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   Chapter 30 physical cooperation

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At the Xu family mansion, Jacob Xu angrily looked at Jack Xu standing straight in front of him. Jacob threw the iPad on him directly and questioned, "how could you not discuss with me on such an important matter? 'won't get a penny?'? Are you insane? "

Mrs. Xu rushed forward to protect Jack, and said anxiously, "Jack, you have to explain to your father now. It's not true on the news, isn't it? How can you give up all your marital property? "

Having expected this result, Jack said apologetically, "father, mother, the news is true. I did divorce with Heidy without getting any property. "

Before he finished his words, Jacob gave him a hard slap. With a powerful force, Jacob threw Jack to the sofa. "Useless people, get nothing. How did I teach you to marry the Heidy to get the Hua's property and the Hua group. How dare you play tricks on me? "

Jack didn't try to defend himself. He lowered his head and said, "sorry, Dad. Although we can't get the Hua group after divorce, I will try to get the Hua group. "

With a cold humming, Jacob said coldly, "useless things, you can't even beat a woman." Glancing at him with disdain, Jacob went upstairs in anger.

Watching Jacob leave, Mrs. Xu pinched his hand anxiously. "What's wrong with you, Jack? You made such a decision all of a sudden. Why you give her back easily? "

Jack leaned forward and said in a low voice, "I don't know how Heidy get the evidence of my brother's kidnapping. How dare her threaten me with this."

She covered her mouth in surprise. Mrs. Xu looked at him in shock and said, "how come..."

He raised his hand to touch his face, while his eyes narrowed. A great deal of hatred was reflected on his face. Then, Jack ground his teeth and said, "I will get even with that. Heidy, do you think I will let you go? No way! " A vicious light reflected in his eyes.

In the CEO Office of Hua group, Heidy was lowering her head and working. Her cell phone vibrated. At that moment, Heidy was about to turn the screen to mute. She glanced at the screen and pressed the answer key, "Hello, Jessica, what's up?"

Before her voice was heard downstairs, Jessica said in a very high voice with obvious panic, "Heidy, have you read the news? I just accidentally saw the headline of the news. It was reported that what happened three years ago, and many people made comments. Is it from that bitch, Sherry? "

With her eyes wide open, Heidy went pale. Clenching her phone, Heidy said in a trembling voice, "It must be Jack is revenging on me."

"That jerk." Then Jessica continued, "Heidy, don't worry about that. I have contacted my friends who are hackers and asked them to hack the website that published the news."

Hearing that, Heidy came to her sense and managed to squeeze a smile that was uglier than crying. "Thank you, Jessica. I have to work now." Then Heidy hung up the phone.

She sat still, staring at the screen with glazed eyes. Pondering over for a long time, she couldn't help but click on the top. It turned out that she was the hottest topic on the Internet.

She opened the post and saw a bunch of keyboard men cursing her. Either she was a bitch and invincible, or she had an affair and was shameless. All in all, none of these were good words for her. She found that many netizens had posted comments on her social media account.

"It's so kind of you to do that to embarrass me." Said Heidy with a bitter smile.

Some of them pointed out that there were no photos or other evidences, without any evidence. However, this sound was drowned in the water army's saliva. Leaning against the chair, Heidy took a deep breath and recalled what had happened years ago when she had been lying on a cold operating table. The doctor had punctured her membrane and injected the liquid into her body. She could still clearly feel the pain.

When she came to her senses, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She still could not forget that sense of shame after so many years.

At the same time, in the CEO office of the J.Y group, Hearst ordered with a poker face, "Contact the head reporter. Apologize to Heidy. Otherwise, they will be banned. After negotiating with the website, they deleted all relevant news. Purchased the shares of other websites that are no willing to delete at once. In addition, spread the peach news that Jack has met, and shift people's attention. "

Assistant Liu listened carefully and then said quickly, "Yes, president. I'll take care of it right away." Then, assistant Liu turned around and left in a hurry.

Noah clapped his hands, smiled and said, "It's clean and efficient, but you're really protective of Heidy."

"I won't allow anyone to bully my woman." There was no warmth in his voice.

Hearing his words, Noah raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Your woman? Aren't you in a cooperative relationship? You gave her money and she gave you her body. It seems that you are in love with her. "

Hearst frowned, but he didn't explain anything. As he said, at first he just wanted to have a baby. But now, he fell in love with her. Since he had

made up his mind, he would not allow her to run away, nor to be bullied.

