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   Chapter 28 I must get both you and the Hua family's property

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In the living room, Heidy and Hearst were sitting separately. They didn't talk to each other while having snacks. With a strong desire to get more information, Heidy couldn't help but ponder over what Hearst had said.

Finally, she finished the dessert. Heidy looked up at the man not far away, "It is done."

Said Hearst shortly. He took the tissue and leaned forward to kiss her lips. What he was doing left her dumbfounded. However, it seemed that he didn't notice the intimacy between them.

After they finished, Hearst stood up and went upstairs. Heidy was waiting for him on the sofa. After a while, Hearst returned to his seat, with a file bag in his hand. "Look at this," There was a moment of silence in the room.

With doubts, she took the folder. As she saw the contents, she couldn't believe her eyes. Her hand shook and the document fell from her hand. Seeing this, Heidy hurriedly bowed to collect the documents.

She put the papers away and turned her head. After a long while, she asked, "is it true? The abduction case of brother Jimmy turned out to be arranged by Jack... "

Hearst crossed his hands over his chest and said calmly, "well, as long as you have this evidence, Jack has no choice but to give up all his property without asking for it."

Heidy's breathing quickened, but she still couldn't believe what she had seen. After a while, she learned a lot about the area she had been in, including the people who had helped her frame up, the confession of crime and other related information. Logically, it should not be easy to find these materials.

"Mr. Tan, how do you know that Jack has kidnapped his brother?" Asked Heidy in bewilderment.

With her legs crossed, Hearst answered calmly, "a few years ago, I overheard Lora Tan and Jack Xu at home. Then I learned that Lora Tan arranged people to deal with the aftermath. Because of curiosity, I send people to check it. "

Hearing him say it calmly, Heidy was shocked. "Mr. Tan, are you sure that Jack will give up as long as I show these materials? And nobody will believe that Jack would hurt his brother. " Said Heidy, in a somewhat nervous tone.

"They are from the same father but different mother. Jacob Xu got married to Lora after her ex-wife died. But for the kidnapping at that time, he had almost lost his life. And now Jimmy Xu was the CEO of the JA group. What will happen to Jack if Jacob and the media get to know about it? " Said Hearst calmly.

Heidy thought for a while and briefly summarized, "losing reputation and getting rid of the Xu clan."

As the daughter-in-law of Xu family, Heidy knew, of course, how much Jacob loved Jimmy. The kidnapping had injured his internal organs in many places. As a result, Jimmy had to be treated with medicines. But still, Jacob did not give up. Over the years, Jimmy got better.

She moved her eyes away from the papers and looked at Hearst in confusion. "Mr. Tan, why did you give these papers to me? If the information about their marriage was made public, Jack and his mother would be affected. Haven't you ever hesitated because you are Jack's uncle? "

Then Hearst slightly leaned against the wall, with one of his hands against his head. He said with a smile, "I've told you that I'm not familiar with them."

Hearing her answer, Heidy smiled in embarrassment. It seemed that they were not familiar with each other, but were even colder than usual. Even if they had a little affection, he wouldn't hand it over. It seemed that since they knew each other, Hearst had never called Mrs. Xu sister. And just now, Hearst all directly called each other's name.

Withdrawing her thoughts, Heidy smiled, "OK, I see."

"Well, take these things away. I'm waiting for the good news of your divorce." There was a faint smile on Hearst's face.

Not knowing why, when she saw him say it with a smile, she was inexplicably nervous. Heidy held the folder tightly and bowed sincerely to him. "Mr. Tan, thank you. I know how to deal with the following things. I'll go back first. "

Without stopping her, Hearst looked at her calmly, stood up and said, "okay."

Seeing his action, Heidy was confused. But she quickly reacted and walked to him. Then they walked out of the living room shoulder to shoulder. In front of the villa, Heidy stopped and turned around to look at him, "Mr. Tan, actually you don't need to send me back every time."

With one of his hands in his pocket, Hearst raised his eyebrows and replied as he stared at her, "I am a gentleman."

Hearing the reason, Heidy smiled, "Okay, I see. Bye." With that, she walked to the driver's seat and politely nodded to Hearst outside. Then she started the engine.

On the other hand, Hearst just watched her car driving away, wearing a poker face. At this moment, his phone vibrated. Seeing who was on the screen, he ans

wered it, "what's up, babe?"

