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   Chapter 38 It depends on whether you want to let me go.

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10018

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In the Hua group, Heidy headed to the general manager's office with documents in her hands. She pushed the door open and saw Hearst working at his desk with a poker face. She felt warm in her heart.

It was only five days since Hearst entered the company, but he had managed to close a lot of projects for the Hua group within five days. Although his appearance was always cold, he could force his opponent to the corner during the negotiation, making him unable to resist. With such courage, Heidy feels that she will never learn.

When she came back to her senses, she found that Hearst was looking at her. Hearing that, Heidy looked embarrassed, as if she had done something wrong and was caught as a thief at the scene. Heidy calmed down quickly, walked to him and said smilingly, "Mr. Tan, here is the document you want."

Hearst received the document and read it quickly. He said calmly, "well, the company is beginning to settle down. The next problem we need to deal with is the black sheep within the company."

"You mean director Wang?" Heidy asked curiously.

Then, with his hands crossed over his chest, Hearst replied calmly, "yes, director Wang is in touch with the people of the JA group. Yesterday morning, I got the news from Jacob. He said that as long as director Wang get shareholders to agree and fire me, he would be a shareholder of JA group. "

With her eyes wide open, Heidy was very shocked. After a while, she finally came to her senses and said, "They have realized your threat. What a shameless rat JA group is!"

Looking as usual, Hearst replied calmly, "it's human nature that they realized their crisis and would solve it."

"Then what are you going to do?" Heidy asked.

After looking at his watch, he said, "buying the shares of director Wang and kicking him out of the company. Let's go to have a meeting. " Then, Hearst picked up the files on the table and walked ahead.

Walking beside him, Heidy looked at his side face with a smile. She suddenly felt that she was so lucky to have him to help her. Or the Hua group would be ruined by her.

In the meeting room, Heidy sat in the middle, and Hearst sat in the first seat on the left with no expression on her face. Director Wang sat opposite him. Heidy looked at them calmly and said, "today I arrange the general shareholder's meeting in order to announce something."

"What do you want to say, president Hua?" director Wang asked.

"I believe all the directors have witnessed the development of the company recently. Thanks to president Tan, our company is able to get several big projects in a row. " Said Heidy with a slight smile.

Those board directors chimed in with her. "You're right. Mr. Tan is really a talent. He had just been in the company for a few days and already made such a high profit for it. President Hua, you have a good taste and have a good view of people. "

On the other side, Hearst looked around calmly and said, "I just did my job."

Her eyes fell

nswer, Jack thought of the benefits Hearst brought for the Hua group these days, and quickly said, "Uncle, for the sake of this, JA group can also hired you at a high price. We are relatives. Isn't it better to cooperate with us? "

"Relatives talk about money hurt the relationships, but I don't do a bad business." Then Hearst said in a plain tone, "at present, I have signed a contract with the Hua group, which means that we have default damages. It is not worthwhile."

Seeing that he refused, Jack was about to speak when he was interrupted by Heidy, "Jack, don't blame anyone since you are not sure about Mr. Tan. Shall we go inside? "

Said Hearst carelessly. He continued to walk away with Heidy.

Jack stood there, looking at their backs in shock. They didn't expect Hearst to be so daring. In the beginning, Mrs. Xu just said that he owned a company, but she didn't know the specific reason.

Then, Heidy and Hearst walked side by side. With a smile on her face, she said, "it seems that Jack is very shocked. He didn't expect that you would help me. Mr. Tan, you are really calm. I just looked at your performance and found nothing suspicious. "

"Businessmen pay more attention to money and credit." Said Hearst calmly.

Looking at him, Heidy asked curiously, "Mr. Tan, if they asked you to pay a lot of money, would you come?"

Hearst stopped and turned around to look at her. He looked into her eyes and walked towards her. There was only a few centimeters between them. Then she lowered her head. Hearst looked at her and said in a low voice, "it's up to you."

"What?" In the end, Heidy looked at him in puzzlement, with her figure in his eyes.

With a smile on his lips, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "it's up to you. Will you let me go?"

They looked at each other for a moment. Hearing that, Heidy took a breath, turned her head and said, "we should go in now." Then Heidy fled away, blushing with shyness.

Seeing her back, Hearst couldn't help smiling.

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