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   Chapter 26 what's your relationship with Noah

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In the CEO Office of Hua group, Heidy looked at the documents on the desk in a fret. She angrily threw the documents on the ground and kept breathing to calm herself down. Heidy had been exhausted taking over the Hua group. Not to mention the trouble maker now.

Those who had cooperated with the other companies all proposed not to renew or terminate the contracts. Everyone wanted to drive her to death. What's more, this event was widely reported by the media. It was impossible for her to be totally unaffected by others.

Assistant Chen came to the office and found the documents on the ground. She bent down to pick them up and placed them on the desk. "President, don't worry too much. The development of the Jing City is in progress. By the time the construction is completed smoothly, no one will say that the CEO is not competent enough. "

Heidy rubbed her temples and said helplessly, "I'm afraid that the Hua group may be ruined by someone with hidden agenda before the project hasn't been completed" She knew that the accident must have something to do with the JA group. However, she seemed to be unable to do that.

Just then, his secretary came in and said respectfully, "President, the president of the J.Y group, president Yan is here."

What? With a confused look, Heidy stood up. Out of the office, she saw a tall man, with one hand in his trousers pocket, looking around the arrangement of the reception room casually. She remembered him. She walked up to him and greeted with a smile, "Hello, president Yan."

Following the sound, Noah looked to the direction of the voice and saw her, and her smile deepened. "President Hua, your sudden visit today won't make you blame me, will it?"

With a friendly smile on her face, Heidy replied, "of course not. Our company is a cooperative partner. I'm so honored to have you here. I wonder why you are here today. "

"I want to pay a visit to the project invested by our company in Jing City. I wonder if president Hua is willing to be with you. " Noah smiled and said.

Though Heidy couldn't understand what he meant, she still smiled and said, "of course" Noah is Hearst's friend, and she and Hearst have a cooperative relationship. She knew that Noah wouldn't hurt her. Thinking of this, Heidy walked to the elevator with Noah.

Soon, they arrived at the development area of Jing City. The two of them brought different person in charge of their own company and made an inspection tour of Jing City. "You must be very curious about why I suddenly appear." Noah smiled and said.

"I think someone must have instructed you to come here." Said Heidy with a smile.

Raising her eyebrows, Noah nodded her head and said jokingly, "not bad. Hearst asked me to help you solve a little trouble."

Hearing his words, Heidy said in a rising tone, "Oh?"

But Noah didn't make it clear to her. So he said in a mysterious voice, "you'll know it soon. You know, Hearst cares about you so much."

Seeing that he was suggesting something else, Heidy still had a faint smile on her face, "Mr. Tan is a good partner."

"Just join hands?" Noah asked curiously.

Hearing this, Heidy looked at him and asked with a smile, "or what?"

Noah shrugged his shoulders and said slowly, "it's a long and profound path."

They had patrolled the development project of the Jing City. When they left together, they saw dozens of media reporters appeared in front of them and surrounded them. Seeing this, Heidy was confused.

A reporter put the microphone in front of Noah and asked him with a smile, "Mr. Yan, I heard that you and Miss. Hua were inspecting the development of the Jing City together. Will it be risky or gambling for you to invest one hundred million in the Hua group? "

Hearing the journalist's words, Heidy's eyebrows wrinkled tightly and soon became smooth.

"Of course not. Although president Hua is young, he is very good at business. Recently, we have made a deep cooperation. I also clearly feel how powerful the Hua group is as a well-known enterprise. All of these will make me more confident in our cooperation. " Said Noah with a smile.

Some reporters took the notes quickly and asked again, "I heard that there are many companies doubting president Hua management ability. What do you think, president Yan?"

Noah smiled brightly and said to Heidy, "President. Hua, people misunderstood you. As far as I concerned, president Hua has a very deep view on management. I was worried before the cooperation, but after a talk with president Hua, I felt that all my worries were unnecessary. "

Hearing him talking nonsense in a serious tone, Heidy suddenly understood what he meant. It seemed that he was rescuing her from the recent chaos. "President Yan is a good partner. I'm so happy to work with you." Said Heidy with a smile.

"President Hua, you stole my lines." Noah joked.

As they got along, the journalists continued, "I heard that many companies have refused to cooperate with the Hua Group recently. What do you think, president Yan?"

In astonishment, Noah turned to Heidy and said, "is that true? It seemed that there were many people with short vision. The Hua group is the most important partner of our company. To show our sincerity, we take our stand here. And w

e, the J.Y group, will not cooperate with any companies that are not friendly with the Hua group. "

As Noah said, the journalists' cameras were turned on. "I think those are just rumors. The Hua group is still willing to cooperate with you. It's our great honor to have your support. " Heidy nodded politely.