A sweet voice came through the phone, "Dad, where are you?"

Hearing her childish voice, the grave look on his face softened, and he replied, "yes, I'm busy now."

"Father, I miss you so much." "When will you come back?" she asked

The next second, Hearst thought of all the possibilities of her playing cute again, and he told her calmly, "just wait for some more time."

Upon hearing him, the baby girl said in a low voice, "okay 'dad, did I really jump out of a rock? The teacher said that children are all from their mothers' bodies. "

With a nervous twitch on his forehead, Hearst suddenly regretted having chosen such an excuse to tell her that she have no mom. "Baby, what gift do you want?" Said Hearst, trying to change the topic.

Before he finished her words, the baby girl said excitedly, "Daddy, would you like to give me a gift? I want... "

Hearing the words, Hearst listened carefully. Children were always like this. Their attention was easily diverted. Every time the baby girl brought up his mother's topic, Hearst would try to change the subject as calm as he could. Every time this move worked.

He looked at his watch and said, "well, I need you to take the medicine on time. If you are good, I'll give you a present. "

"Yes, father. Daddy, I love you, MUA. " The little girl said excitedly, "then I'll take my medicine. Good bye, daddy."

After ending the phone call, Hearst didn't hear any reply. Then, with a big smile on his face, he said, "the little guy's skill of flirting should be inherited from her." Hearst stood up, and then walked towards the study upstairs.

It was nine o'clock in the evening when Heidy returned home. As soon as he pushed the door open, he saw that Jack and Sherry were flirting with each other in the living room. On the other hand, Sherry's hand was still placed in an indescribable position.

Seeing the appearance of Heidy, Sherry didn't feel ashamed at all but asked proudly, "sister, you're back?"

As if she didn't hear what she said, Heidy went upstairs in silence. Suddenly, Jack was neglected by her. He said unhappily, "Heidy, tomorrow is the deadline. Tomorrow night, if you don't take a shower and send yourself to my bed, I'll divorce you the day after tomorrow. "

Hearing his threat, Heidy stopped and sighed, "Jack, do you have to do this?"

Seeing that she was no longer tough in her tone, Jack took Sherry's hand and walked to Heidy. Holding her face gently, Jack smiled, "not bad. We are a couple and should fulfill our duty as a couple. But you, for all these years, you never let me touch you. I won't divorce you as long as you are obedient to me. "

As he spoke, Jack lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek. Seeing that he was about to touch her lips, Heidy dodged instinctively.

Seeing her action, Jack stopped, "I won't take back my words. You'd better think it over. Whether you will give me half of the property of the Hua family depends on what you do. "

"You are determined to get the property of the Hua family, aren't you? When you knew that matter, you didn't divorce me because you wanted to inherit the Hua family's property. Are you the one? " Asked Heidy, staring at him.

Jack let out a light laugh and said slowly, "it's not a problem if you think in this way. I must get both you and Hua family's property."

Sherry came to Jack, put her hand on his shoulder, smiled at Heidy and said, "sister, we should get along well in the future."

Understanding the meaning of her words, Heidy bit her lips as if she was trying hard to endure it. She said nothing and went around them.

Watching Heidy leave, Sherry giggled and said prettily, "see, Jack. She is so funny. How funny it is to see my sister allow you to do bad things. I'm looking forward to the day. "

Jack pinched her chin and smiled, "it depends on your performance tonight."

With a soft smile, Sherry put her arms around Jack's neck and looked in the direction of Heidy. Seeing that Heidy was looking at them, Sherry wore a smug smile on her face. Last time, Heidy embarrassed her in public. Next night, Sherry not only had to personally appreciate it, but also had to record it so that everyone would see Heidy's dissolute look.

Standing at the stairway, Heidy saw that Sherry and Jack were completely engrossed in their intimate behavior with a cold look on their faces. Jack behaved more unscrupulously since he knew that Heidy had recorded the evidence of his infidelity. Jack would touch Sherry's body even in front of the servants. Now everyone in the Hua family was laughing at her in secret.

With a half-smile, Heidy said, "how can you know the pain of falling into hell without extreme pleasure?" Heidy turned back, opened the door and walked in calmly. She was looking forward to tomorrow's coming.

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