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   Chapter 29 not all men are willing to live with you for the rest of their lives

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'what is to come will come at last.'. Jack was very excited the whole day. He liked Heidy, but her betrayal was like a thorn in his throat. Tonight, he would take revenge on her and let her know how it felt to be humiliated.

At noon, as Heidy returned home, she saw the servants whispering among themselves. Noticing that she was looking at them, they immediately separated. Watching their looks, Heidy squinted her eyes. Without saying a word, she walked towards her bedroom.

As soon as Heidy opened the door, she was shocked. On the bed, Jack and Sherry were messing with each other. Seeing her appearance, both of them didn't seem to stop.

With a livid face, Heidy stared at them and demanded, "get out!"

As they enjoyed the wonderful moment, Jack stood up naked, raising her chin with one hand, and said with a smile, "Heidy, do you remember what I said yesterday? Otherwise, I'll divorce you. "

With one hand supporting her head, Sherry lay on her side without anything to hide. Then, Sherry sneered, "sister, I heard that the drug is very thrilling. We can have a try later."

Hearing their arrogance, Heidy said nothing but smiled, " It looks like you are in high spirits."

Jack lowered his head and sniffed the scent of her hair, and said with contempt, "Heidy, I still love you. Even though your body is dirty, I'm willing to love you well."

Looking at his obscenity, Heidy said with a light smile. She took the divorce agreement out of her bag and put it in front of him. "Look carefully and sign it obediently."

Jack took it and read it. Then his face turned cold and tore it up directly. He forcibly pressed her against the wall and said sarcastically, "you want me to give up all the marital property? Heidy, you are out of your mind. Do you think I would be as stupid as you to promise such a thing? "

Heidy calmly got rid of his hand, took out the document bag from her bag and said slowly, "don't make a quick decision. Take a look at this first."

Jack took the file bag and turned pale at the sight of the paper. With his eyes wide open, he asked in disbelief, "How did you get this?"

"I have my own way. Jack, don't you think it is fun if I show the evidence to the media reporters and your father?" Satisfied, Heidy looked at his expression and said flirtatiously.

Before Heidy could finish his words, Jack shouted, "all these are fake and no one will believe it! Heidy, you will do anything to force me to give up all my marital property! " As he spoke, Jack directly tore the things in the document bag into pieces.

With her arms crossed over her chest, Heidy leaned against the wall. Her eyebrows curved as she said calmly and calmly, "Jimmy must have recognized the criminal who kidnapped him. Jack, take your time. This is just a copy. I have arranged everything well. If my people don't receive my instruction within an hour, these will be delivered to the media and the chairman of the JA group. Tomorrow will be the biggest headline. "

Trying hard to choke her neck, Jack's face looked ferocious, "Heidy, I'm going to strangle you!"

"A man conspired with his lover to murder his wife and kidnap his brother with the same father but a different mother. Do you think he will be sentenced for many years, life imprisonment or shot? Jack, your life will be destroyed at that time. Do it if you can. Of course, I'll kill you both. " Heidy sneered.

Jack throttled her with great force and after half a minute, he released her in anger. He was very clear that once the information was leaked, he and his mother would be expelled from the Xu family, and they would lose everything, being cursed by their peers. Trying to restrain his anger, Jack lowered his head and asked, "what do you want?"

"Leave with nothing. Get out here." Heidy chuckled, "losing half of Hua family's property is better than losing yourself. Honey, you are so smart. You should know what to choose, shouldn't you? "

Jack stared straight at Heidy and clenched his fists. Finally, he compromised and said, "Okay, I'll sign it."

"Signing is not counted. I have said that we will divorce within an hour. After you signed your name and we will go through the formality at the Civil Affairs Bureau. You'd better hurry up, or there's nothing I can do at that time. " Said Heidy, blinking her eyes innocently.

Jack angrily pointed at Heidy, but he still turned around and walked to the dressing room.

As for Sherry, she hadn't recovered from the shock and looked at the situation blankly. With the corner of her lips raised, she called aloud, "the butler."

After a while, the Butler came upstairs with several maids. The maid looked at the naked Sherry in bed, with obscenity in her eyes. "Sherry seduced the young master and bring shame on the Hua family. Carry her on your shoulder and throw her out of the house. "

Before Heidy could finish, Sherry s

houted excitedly, "Heidy, you can't do this to me!"