Then Hearst stood up and walked towards the door. Seeing this, Noah did not give up and asked, "Do you really fall in love with her?"

Stopping his steps, Hearst said in a low voice, leaving no room for him to linger. Seeing this, Noah said reluctantly, "well, good luck to you. But when do you plan to let them know who you really are? "

"It's not the time yet." Said Hearst shortly and left the CEO's office. Only when you appear in the most shocking moment could you get the best effect.

Within a few hours, the news about Heidy was wiped out. The first journalist made an apology on the Internet, admitting that he paid the money and ruined her reputation. But along with the photos of Jack and all kinds of girls dating, some people had come up with some ideas, though they didn't say who had bribed the reporters.

Watching the news being handled within a period of time, Heidy's eyes were full of doubts. She didn't know who was so efficient. The only person she could think of was Hearst. But she had no reason to help her. After all, she was just a tool to his birth. He didn't care about her reputation.

In the evening, Heidy sat on the roof bridge, staring at the fast flowing river below. Leaning against the pillar, the things that happened three years ago and the scene that she went to bed with Hearst came to her mind now and then. Though these were all her actions, in the eyes of Heidy, they were all her shameless actions.

She wanted to drink, but she had promised Hearst that she wouldn't drink again. So she could only sit in the wind. "If only I could jump down from here, at least I would be free. It's pathetic. I don't even have the right to die. " Said Heidy bitterly.

She still had a lot of things to do. She couldn't let the Hua group be destroyed by her. She had another thing to find out the truth of her father's death. Dealing with the business in the company, Heidy found the sudden death of her father quite strange. She felt as if she had been set up.

"Come down." A deep but pleasant voice suddenly sounded, and Heidy trembled with fear. Then she turned around and found Hearst's face.

Seeing him, Heidy was relieved, "it was you who wanted to talk to me."

Hearst didn't answer, but there was a severe look on his face, "get down."

Looking at his expression, Heidy suddenly did not want to do as he said, "the air here is good."

Before he finished speaking, he leaned forward and touched her body with his hands. Before she could react, Hearst had already carried her in his arms. Hearing this, Heidy was stunned for a few seconds and struggled immediately. "Mr. Tan, put me down."

On the other hand, Hearst didn't reply. He loosened his arms and Heidy fell to the ground. "Ah, it hurts..." Said Heidy, covering her buttock in pain.

With one of his hands in his trouser pocket, Hearst said in a gloomy voice, "if you fall down from the bridge, you won't even have a chance to cry out for pain."

Feeling that he was angry, Heidy stood up from the ground and suddenly felt that she was in the wrong. "Mr. Tan, are you worried that I will break my contract by accident? Although I am not willing to give birth to a baby for you, I have principles. Since I have promised you, I will do it. " Said Heidy softly.

Hearst pressed the back of her head and suddenly pulled himself in front of her. Then he said with a serious face, "Heidy, if I see you do such a dangerous thing again, you're doomed."

Hearing his threat, Heidy raised her head. From his eyes, she saw her shadow, and she suddenly panicked. She took a step back, got away from him and said in a distance, "Mr. Tan, we just do physical cooperation. We shouldn't interfere in other people's private life."

Before she finished, Heidy clearly sensed that the air around her became cold. Looking into his eyes, she swallowed for no reason. He looked like a wolf.

Before she could say anything, Heidy was lifted into the air. In the next second, she was carried by someone. Hearing what he said, Heidy patted him on the back in astonishment, "Hearst, what are you doing? Put me down."

Then he carried her on his back to the car. When they reached the car, Hearst said to her in a soft voice, "sex."

Realizing his intention, Heidy opened her eyes wide in panic. Standing next to the Bugatti Veyron, Hearst ordered coldly, "get off the car."

When the driver saw this, he immediately opened the driver's seat and ran away. He opened the door and threw her into the car. Looking at the man in front of her, Heidy swallowed her saliva, "Mr. Tan, I'm sorry."

Then he looked at her coldly and said in a low voice, "it's too late." Before she finished speaking, Hearst got on top of her and kissed her on the lips.

With her eyes wide open, Heidy was surrounded by Hearst's strong masculine smell, humming in her head. With her mind in a mess, Heidy still couldn't understand what he was talking about. Why would Hearst get angry when she found there was nothing wrong with himself?

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