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   Chapter 45 Do you know the consequence of irritating me

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The next day after the argument, Hearst and Heidy said nothing to each other. Even if Hearst wanted to talk to her in private, Heidy wouldn't give her any chance. Heidy was even colder than strangers to him. Their relationship was at a stalemate.

In the luxurious box of drunk club, Heidy sat quietly in the corner and quietly communicated with her previous friends. The audience were all members of the novel. They had gathered together to express their interests when they were at the University. They talked about poems and wrote things they were interested in occasionally.

"Heidy, let me introduce you a boyfriend? I have a male friend. He is pretty good. He is a manager in a company. " A girl ran over and said warmly.

However, Heidy shook her head and refused politely, "No, thanks. I have no intention of finding a boyfriend for the time being."

Another girl cut in and teased, "Millie, it's not right to introduce your male friend. Don't you know that we are not in a pure relationship now. Maybe your male friend has a secret crush on you. "

Millie blushed and hurried to explain, "No, we are not. We are just good friends and I take him as my friend."

Hearing their conversation, Heidy had a light smile on her face. She was a little absent-minded when she thought of talking with Hearst. Heidy couldn't help feeling upset at the thought of Hearst.

Seeing that they were chatting, Heidy quietly stood up and walked to the window, watching the night view outside. Steven Chen came to her and asked with concern, "Heidy, are you unhappy?"

Hearing this, Heidy turned to the man beside her and replied with a smile, "No. I was just thinking about something."

Looking at her bright smile, Steven consoled her, "Those unhappy things will finally pass."

Hearing his words, Heidy nodded, "yes, I will. Steven, it's late now. I have to go. " Although she didn't want to go, she had to go to Hearst's villa tonight. No matter how hard she tried to avoid it, she had to do what was supposed to be done, which was her principle.

Steven grabbed her wrist as she was about to leave. Seeing this, Heidy looked at him in confusion, "What's up, Steven?"

Looking into her eyes, Steven said nervously, "Heidy, I have kept some words in my heart for a long time. I used to think I didn't have a chance to tell you. But now, I don't want to miss it. "

Looking at him, Heidy seemed to understand what he meant and said hesitantly, "Steven..."

"Heidy, I like you. The first day you came to the novel, I fell in love with you. But at that time, you already have a boyfriend, and I hide this feeling. Now that the man doesn't know how to cherish you, I hope I can still have the chance. " Steven confessed.

Heidy looked at him in surprise. She had a good relationship with Steven, but Heidy alway

y Heidy was late was being with another man. Intuitively, Hearst associated it to the man who had embraced him yesterday. Thinking of this, anger was boiling up.

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. Then, the figure of Heidy appeared. As soon as Heidy came to the porch, a cold breath came towards her. Looking at the man with a blue face in front of her, Heidy could not help but accelerate the pace of her heart.

Heidy raised her head, pretending to be calm, and said in a cold voice, "Mr. Tan, let me talk to you..."

Before she could finish her words, Heidy screamed in horror. The next second, Hearst put his hands on her shoulders and pressed her against the cold wall. Seeing his sudden action, Heidy looked at him in a panic.

With his chest heaving violently, Hearst questioned, "Who's that man! Is it the man yesterday? "

Sensing his anger, Heidy finally adjusted her mood and answered calmly, "Yes."

Slowly, Hearst put forth more strength, as Heidy felt a pang of pain in her shoulder. Heidy's face twitched out of pain. Seeing her suffering, even though he was in a rage, Hearst didn't really push her that hard.

"I told you not to see him. Didn't you hear me?" At last, Hearst managed to hold back his anger and said nothing.

Heidy obstinately looked back at him and firmly stated her position: "I have also said that it is my private affair, and there is no need to talk to you!"

Flames of fury rose from his eyes. Hearst said in a horrifying tone, "Heidy, do you know what will happen if you irritate me?"

Being not afraid to die, Heidy said coldly, "we are just in an agreement. Besides, you don't need to interfere with who I am going to be with. "

Hearing that, an evil and bloodthirsty smile appeared on his livid face, and his expression was inexplicably terrifying. Hearing that, the heart of Heidy could not help but skip a beat

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