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   Chapter 27 I want to kiss you

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After the parting with Jack last time, Heidy has been treating him like a stranger these days. As the time given by Jack was shorter and shorter, Heidy felt nervous.

At dusk, Heidy went downstairs with her handbag. At the sight of her, Mary Song smiled, "Heidy, why do you always go out at night recently?"

Heidy's heart thumped, but she still calmly answered, "If I won't go out, do I make myself unhappy at home?"

Knowing what she meant, Mary didn't continue the topic. She smiled and said, "Heidy, I want 100000 dollars from the accountant today. The accountant said that I have got your permission. Heidy, though you are the head of the Hua family now, I am still your little mother. Your father won't give me a hard time when he is alive. "

Standing in front of her, Heidy watched her fingernails leisurely and said with a smile, "Auntie, my father told me that your living expenses were 300 thousand a month. As far as I know, you've already asked the finance for 500000 this month. "

"Your father passed away, and I feel sad. So I have to buy some clothes to relieve myself." Said Mary in a calm and composed manner.

Looking at her expression, Heidy smiled and said, "last month, the Hua group faced a financial crisis. Auntie have to control your desire for shopping as well." Then Heidy walked to the door.

Seeing that she did not agree, Mary suddenly lost her smile. She said unhappily, "I am also a member of the Hua family, and your father married me formally. As a junior, what right do you have to teach me? You even can't control your husband's body and mind. You have no right to discipline others. "

Heidy stopped and said calmly. Heidy turned to her and squinted, "aunt, I just got some news. I heard that recently you have often been close to some young men. Those men in the bar were young and good-looking, good at making women happy and energetic. They only needed to give them some money occasionally. Auntie have a good taste. "

Hearing her words with sarcasm, Mary's face turned pale. She opened her eyes and asked, "Did you investigate me?"

"There is something that doesn't need to be investigated. Someone must tell me. I advise you to behave yourself. Otherwise, you might be kicked out of the Hua family. Although my father passed away, uncle Simmons and uncle Peter are still alive. " Heidy said half smilingly.

With a livid face, Mary stared at Heidy angrily. With a faint smile, Heidy turned around and left unhurriedly. Some people are really shameless. If you don't expose it, they will continue to bully you without fearing. Such as Mary Song and Sherry Hua.

Heidy left the Hua family's mansion and headed to the cake shop to buy a box of desserts. Then, she drove the car towards the Tan family's villa. Today, she went to visit Hearst not for physical trade, but for thanking him for rescuing. If it weren't for him, the storm would not be solved smoothly.

Heidy came to the villa, stood at the door and rang the doorbell. The servant came to open the door and looked at her in surprise, "Miss Hua?"

Putting her hands in front of her, Catherine smiled and said: "are you in?"

The servant gave way and answered politely, "Sir is talking with a guest. Miss Hua will be here waiting for a moment. Shall I tell him?"

Seeing that she was about to leave, Heidy quickly stopped her and said with a smile, "no, I don't have anything important. I'll stay here and wait for him to finish his work. "

The servant led Heidy to the living room and served her a cup of tea. Thinking that it wasn't a good idea, the servant went upstairs and found Hearst. Two minutes later, the servant came to Heidy and said politely, "Miss. Hua, sir will be busy for about half an hour. Sir said that if you feel bored, you can go to the yard to take a walk. "

Thinking that it was okay to sit here, Heidy nodded. She put the dessert on the table, stood up and followed the servant to the courtyard.

Every time she came to the villa, she came in a hurry and went away, having no mood to enjoy the scenery. There was a sea of flowers in the courtyard, and the fragrance of purple roses pervaded in it. Last time she came here was the first time.

The sun was still in the sky, and the night had not yet come. Standing in front of the rose flowers, Heidy looked at the sea of flowers spreading over, smelling the fragrance of the flowers, and felt inexplicably happy. She once heard by accident that the language of purple roses was a kind of restrained happiness. She didn't understand why Hearst had planted so many purple roses in the garden.

Feeling the petals gently, Heidy bowed her head and kissed them. Feeling the touch of the rose, Heidy smiled gently. Her depression finally got relieved.

In the study upstairs, Hearst was standing on the balcony and enjoying the beautiful scenery in the garden, lost in thought. Standing beside him, Noah said with a smile, "it seems that you have a crush on Heidy. But can you promise that she will love you after she knows everyt

hing? "

With both hands in his pockets, Hearst replied indifferently, "it doesn't matter."

