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   Chapter 36 A Date

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Surprised, Heidy looked at the man in front of her and felt his lips burning. Her face suddenly turned red. She didn't expect that he would kiss her on impulse.

Heidy pushed him away and said nervously, "Mr. Tan..."

Coming back to his senses, Hearst said in a suppressed and hoarse voice, "let me help you wear it." As he spoke, Hearst bent over and pulled up the dress on the floor. He walked to her back and zipped her dress.

After tidying her hair, Hearst said to her in a low voice, "Okay, you can leave now."

Lowering her head, Heidy said in a blushing voice, "how, how to solve it?"

Hearing her words, Hearst lowered his head and lifted her chin between his fingers. He could feel her breath on his face. "You want to help me, right?"

Feeling her hot skin, Heidy said, "I'll leave now." Before he finished his words, Heidy ran away as fast as she could.

Looking at her back, Hearst teased, "you little fool." Putting the broken dress into a bag, Hearst walked out of the room with a box calmly and headed in the way different from Heidy.

Heidy saw many people standing outside the hall. Seeing her, all the guests looked at her in surprise.

With a confused look on her face, Heidy asked, "what's wrong?"

Sherry rushed to her and found that he was in perfect dress. She asked in shock, "Heidy, where have you been?"

"I just drank some wine and ate something. I feel a little uncomfortable, so I went to the bathroom for a while. What's wrong?" Heidy asked in confusion.

Jack gave a reproachful look at Sherry, who was shocked by her words. Noticing Jack's sight, Sherry said immediately, "Jack, I have already..."

Heidy looked at them and said with a smile, "already? Sherry, are you trying to set a trap for me? No wonder I suddenly had a stomachache. That's right. After all, I used to be Jack's wife, so it's normal for you to be dissatisfied with me. "

In the end, Heidy looked at them with an understanding look. Hearing this, everyone seemed to understand the reason and nodded. She looked at Sherry with contempt.

Looking at everyone's gaze, Sherry's face suddenly turned pale. When she was about to refute, she saw Jacob walking towards them, saying to them with a smile, "Today is a good day, everyone, just enjoy yourself."

The guests all turned around and echoed with smile, "Okay, okay." So they continued to walk toward the banquet hall.

Standing in front of both of them, Heidy squinted her eyes and said with a faint smile, "Sherry, you are too naive. It's lucky that I've prepared it in advance. Thank you, sweet couple, for showing me around. "

Then Heidy turned around and left with ease. Looking at her back, Jack shook off her hand and blamed, "You idiot. You can't even handle a small thing."

Hearing his words, Sherry said with grievance on her face, "Jack, I didn't know that Heidy would be so careful. We both kept it from her and didn't tell her that I was the one who was engaged Please don't be mad at me, okay? "

Jack didn't reply but gave her a cold look and left. Seeing this, Sherry hurriedly caught up with Jack and unwillingly

more. She didn't know much about him. But he knew everything about her.

Walking slowly and feeling the wind coming, she closed her eyes and slightly raised the corners of her mouth. On the other hand, Hearst was standing quietly next to her and staring at her side face with tenderness in his eyes, which he himself didn't notice.

Just when they were having a good time, the phone suddenly rang. Heidy opened her eyes and looked at the man beside her. He picked up the phone and put it on his ear calmly. "Hello."

"Hearst, I need a fourth player. Would you like to come?" Noah's voice came from the other end of the line.

Hearing this, Hearst replied calmly, "I'm busy."

"Is there anything more important than a party?" Noah asked curiously.

Looking at the woman next to him, he replied in a calm voice, "a date."

Heidy, who was listening to him, suddenly choked on her saliva and coughed.

Before he finished his words, there was a hubbub on the phone, "Yo, have you got a girlfriend? Let's have a look. 'Get bored of being a single man for ten thousand years?'? If you don't come, we will go to kill you. "

Then, Hearst looked at Heidy and asked with a slight smile on his face, "will you go there?"

Shaking her head, Heidy answered firmly, "No."

Hearing her reply, Hearst said to the person on the phone, "I'll be there in a minute." Then Hearst hung up the phone.

With her eyes wide open, Heidy said, "I didn't say that. It's late. I should go back..." She was about to run away when her wrist was grasped.

"Let's do it together." Hearst said word by word.

Looking at him, Heidy giggled, "I don't think it's a good idea for us to go together? You will be misunderstood. "

Noticing her change, Hearst replied in a calm voice, "as long as I don't mind."

As he was saying, he looked as if I were the one to suffer losses, and Heidy embarrassed to maintain the action of surprise, her forehead showing a few black lines. Before she could react, he had already held her hand and pulled her to the car, leaving her no chance to refuse.

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