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   Chapter 35 I am engaged with her

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It was a lively day today. With the evening lights on, luxury cars drove in the same direction one after another. Sitting in the car, Heidy calmly stared at the front, and nobody could figure out what she was thinking.

When the car arrived at the destination, the driver said respectfully, "Miss Heidy, we have arrived."

Hearing this, Heidy came to her sense and said calmly, "Okay, you can leave now. When I finish my work, I will tell you to pick me up. "

Then Heidy opened the door and walked away unhurriedly. The elegant beige dress gracefully outlined her figure, and Heidy's face was painted with exquisite makeup. She carried her handbag and elegantly walked inside.

When she entered the magnificent hall, all eyes were on her. Anyone who was sympathetic or just wanted to watch the show would focus on her.

As if Heidy didn't notice, she walked towards the man who was entertaining the guests with a gentle smile. Said Heidy with a sneer.

At the sight of her, a tinge of surprise flashed across Jack's eyes, but soon he returned to normal and smiled, "It's really you, Heidy."

With a smile on her face, Heidy said calmly, "since you invited me, of course I would come. Ex husband, congratulations. "

Hearing her calling him, there was a flash of embarrassment in Jack's eyes, but he still smiled and said: "Heidy, you may have to change your address in the future."

Heidy raised her eyebrows and smiled, "Oh, really?"

A clear voice came through as they were talking. Hearing the voice, Heidy was stiff, "Good evening, sister."

Then, Sherry came to Jack's side and held his arm intimately. At the sight of her acts in public, Heidy suddenly understood what Jack meant and frowned.

Seeing the changes of her expression, Jack's smile deepened. He was satisfied as long as he could tease her. Thinking of this, Jack smiled and introduced, "Heidy, this is my fiancee."

The guests around all looked at them, waiting to watch a play.

Leaning against Jack, Sherry said with a sweet smile, "Sister, although you have driven me out of the Hua family, you are always my sister. You don't cherish Jack, so I want to love him for you. "

Upon hearing this, the guests whispered curiously, "what do you mean? I've heard that the daughter of the Hua family had an affair with another man. Is that true? "

Hearing people's discussion, Heidy hung her head and clenched her fists. He adjusted his mood and said with a smile, "congratulations. It seems that you've been delayed by me for these years. Sherry, I really loved you in the past. I can give up anything to you as long as you ask. This time is just a man. "

Hearing her contempt, Jack frowned. But soon he took Sherry's hand affectionately and said softly, "Thank you. I like Sherry. She is pure and kind."

What he meant was that Heidy wasn't an innocent girl? Seeing the people around them talking about her, Heidy was irritated.

hone and dialed, "Mr. Tan, help me!"

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Heidy leaned against the door and asked nervously, "who is it? ""

"It's me." A low voice came from Hearst.

Upon hearing him, Heidy opened the door and Hearst walked in. Hearst handed the boxes to her and told her, "Change them. They are looking for you."

Understanding what he meant, Heidy took it over and found she was wearing the same dress tonight. She couldn't help but admire his thoughtfulness. However, she didn't have time to sigh, but changed quickly.

Heidy immediately took off her dress and quickly put it on. Maybe it was because she was in such a hurry that her hair was directly stuck in the zipper. The harder she tried, the more hair stuck.

However, her effort was in vain. In a pitiful tone, Heidy looked at someone and asked, "Mr. Tan, can you help me? I have had my hair stuck... "

Then Hearst walked behind her and found that the zip had been tightly wrapped. He squatted down and carefully unzipped it. Then Hearst slowly unzipped her hair.

His fingertips fell on the skin on her back by accident, and she felt the slight coldness went to her brain. Actually, Heidy was a little nervous.

When all her hair was pulled out from the zipper, the dress fell onto the floor softly. Hearing the words "Mirror Lake", Heidy covered her chest with her hands by instinct.

Then, Hearst kept his eyes on her body, and found that she wasn't fat at all. The light was dim. With her hands protecting her body, Heidy's long black hair was randomly scattered over her shoulders. His dark and nervous eyes made him look lovable.

Heidy looked at him and said nervously, "Mr. Tan"

Without saying anything, Hearst just stepped forward, putting his long arms around her waist. Without saying anything, he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

Looking at him in surprise, Heidy's heart beat fast and her mind went blank.

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