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   Chapter 44 Forbid you to associate with anyone

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Hearing his words and looking at his cold expression, Heidy was stunned for a few seconds and calmly answered, "A senior."

For this explanation, Hearst knew that it would not be so simple. With a serious expression, Hearst said in a low voice, "But why did he hold you?"

Feeling his peculiar behavior, Heidy was confused. After thinking for a while, Heidy suddenly remembered Mrs. Xu's warning to her. They should keep a distance from each other. Thinking of this, Heidy smiled, "I don't know. I don't need to know what Steven are thinking about, just as I don't need to think about Mr. Tan's thinking. "

Hearing her answer, Hearst frowned more tightly, "Heidy."

"Mr. Tan, I know what I'm doing. Please rest assured, Mr. Tan. I will do my job well. I will try my best to stay away from unrelated people, and will not cause any trouble to you. " Said Heidy in a calm and distant tone.

Noticing her anxiety, Hearst squinted and asked, "what did Lora Tan say to you?" He had investigated the accident. On that day, Heidy purposely escaped and ran into Lora.

Looking at him, Heidy smiled and replied, "Nothing. We're just chatting."

"Is he chasing you?" Then he switched the topic back to the point of his discussion.

In her eyes, there was a flash of surprise. Heidy paused for a few seconds before she came to herself and looked at him coldly. "Mr. Tan, this is my private affair. I don't seem to need to report to you. If there is nothing else, please excuse me. " Then she left.

Noticing that she walked past him, Hearst raised his hand and was about to catch her, only to find that her hand passed by him. Watching her leave, Hearst frowned. He felt that Heidy deliberately distanced herself from him. But he had no idea why.

Seeing her leaving, Hearst suddenly felt a kind of irritable mood. Hearst walked in the opposite direction.

All afternoon, Heidy devoted herself to her work, not thinking about anything else. As a matter of fact, she couldn't be distracted either. In the office, Heidy folded her arms across her chest and looked at the familiar strangers expressionlessly.

With a smile on his lips, Jack looked at her and said: "Heidy, let's make a deal."

Looking at his smiling face, Heidy responded in a half smile, "Mr. Xu and I have no interest in making a deal."

Hearing this, Heidy shrugged and said with a smile, "There's no need to be so direct. I think you will put the company's interests first and put your personal feelings behind."

"About what?" Said Heidy quietly.

Picking up the documents prepared in advance, Jack said calmly, "Recently, JA group and the Hua group have some conflicts because of the competition of some companies. Today, on behalf of JA group, I sincerely invite you to be my friend. We will try our best to provide assistance to the Hua Group in the fol

ll have to continue such disgusting activity. Do you think I'm willing to do that? " Heidy shouted very loudly.

Hearing her self-abasement and looking at her tearful eyes, Hearst realized that she misunderstood him. "I didn't look down upon you," he said

"Don't say it again. I understand! I can swear to you with my loving father that I won't have an affair with another man during the agreement. But you don't have to know my private affairs! " Heidy pushed him away and walked towards the elevator without looking back.

She kept patting hard on the elevator door, and it closed slowly, keeping Hearst out of her sight. She kicked the wall furiously and felt a fit of pain on her foot. "Hearst, you bastard. I hate you."

Heidy yelled angrily, but tears couldn't help but fall into her eyes.. Thinking of his acquiescence just now, Heidy felt sad. When the tears were about to fall down, Heidy raised her head and tried to hold them back.

Heidy took a deep breath to adjust her emotions and said, "Heidy, do not humiliate yourself in the future. We don't belong to the same world. Why would you even think about it? "

The elevator door was opened. With her chest out, she walked forward proudly. No matter how embarrassed she was, she didn't want to be looked down upon.

Seeing her leave angrily, Hearst frowned. He didn't expect that she would be so angry. When he remembered what had happened just now, Hearst grimaced and said, "That idiot. I didn't say I didn't believe her..."

However, when he thought of the scene that she was embraced by another man, and she did not refuse, his heart was in a burning flame.

Thinking of their conversation just now, there was a moment when he wanted to tell her that he liked her. But he couldn't speak it out. Confessing to her was a difficult thing for him.

Being agitated, Hearst frowned and urged him into the elevator.

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