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   Chapter 37 everyone can find a few jerks, don't discriminate against them

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In the deluxe night club, Heidy stood outside the VIP room, looked hesitantly at the man beside her, and tried to convince him, "Mr. Tan, can I not come in?"

With one of his hands in his trouser pocket and a smile on his face, Hearst slowly replied, "what do you think?"

Taking a deep breath, Heidy argued, "But we are not a couple."

Then Hearst turned around, looked at her in a condescending manner and said slowly, "who invited me for dinner today?"

"It's me." Heidy replied briskly.

"It's in the dinner time. Am I answering the phone?" Continued Hearst.

Not understanding his logic, Heidy nodded, "yes."

With a smile on his face, he said calmly, "it's your treat, and you called at exactly the time after dinner. Since you dare to invite me, you have to bear a series of chain reactions. "

The corners of her mouth twitched, and Heidy was speechless. All of a sudden, she felt it was not an easy thing to invite Hearst to dinner. Before she came to herself, Hearst had taken her hand again and opened the door. In this case, Heidy knew there was no room for flinch.

Seeing their appearance, the people who were playing in the room suddenly became quiet and all looked at them. Noah was the first one to react and said jokingly, "I knew it was her."

Hearing this, Heidy gave a wry smile and became speechless. When they were talking, Hearst walked towards them, holding Heidy's hand and said in a calm voice, "is this how you treat your guests?"

Upon hearing this, they hid their astonishment and sat back to their seats. James, who was sitting opposite to Heidy, came to her and sat next to her. James asked with a smile, "Beauty, what's your name?"

Looking at his cute baby face, Heidy smiled and answered, "my name is Heidy Hua."

James held Heidy's hands and asked, "When did you in a relationship with Hearst?" What's going on? Did you kiss him? "

Hearing this question, Heidy smiled awkwardly, "actually, I..."

"James," Hearst called James's name without emotionality, "How are your parents recently?"

James's waist straightened up in an instant before his words came to an end. He straightened her body, turned around slowly and squeezed a smile that was uglier than crying. "Brother, I'm sorry."

Hearst passed a glass of water to Heidy, and replied calmly, "Okay, honey."

Taking over the cup, Heidy looked at them, puzzled. When she was about to drink some water, the man who had been silent all the time in the room suddenly asked, "are you Jack's ex-wife?"

Looking to the direction of the voice, she saw a man with a cold face sitting there. It was a handsome and cold man with a straight nose and pursed lips. No one could tell what he was thinking. Upon hearing his words, James's eyes widened and said, "Jack's ex-wife?" Girl, are you married and divorced? "

With her mouth twitching, Heidy nodded awkwardly, "yes, I just divorced."

Hearst leaned against the sofa and said with

Hearing this, she looked up, only to find that there was only a few centimeters between them. They would probably kiss if she turned her head. Feeling nervous, Heidy sat straight. When she was thinking about what to do, she heard him say in a low voice, "win."

What? Surprised, Heidy collected herself. She looked at her cards and said excitedly, "I won, really."

James was shocked and said, "how?" A good fortune befell her after Hearst come. "

Hearing this, Hearst explained, "she's lucky. But she used the best card as the worst card."

Scratching her head, Heidy blushed and said shyly, "I just sold out the card that I thought it useless..."

Then, in a calm voice, Hearst said, "we need to analyze it when we play mahjong."

"Oh, I see. I really am more suitable for games without brains" Heidy said indifferently.

Noah laughed and said admiringly, "You are really brave. Come on, let's continue."

With the help of Hearst, she won back all the money she lost in a short time. Heidy was extremely delighted to see that. Seeing her happy face, a smile appeared on Hearst's cold face. Noah and Kevin smiled at each other when they saw the changes in his expressions.

Finally, it was finished. Hearst said indifferently, "I'll drive her back."

Heidy shook her hands to them and said, "We'll see you around. "

James laughed and said enthusiastically, "Heidy, come and play with us if you have time."

Looking at his innocent and cute look, she nodded, "okay."

Then, Hearst held her hand and led Heidy to the door before she could say no.

After they left, Noah smiled and said, "I didn't say anything wrong. Hearst did have a crush on her."

"Heidy is so beautiful. And Hearst also have a good eye. But don't you think so? Heidy looks like the little girl? " James said in curiosity.

With both hands in his pockets, Kevin didn't say a word. He didn't think that there would be any smooth communication between Hearst and Heidy.

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