"I will inform the relevant authority to deal with this matter. We have something else to do. Let's stop here. " Noah said affirmatively and made a gesture of welcome. Nodding her head, Heidy took the lead in leaving.

Within half a day, the news concerning the friendly cooperation between the JY group and the Hua group took the main page. As for some companies that had cancelled their cooperation with the Hua group, they were afraid that they would be blacklisted by the JY group, so they actively asked for cooperation. Their previous crisis was resolved in this way. And their plan fell through.

In the Xu's mansion, Heidy stood there, smiling faintly at the couple opposite her. "Heidy, what's your relationship with Noah from the JY group?" Asked Jacob Xu.

Looking at Jacob's livid face, Heidy smiled and said, "President Yan is an important partner of our company"

"Just this relationship? Now a man is going to help you out. You must be a close friend. " Said Jacob Xu coldly.

When Heidy was attacked, without the help of the JY group, the Hua group would have fallen into his hands long ago. But this time, the JY group stepped in, as they were close to success. Both accidents were by no means coincidents.

Before Heidy could say something, the servant suddenly said, "Sir, madam, Mr. Tan is here."

Mrs. Xu asked in surprise, "why is he here? Let him in. "

Soon, Hearst Tan appeared in the dining room. After he walked into the living room, he saw what was going on in there. Hearst frowned and said, "it seems that I shouldn't come here at the right time."

Mrs. Xu immediately stood up and said with a smile, "of course not. Come on, sit down."

Glancing at Heidy, Hearst nodded and sat down on the sofa. At the sight of him, Heidy was dumbfounded for a few seconds, but soon she came to herself. "Dad, not everyone likes to hit someone when he is down. Not everyone covets the Hua group, and they want to take it away from me. "

Noticing that she was referring to something, Jacob stood up from the chair and asked, "are you pointing at the mulberry and abusing the locust?"

Looking at him innocently, Heidy asked in confusion, "Dad, why are you so agitated? I didn't mean anything else. I was just saying my opinion. "

With a snort, Jacob said coldly, "Heidy, explain your relationship with Noah clearly. Otherwise, don't blame me for kicking you out of the Xu family and making Jack divorce you. You know the consequences. "

Hearing his threat, Heidy clenched her fists. She dug her nails into her flesh, causing labor pains. She knew that if she did not make it clear today, Jacob would definitely make use of it.

Just as she was pondering on how to explain it, Hearst opened his mouth calmly, "I heard that Miss Hua had ever shown a debt of gratitude to Noah, the CEO of J.Y group. I wonder if it is true. "

With a surprised look flashing in their eyes, they began to fix their eyes on Hearst. "Really? How did you know? " Mrs. Xu asked curiously.

"I met Noah several times. I saw this news today and accidentally saw it. He said that Miss Hua was kind-hearted and she had helped him when he was in difficulty. " Said Hearst in a plain tone.

Mrs. Xu said in confusion, "how can I believe such kind of gossip? No one is so good that they will spend billions of money to help out when they are in difficulty. Are you insane?"

Looking at her, Hearst said with an evil smile, "help me with a drop of water, but return the whole spring. Not everyone likes to be ungrateful. "

Seeing the coldness in his eyes, Mrs. Xu was inexplicably nervous. She smiled and said, "that's right."

Jacob looked at Heidy with obviously suspicious and said, "Is that so? Why didn't you tell me before? "

Eventually, Heidy understood why Hearst appeared in her life? It was not easy for the man to foresee what Jacob was going to do.

Heidy looked at Jacob and smiled, "yes, I did. It's just a small thing, so don't mention it. I won't let go of those who have instigated those companies to terminate our cooperation with our company. Dad, how about you help me find that man? Let's see who's coveting the property of the Hua family. "

Jacob's face changed, but he quickly replied calmly, "Okay, I'll help you. Anyway, your father and I were friends when we were alive. "

"Yeah, I have some materials in my hands. After this thing is all investigated, I will expose it to the public. In case someone who looks dignified and plays dirty tricks behind the scenes. " Said Heidy smilingly.

Jacob narrowed his eyes and looked at her cunningly. His intuition told him that Heidy was not as easy to fool like Jack said.

Heidy then cast a glance at Hearst, and their eyes met. The corners of Heidy's mouth changed a little, and she looked away calmly. "Since there is nothing important, I will go back first." Heidy nodded politely and left proudly.

Then Hearst looked at her back, with a meaningful look in his eyes.

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