Hearing his answer, Noah shrugged his shoulders and said in a flirtatious tone, "you helped her so much this time, so she must come to repay you and give herself to you?"

Without answering, Hearst just smiled and said, "you can get out now." Then, Hearst walked out of the study and went downstairs.

Looking at his back, Noah smiled impolitely. But when he thought of something, he couldn't help worrying. If Heidy had known the whole story, she would have

Five minutes later, Heidy finally came back to the reality. Opening her eyes, she turned around, only to find that Hearst had already appeared quietly behind her.

Opening her eyes, she was frightened and leaned back instinctively. When she was about to lose her balance, Hearst held her waist naturally and said in a low and deep voice, "you are so timid."

After she left his arms, blood rushed to her cheeks. In a hurry, Heidy tucked her hair behind her ear and asked, "when will you finish your work?"

"Just now." Said Hearst fondly.

Looking up at the handsome and tall man in front of her, Heidy smiled faintly and said, "Mr. Tan, I'm here today to thank you for letting Noah help the Hua group through the crisis. And thank you for helping me out in the Xu family. "

She talked about how Hearst did things, and she searched online. As expected, she saw the versions of story about Heidy had helped Noah. She knew that they were talking about the arrangement of Hearst to make Jacob believe in her.

"It's my responsibility to help you," In a low and deep voice, Hearst said, looking at her.

Her heart jolted. Heidy looked at him with gratitude. If she hadn't met him, she didn't even know what would happen to her. "Thank you." Said Heidy sincerely.

Without answering, Hearst raised his hand and touched her hair. Heidy looked at him in a daze.

Hearst touched her hair and touched her cheek with his fingertips. The warm touch was transmitted to her brain through her skin. Heidy looked at him in shock, her heart beating fast.

The air was rich with the fragrance of flowers and the beautiful surroundings. Everything was beautiful. Looking at the man in front of her, she was about to say something when she saw Hearst leaning over and kissing her. With her eyes wide open, he kissed her passionately.

Heidy's brain was buzzing and her brain went blank. Was he kissing her?

At first, he just wanted to make a clean kiss on her lips. However, at the moment of kissing, there was a unwillingness in his heart, so he deepened the kiss unconsciously. Biting her lips and swallowing her breath, Hearst kissing her very seriously.

Heidy stood stiffly. Her mind told her to push him away, but her hands were uncontrollable. Feeling his lips approaching, she lost her breath. Slowly closing her eyes, she was kissed by Hearst.

By the time her consciousness came back to her senses, Heidy was already powerless in his arms. She breathed heavily and looked at him weakly.

When his fingers touched her red lips, Hearst said with a smile, "you're not good at it. It seems that you and Jack haven't practiced enough."

With her face blushed, Heidy pushed him away. In a light voice, she blushed, "Mr. Tan, why did you kiss me?"

Then Hearst pinched her chin and bent over to kiss her. "I want to kiss you," he said in a low, sexy voice. Consider it as a reward for me. What do you think? "

Her rising end sounded very sexy, and the masculine air was sprayed on her face. Heidy's face was even redder. Realizing that they were so close to each other, Heidy immediately changed the topic, "I bought you some desserts to thank you for what you have done."

"The dessert is not as delicious as you." Said Hearst.

What? Being stunned for a few seconds, Heidy looked at Hearst in bewilderment. But somehow, she felt that today Hearst was not the same as usual? She still remembered the first time they went to bed, he just move his body directly, without any preparation. Even a kiss was unnecessary for him. But today, he

Seeing her in a trance, Hearst held her hand and went straight into the house. Coming back to her senses, Heidy trotted towards him. When they came to the living room, Hearst pointed at the dessert and calmly said, "let's eat together."

Thinking of the kiss just now, Heidy's heart beat faster. She refused politely, "no, I've just had dinner. Thank you, Mr. Tan. I'm going home. And... "

"Eat with me. I'll bring you something later." Said Hearst in a plain tone.

She looked at him in confusion and asked, "what is it?"

Without answering, Hearst replied mysteriously, "you'll be interested."

Looking him in the eye, Heidy smiled and said: "Okay, I'll eat." Hearst was a mystery. He was like a mystery to her. It was difficult to understand him, but sometimes she wanted to get to know him.

Seeing her picking up the spoon and eating the cake gracefully, the smile on Hearst's face deepened.

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