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   Chapter 43 who is he

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In the villa, Heidy was lying quietly in the bathtub, hearing what Mrs. Xu had just said. She had just guessed that Hearst was married, and it had been confirmed now. The two results still had great influence on her mental state.

Slowly, Heidy sank into the water. With her eyes closed, she allowed the warm water to surround her. A feeling of suffocation overwhelmed her, and she looked miserable. It was a difficult time for her to accept the fact. She didn't go out from the water until. Water ran down her cheeks, and her face reddened with anger.

Calculating the time, Heidy came out from the bathtub slowly. She wiped the water from her body and went out quietly. When she walked out of the bathroom, Heidy heard Hearst say the last words to him and hung up the phone.

Coming forward, with a slight smile on her lips, "Is it your baby?"

Upon hearing her words, Hearst frowned and said, "Dry your hair, or you will catch a cold." As he spoke, he took out a big towel from the bathroom, covered it on her head and wiped her face roughly.

Heidy didn't struggle or say anything. She just stood there and looked at him calmly. She didn't understand him, just as she didn't know what kind of person he was.

Noticing that her hair was almost dry, Heidy went to the bed, sat at the end of the bed and said calmly, "let's begin."

Hearst didn't respond. He just stood there, looking at her in confusion. He felt that the words from Heidy tonight were a little strange. But he didn't know why. Thinking of the content of the phone call just now, Hearst didn't have time to consider, he strode forward.

When she touched the bathrobe belt, her curvy figure suddenly appeared. Seeing that, Hearst felt his heart missed a beat. He then held her shoulders and slowly kissed her lips.

With her eyes closed, Heidy said to herself, "You must cooperate with Hearst and try to get pregnant as soon as possible." Thinking of this, she put her hand on his neck. She raised her chin slightly in response to his kiss.

Noticing her change, Hearst was surprised. Holding the pretty girl in his arms, he was short of breath. He deepened the kiss immediately, and the air in the room became hotter.

The long plunder finally ended. With a blush on her face, Heidy said out of breath, "get out."

Without saying a word, Hearst moved slowly away from her body and touched her face with his big hand, and he said, "thanks for your hard work."

Hearing what he said, Heidy moved her eyes on him and said lightly, "I'm fine. It's my duty." With that, she uncovered the quilt, grabbed the bathrobe beside her and wrapped herself. She walked towards the bathroom with heavy steps.

Looking at her back, Hearst felt a little surprised but he said nothing. Hearst stood up and walked to another bathroom.

Half an hour later, Heidy walked out of the locker room. When she just arrived a

e send you back." Steven said passionately.

"No, it's just a few minutes from here to the company. I can walk back by myself. It's kind of a walk after dinner." Heidy replied with a slight smile.

Hearing her words, Steven walked up to her and said with a friendly smile, "Then I'll go with you. We don't get along with each other for a long time, so it's not bad to have a few more minutes to talk with each other."

Heidy politely refused, but Steven insisted. At last, Heidy nodded her head and walked towards the direction of the company.

They chatted casually and went to the front of the company. Heidy stopped, turned around and said, "Steven, here I am."

Looking at the building of the Hua group, Steven said disappointedly, "It's so fast. It's really close. Heidy, I'm glad to meet you this time. Are you free tomorrow? I'm going to arrange a party and all the members of the novel will come. "

A hint of embarrassment appeared on Heidy's face, "We haven't seen each other for a long time. I'm afraid..."

Steven patted her head and said, "Don't worry. I'm here. I don't know when I will leave this time. It's good to spend more time with him. Heidy, I really hope you can attend it. "

After struggling for a while, Heidy nodded, "Okay, I agree."

With a bright smile on his face, Steven said happily, "I'm glad that you can attend it. Then I'm leaving now and I'll pick you up tomorrow."

Heidy nodded, "okay."

Suddenly, Steven walked up and hugged Heidy. Seeing this, Heidy looked at him in shock, "Steven?"

Heidy hugged her and said nervously, "I'm glad to see you again. See you tomorrow." Steven let go of her and walked inside with his ears turning red.

Staring at his back, Heidy didn't know what to do. When she turned around, she saw Hearst standing not far away. But he didn't look well.

With a blank face, Hearst moved in front of her and asked in a cold voice, "who is he?"

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