and the flames of jealousy was rising. When they were in college, Sherry met Steven because of Heidy. She fell in love with him soon for he was so handsome and outgoing. However, Steven Chen rejected her straightforward. But now, he was chasing Heidy?

Sherry's chest heaved. Blue veins stood out on her temples. "What's so good about her that she has so many men around her. Why do the men I loved all like her, including Jack? "

Even though Jack didn't say anything since his engagement with Sherry, she could feel that he still loved Heidy. But her guess was right. Jack's disappointment yesterday confirmed her guess. She knew that the reason why he had been bothered by that thing was that he cared about her. Thinking that the senior and fiance she had been chasing both like Heidy, the hatred in Sherry's eyes deepened.

"Your sister is so beautiful. She is the chairman of the Hua group. The more beautiful a woman was, the more men would like her. We can't compare in this respect. " The girl comforted.

With her eyes narrowed, Sherry put on a smile and said, "good? Will it be nice if it's destroye


Before she finished speaking, the rascal pressed her shoulders with his hands and directly pressed her on the ground. Heidy instinctively resisted and lifted her leg, trying to kick him. Seeing this, the hooligan directly pressed against Heidy's knees and said fiercely: "Be honest, otherwise I can't guarantee that you can still keep this beautiful face." A man took out a shiny knife while he was speaking.

Her face turned pale. Heidy screamed with all her might, "Help! Help!"

The rascal raised his hand and slapped Heidy hard. In an instant, the corners of Heidy's mouth were bleeding and she saw stars. Before she came back to her senses from the pain, she heard the rip voice. Then, with a chill in her chest, she saw her clothes ripped open.

With a obscene look on his face, he lowered his head and pretended to kiss her. At the sight of this, Heidy leaned forward and bit him on the shoulder. In an instant, the rogue cried out in pain, "Bitch, how dare you bite me!"

The rest of them came forward and pulled Heidy away. With blood stained on her lips, Heidy was pressed on the ground and said, "Dare to touch me, I will bite you to death!"

"If I don't play with you, I'll kill you." The man grabbed her chin and said ferociously. The rascal pounced on her again and bit her shoulder before she finished her sentence. Then, he grasped her legs and lifted her skirt, smiling more happily.

"Tonight, we will fight you one by one. I'll see how rude you are." He laughed hysterically.

Heidy was full of fear and despair. She kept resisting, with all her strength falling on the cotton, and she was the fish to be slaughtered. Feeling that her trousers were finally removed, Heidy was very nervous.

Looking at the hooligans surrounding her, Heidy had never expected that she would end up like this. A rascal was taking pictures of them with a mobile phone. All of a sudden, Heidy felt a chill all over her body and she felt suffocated.

"No way!" Heidy screamed in fear.

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