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   Chapter 46 what a good habit

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Looking at the man in front of her, Heidy was frightened. She turned around and wanted to leave at once. But she was lifted up in the air before she could step forward. The next second, Heidy lied on Hearst's shoulder. Hearing what he said, Heidy patted him on the shoulder anxiously, "Hearst, what do you want? Let me down! !"

On the other hand, Hearst walked upstairs with an emotionless face and said coldly, "let me let you know, I can't interfere!"

Patting him on the back with all her strength, Heidy shouted hurriedly, "We are just friends. I just promised to help you give birth to a baby. You have no right to do anything else! Put me down, you lunatic! "

Noticing her revolt, Hearst sneered, "I'll make you clear by agreement. You are not allowed to contact with any man without my permission. "

Understanding what he meant, Heidy kept struggling, but she didn't stop Hearst steps. Then, the door was kicked open with a big bang. Then, Heidy was smashed into the bed. Before she stood up, she found that Hearst had already pressed her on the bed.

"Hearst..." Before Heidy could finish her sentence, Hearst kissed her rudely on her lips...

In an upscale restaurant, Heidy lowered her head and looked at Steven Chen uneasily. She blushed and turned pale at the thought of the punishment she received from Hearst last night. She didn't expect that Hearst would go crazy and she was almost paralyzed.

"Heidy, you look so beautiful today. I'm happy that you can accept my invitation today. I think having dinner with you is also a happy thing. These dishes are your favorite, aren't they? " Steven said with a smile.

Hearing his praise, Heidy put her hands under her neck and smiled awkwardly. Today, she wore a wrinkled shirt with high collar which covered the lower part of her neck. The light pink clothes made Heidy a maiden. She would never let anyone know that the clothes that she was wearing now were actually trumped up. She took them out all of a sudden in order to cover some traces on them.

Seeing her absent-minded, Steven asked with concern, "Heidy, what's wrong with you? You have heavy circles. Did you sleep well last night?"

Coming back to her senses, Heidy smiled sheepishly, "It's all right. I went to bed late last night, so I was not in good mood. Steven, thank you for your kindness and remember my preference. "

Steven looked at him affectionately and said sincerely, "I want to know more about you, including your preferences and living habits. He

ring his words, Heidy looked at him calmly and said coldly, "For me, this is just a routine. Successful pregnancy is a relief to me. "

A hint of coldness appeared on his face, and his eyes were filled with anger. Then, he pressed his hand against her shoulder nail. Hearst lowered his head and gave her a nasty bite on her shoulder. Immediately, blood filled his mouth. Though feeling the pain, Heidy said nothing.

The long plunder finally came to an end. Heidy walked to the bathroom wearily. With a serious look on his face, Hearst looked at her body.

He was good at controlling his emotions all the time. Since that incident, he had concealed his true emotions. However, it was an accident that Heidy could easily trigger his anger. The thought that she smiled so happily to another man while she was indifferent to him made Hearst jealous.

Feeling annoyed, Hearst got up and walked towards the bathroom barefoot.

In the bathroom, Heidy stood under the shower head and watched the water running along her body. With her eyes closed, she recalled the shameful scene just now, and felt her body trembling. Warm liquid rolled down from her eyes along with water. In this way, no one would see her embarrassment and fragility.

She opened her eyes and saw herself in the mirror. Heidy smiled bitterly and sadly. The hands drooping over his body were clenched tightly, but they were finally unfolded powerlessly. Heidy didn't know how long such a life would last.

She didn't understand why Hearst changed his attitude so quickly. She slowly crouched down, put her hands on her legs, and let the water flap on her back. "When will this kind of life end?"

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