Heidy glanced at the butler, and the latter ordered, "Carry her away and throw her out."

Sherry's face was pale. She quickly turned around and wanted to run away, but was carried directly by the servant. Some bold maids touched directly to Sherry. Soon, there are miserable screams.

On the other hand, Heidy looked at them with a smile, but she had mixed feelings. She couldn't be calm when it came to the matter of her beloved husband and sister. But she didn't want anyone to make fun of her fragile side.

Heidy and Jack soon divorced in the Bureau of civil affairs. Jack looked at the form in his hand, hesitating for a moment. He loved her when they got married. But he didn't want to end up with divorce.

Still not giving up, Jack looked at her pitifully and implored, "Heidy, I have been too impulsive to do these things. Heidy, please give me one more chance. I don't want to divorce you, okay? I love you. I really love you. "

Hearing this, Heidy blinked her eyes and said with a charming smile: "Jack, didn't you say that you loved the property of the Hua family more? You said, you want to humiliate me. "

After slapping himself hard on the face, Jack begged, "Heidy, I am sorry, I was wrong. I was too bastard. I just said those angry words before. Forgive me, okay? "

"I'm sorry. I took it seriously." Said Heidy, curling her eyebrows.

Seeing that he still wanted to fight for it, she reminded him kindly, "there are ten minutes left."

Feeling very nervous, Jack signed it without any hesitation. After all, the common assets of the Hua family were less important than the inheritance right of the JA group. He would never allow himself to lose everything.

The staff handed the divorce certificates over to them. Heidy took a look at it, put it into her bag and left indifferently and arrogantly. Seeing this, Jack caught up with her and grabbed her wrist, "Heidy, you promised me that you would give me these materials as long as I divorce."

Turning her head, Heidy asked in surprise, "didn't you tear up all the files?"

"What?" Jack looked at her in surprise. It took him a long time to react and asked, "Heidy, are you kidding me?"

Pulling away his hand, Heidy said sarcastically, "haven't you been threatening me these days? Having a good time threatening me? I just want you to have a taste of being threatened. Jack, you'd better avoid me in the future. Otherwise, maybe I will be so impulsive to collect the materials again. "

It never occurred to him that Heidy would make fun of him. At that moment, Jack was fuming and said furiously, "all right, you win." After uttering these words, Jack left in a rage.

Seeing his figure leaving, Heidy stood still and felt bitter in her heart. Looking back at the three large words of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Heidy sighed softly. She remembered her happiness when she got married. Now the divorce was exceptionally miserable.

Indulged in the melancholy in the heart, Heidy said in silence. Her phone vibrated. She took it out and answered, "hello?"

On the other side of the phone, there came the low and hoarse voice of Hearst, "are you still holding on to your marriage with Victoria?"

She opened her eyes in surprise and said in surprise. She looked ahead quickly and saw a Bugatti Veyron leaning on the roadside. Heidy walked to the car. "Mr. Tan, why are you here?" Heidy asked in surprise.

Seeing the look on her face, Hearst got out of the car and replied calmly, "you're getting divorced, aren't you?"

Hearing this strong reason, the corners of Heidy's mouth twitched and she said awkwardly, "Mr. Tan's fondness is really special."

"It's good for you to get a divorce." Said Hearst coldly.

Heidy looked at him in confusion, "what?"

He turned around, looked into her eyes and replied as usual, "not all men have the determination to be with you in their whole lives."

With a bitter smile, she hummed and said with self mockery, "this time, I am blind. Next time, I can't be blind again."

Without saying anything, Hearst suddenly leaned forward. By instinct, Heidy stepped back and was leaning against the car. Then, holding the car with both hands, Hearst bent over, looked into her eyes and smiled, "it won't happen again."

They were only about four inches apart, which made her heart pound. Heidy swallowed unconsciously and said in a trembling voice: "Mr. Tan, do you think that I won't get married again? Even if I am a married woman, the market price should not be too bad. "

Hearing her answer, Hearst replied slowly, "not so bad without the run in period."

Surprised to see the man on top of her, Heidy's face flushed, "Mr. Tan, is it really appropriate for you to flirt with a good woman in public?"

Seeing the blood rush to her cheeks, Hearst replied calmly, "Be good, just get used to it."

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