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   Chapter 31 I am in good physical strength

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In the mansion, Heidy stood by the French window with her arms crossed in front of the chest, dressed in a gauze dress. She looked out of the window at the night scene, lost in thought.

Perhaps it was because the environment was too quiet that Heidy recalled the news she read today. They couldn't see the scene for a long time. In front of the bed, hugging a newly born boy with both hands. Seeing that he was asleep quietly with his eyes closed, Heidy's eyes were empty. A small life came into this world from her body.

When she was still in a daze, a middle-aged man came in and took the child away from her. He told her that the child would have nothing to do with her. Then the man left with the child. When she was discharged from the hospital, Heidy was sent back. She had been trying to keep it a secret.

Thinking of those comments, Heidy smiled bitterly. In fact, even if she had been pregnant for some reason, the fact that she had been pregnant could not be changed. At the thought of the scornful eyes of the doctor and the strange child, she trembled with coldness.

Suddenly, a pair of hands wrapped around her slender waist from behind. Then she leaned her back against a warm chest. With her eyes wide open, Heidy turned her head and found Hearst hugging her from behind.

Then he leaned forward and held her in his arms. Her heart thumped, and Heidy was distracted for a moment. "Mr. Tan." Said Heidy softly.

Said Hearst in a low voice. Then he lowered his head and kissed her earlobe, which made her feel limp and numb. "What are you thinking? So focused?" Said Hearst in a hoarse voice.

Staring ahead, Heidy smiled bitterly, "in the past, just as the comments said, I am a little low. I have done all those shameless and ungrateful things. Like now, I'm having sex with you. "

Noticing the emotional fluctuation in her voice, Hearst frowned. Hearst pressed her shoulders with both hands and turned around. Heidy raised her head and their eyes met. "You are not." Said Hearst seriously.

Her heart thumped and her eyelashes fluttered. Heidy stared at him blankly. After a while, Heidy chuckled, "you don't know me well. How do you know I'm not that kind of bitch? Although we want to cooperate with you for the Hua group, in another word, for the money. "

Then, he rubbed against her cheeks with his fingers and gazed into her eyes. He said in a cold voice, "you don't care about the money. What you care about is your father."

Her fingertips turned pale. Without realizing it, she tightly squeezed her own flesh. His eyes were so deep that as if he could read her mind. Silence reigned for a long time. Heidy nodded, "yes, my father is the most important person in the world for me. His hard work can't be destroyed by me. "

Looking at her, Hearst replied calmly and firmly, "no, I'm here with you."

Looking at the man in front of her, with a light smile on her lips, Heidy said: "thank you, Mr. Tan. Then I will go to take a shower. We will start later." As she spoke, she turned around. When she was about t

and said with a smile, "Mr. Tan, thank you for sending me back. Good bye." Then Heidy opened the door and got out.

Heidy took only two steps before her wrist was gripped. The next second, she fell into Hearst's arms, swirled in the air and grabbed the corner of his clothes.

Heidy opened her eyes in surprise and her heart thumped. They were very close to each other, and his breath was constantly lingering at the tip of his nose. When Heidy was about to move farther from him, Hearst hugged her again.

"Don't move." Said Hearst in a low and hoarse voice, with irresistible dignity.

Hearing what he said, Heidy lowered her eyes, stood there still and let him hold her. After a long while, Hearst lowered his head and said in a calm voice, "have a good sleep."

Heidy hummed softly and left his arms. Looking at the man in front of her, Heidy wanted to say something, but finally she did not ask anything. She turned around and went to the villa.

Hearst stood there and watched her leave. Hearst didn't go back to the Bugatti Veyron until she had entered the villa.

The house was a little bit quiet, which made Heidy speechless. Jack had left the Hua family, so did Sherry. Only Sherry and Mary Song lived in this house now.

Drawing back her thoughts, Heidy walked upstairs calmly. She went back to her room, sat on the edge of the bed and thought about the time she spent with Hearst. Lying on her bed, Heidy stared at the ceiling, lost in thought.

'Is it my illusion?' thought Heidy. She sensed that Hearst had changed his attitude towards her lately. She had just given birth to his child, but now it seemed to be a bit intimate. She couldn't describe that feeling.

Heidy turned around and slapped on her face, reminding, "don't think too much. Hearst was just a good partner and he didn't mean anything else. Anyway, Hearst was indeed Jack's uncle. Therefore, they could do nothing but cooperate with each other.

Heidy sat up and took a look at the time. Then she went to the bathroom with her clothes.

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