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   Chapter 47 an overbearing man

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In the CEO Office of the Hua group, Heidy lowered her head to deal with the business. These days, Heidy and Hearst didn't get along well with each other. Heidy did not need to go home because she was in safety period recently. Therefore, she didn't have to physically contact with Hearst.

After entering the office, assistant Chen put the documents on the desk and asked with concern, "President, what's wrong with you recently? You always have something on your mind."

Coming to herself, Heidy smiled and said, "I'm fine."

Then, assistant Chen smiled and said, "Oh, I thought president Hua was upset because president Tan didn't come to the company these two days."

With her face flushed, Heidy said in an unnatural tone, "Mr. Tan and I are not in the relationship as you think."

"President Hua, you don't have to explain. I understand. It's said that the eyes of one person won't lie. Although he is always cold, the way he looks at president Hua is gentle. " Said assistant Chen with a smile.

With surprise in her eyes, Heidy said: "really?"

Putting an invitation on the table, assistant Chen explained, "Boss, this is the invitation to the party from the chairman of Company M. Don't forget to attend on time tonight. Oh, you need a dancing partner. " Then, assistant Chen turned around and left.

Heidy opened the invitation, reading the words on it and rubbing her forehead. Heidy just started her cooperation with Company M, so she had to go to the ball, but... "Who should I call? I don't think I have any male friend. " Said Heidy gloomily. Thinking of the name of Hearst, Heidy shook her head immediately.

At this moment, her cell phone rang. Heidy took up the phone, looked at the screen and pressed the answer key, "Hello, senior Steven..."

The lights were on and the beautiful evening began again. Upon arriving at the place where the ball was held, Heidy saw Steven waiting there from a distance. Hearing that, Heidy parked the car and walked towards him. "I'm sorry to take up your time tonight, Steven." Said Heidy apologetically.

Tonight, Heidy wore a long strapless dress with a slim body and a delicate makeup, and looked particularly charming. Steven Chen looked at her and said with a smile, "It's my honor to be your partner. Heidy, I should have picked you up. "

With a faint smile, Heidy didn't answer but said, "Let's go inside." When she was about to enter the house, Steven suddenly held her hand. Confused, Heidy turned around and saw his arm. Then, she held his arm and walked inside.


waiting patiently. However, as for Hearst, he kept silent and just looked at her quietly. When the second music started, Hearst said with a smile on his lips, "at the beginning of the second dance, if you leave me alone like this, people present will be curious..."

Understanding what he meant, Heidy looked at him in depression, and continued to put her hands on his shoulders. Looking at his satisfied expression, Heidy said through her teeth, "You did it on purpose."

Then, she moved her eyes away from him and looked at Steven standing not far away. Hearst said flatly, "Well, I can understand you."

Steven looked at the scene that Heidy and Hearst were dancing together and knew that their relationship was not simple. When he was about to wait for Heidy, Noah walked up to him and said with a smile, "would you like to go out and have a talk with me? I think going out is better than being left here. Heidy will not go back to you for the time being. "

Understanding what he meant, Steven turned around and left after glancing at Heidy. Noah raised one corner of her mouth and went out smilingly.

Then, Heidy was stopped by Hearst several times. They danced one after another. When Heidy was about to lose her temper, she heard the name from Hearst.

Hearing him calling her name, Heidy looked up and said in a tone of displeasure, "what else..."

Before she finished her words, she saw the light of the ball suddenly dimmed. Then, Hearst looked down and kissed on Heidy's lips exactly.

Heidy's eyes widened in surprise and stared at the man in front of her. The touch on her lips reminded her of what he was doing. All of a sudden, her brain hummed and her heart beat faster

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