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   Chapter 32 bartender trap

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In the CEO Office of Hua group, Heidy read the file in her hand with a serious look. With a pen in her hand, she didn't know how to handle it. Being fidgety, Heidy put down the pen and rubbed her temple.

Assistant Chen came to her office and stood in front of him. "President, all the directors have arrived. I just heard that the directors are in a bad mood. "

Then Heidy stood up and said in a low voice, "I know. Let's go." With these words, she walked to the meeting room with eyebrows twisted. She had to face the truth sooner or later.

In the meeting room, the directors looked at her and blamed, "President Hua, how do you explain what happened yesterday? Because of your wrong decision, our company suffered a great loss of business. We all know that you don't have any experience in management, but for the sake of your father, we will also allow you to inherit the Hua group smoothly. But now, you are not worthy of our trust. "

Hearing people all talk at one another, Heidy lowered her head and said apologetically, "I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. It's my fault. I'm sorry for the loss."

"President Hua, do you think your words can appease all of our directors' anger? We all take money to invest in the Hua group. I don't want to see any loss of interests because of your personal affairs " Director Wang said coldly.

With her hands crossed on the table, Heidy sat straight and said, "I understand the anger of all the directors. I'll try my best to make up for the loss in the following business. I hope everyone can give me some time to adapt to the new rules of the game. "

Director Wang said coldly, "if we have to experience what happened yesterday again, our bonus this year will be in vain, and probably we will stick to it and clear up the mess for you."

Hearing his words, Heidy frowned, "Director Wang, what do you mean?"

"President Hua, I hope you can arrange another person to be the general manager and cooperate with your work. As an inexperienced manager, you need someone experienced to guide you. " Director Wang said. "Since the people present are the company directors, it's better to choose the general manager from the directors."

Before those words were finished, other directors echoed, "director Wang, you have rich business experience. Why don't you let him be the general manager, so that we can rest assured."

Heidy bit her tongue hard to keep calm. Looking at his confidence, Heidy thought of what Hearst said. It seemed that the so-called internal attack should be to make use of director Wang.

Thinking of this, Heidy calmly said, "I refuse. I remember that it is the chairman who made the decision for the general manager's dismissal. As the director of the board, I don't agree with director Wang. "

Seeing her refusal, the directors were unhappy. "President Hua, although you are the chairman, you cannot go your own way. If you can handle it yourself, we don't need director Wang to he

she saw Hearst coming over. Noticing the alcohol smell from her, Hearst frowned and asked, "did you drink?"

"I'm talking with director Zhang, and I'm a little drunk. Don't worry," With a faint smile, Heidy said, "Mr. Tan, I'll go first. Jack is also fighting for the development right of Prince Bay. I can't let him slip through the gap. " Then Heidy walked forward and opened a room.

Hearst frowned, but he didn't stop her and walked towards a private room not far ahead. Seeing his expression, Noah smiled and said, "What's wrong? Who irritated you?"

"Nothing." Then Hearst said with a firm tone, "Talk about the thing I asked you to investigate."

Noah nodded, took out a piece of information from her briefcase, and said with a smile, "as you have guessed, we have found out that JA group has done a lot of bribes in recent years. Many people in the government were closely related to the JA group. Among them, there is director Zhang, who has a lot of money dealing with the JA group. "

Hearing the name, Hearst frowned, "director Zhang?"

"Yes, director Zhang is indeed a greedy man. According to the investigation, all the land subsided by him was handed over to JA group. Of course, he could get hundreds of millions of dollars from the JA group. I also heard that director Zhang not only loves money, but also lusts after beautiful young women most. " Noah smiled and said.

Hearst couldn't help but think of what Heidy had just said. Then his face turned stern. "No." Then Hearst ran out of the room without waiting for him.

Seeing that Hearst left as fast as a gust of wind, Noah asked in confusion, "the bottom of the car is on fire?"

Hearst pushed the door of the box quickly, but nobody was there. Seeing the waiter come in, Hearst grabbed his arm and shouted angrily, "where are the guests here?"

"They just left." The waiter said nervously.

Before he finished speaking, Hearst ran downstairs quickly. He couldn't help cursing, "idiot..."

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