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   Chapter 41 Don't do this to me at the office

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10180

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In the Hua family's villa, Heidy was sitting on the swing, swinging the rope in her hands. Leaning against a stone made bench, Jessica Liu smiled at her and teased, "Heidy, look how nice Hearst is to you. I don't think he just works with you."

Looking up at the sun, Heidy said lightly, "It's just that simple. Don't think too much. I don't know why he insisted that I give birth to his baby. "

Jessica smiled and took the drink from the servant. With a broad smile on her face, Jessica Liu said, "I can't believe it. Hearst is the boss of the J.Y group. Awesome. Heidy, you sleep with handsome and excellent men every day. Are you moved? "

Her hand holding the drink paused, and Heidy was lost in thought for a moment. Looking up at her, he smiled and said, "Even if you want to talk with me about Mr. Tan, it's impossible for us to be together. He should have his own married family, and we were just in a transaction. A man would not fall in love with his sleeping friend, just like it is reasonable to say that he will not fall in love with me. "

Hearing Heidy's logic, Jessica shrugged and said with a smile, "Well, I do think Hearst will fall in love with you because you get too close to each other. For example, Jack used to have a crush on you, but after he had sex with Sherry, he gradually fell in love with her and was engaged. "

The thought of Jack and Sherry can bring Heidy peace now. No matter how painful it was, it would eventually go away. Especially those who didn't deserve her pain. "Mr. Tan is different from Jack." Said Heidy honestly.

"Men are all the same, aren't they? And I think the best punishment for this pair of scums is to be their elders. Will you feel excited to imagine the scene that they call you 'aunt'? " Said Jessica, excited as she looked forward to it.

Heidy jumped off the swing and patted on Jessica's head, "I don't want to use marriage as a tool to make them unhappy."

With her arms on her shoulders, Jessica pushed her body and encouraged, "Heidy, since you have a crush on Hearst, why aren't you brave to pursue love? If he really has a wife, why does he still ask you to have a baby? Is he crazy? "

Nodding approvingly, Heidy said curiously, "That's right. Could it be that his wife can't have babies? Jessica, don't persuade me anymore. There is no possibility between me and Mr. Tan. I don't want to have any involvement with Jack Xu. Now I just want to run the Hua group well and let dad rest assured in heaven. "

Seeing that Heidy was still stubborn, Jessica sighed and said, "Well, it's a pity that Hearst is such a wealthy husband. But it doesn't matter. Heidy, I'll help you look for some men who are good-looking and good enough for you. There are still some men who match you. "

With a bitter smile, Heidy leaned against the bench and said with self-mockery, "It's my fault. I don't deserve someone else. Sometimes I wonder what's the difference between me and those prostitutes by providing my body. "

Hearing her self-slander, Jessica hugged her and comf

felt the coldness from his body and pressed his lips against hers.

She goggled in astonishment, and her mind went blank for a moment. Realizing something, Heidy immediately resisted. She pushed him away with both hands.

Seeing her reaction, Hearst knew she was indeed avoiding him. Thinking of this, Hearst got nervous. He held her hand with one hand, and pressed the back of her head with the other, forcing her into his arms and not giving her any chance to dodge.

Heidy whimpered and looked at him with flames of anger in her eyes. Then she saw the expression on Hearst's face was cold. He was wanting to punish her by kissing her. Feeling that he was coming closer and closer, and that he robbed the air from her mouth, she bit her lips with all her strength. All of a sudden, Heidy's mouth was filled with the smell of blood.

However, Hearst didn't stop. He kept kissing her deeply. Weak and fragile, delicate and fragile, she was not able to do anything under his command.

When they were lost in thought, the door was pushed open. Standing outside the door and looking at the scene unfolding in the room, assistant Chen went blank for a moment and forgot to leave.

Hearst put forth all his strength to hold Heidy against his chest. With a tinge of coldness in his eyes, he looked at assistants Chen and ordered, "get out of here."

Feeling that she was almost frozen, assistant Chen quickly collected himself. Without enough time to speak, assistant Chen turned around and ran to close the door.

Hearst didn't let her go until he was sure she had left. Satirized with satisfication, he raised her chin in a frivolous tone, "tell me, why do you hide from me?"

With her heart thumping, Heidy looked at him and said, "Mr. Tan, I hope this will be the last time."

"The last time?" Said Hearst, raising his eyebrows.

Meeting his eyes, Heidy pretended to be calm, "Don't do this to me in the office."

Rubbing her chin with his finger pulps, Hearst asked her back seriously, "What if I say no?"

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