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   Chapter 25 you want me to please you

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Arriving at the Hua group, as soon as Heidy walked out of the elevator, she saw assistant Chen was about to make a phone call in a hurry. When he saw her come, he let out a sigh of relief and said, "President, you're finally here. There are two representatives of two companies waiting for you in the reception room."

Confused, she looked at him and asked, "is it serious?"

"It's not that serious, but it's a big deal. These two companies are the ones who signed the contract with us last year, and it was also the focus of their cooperation. The cooperation between the two sides was good. They had already renewed the agreement last month. Now they said they wanted to cancel the cooperation because Jack. Xu has been dismissed. " The manager said quickly.

Hearing this, Heidy frowned. When she walked to the reception room, she saw two men in black suits sitting there. Seeing her coming, both of them stood up and nodded. "Hello, Miss. Hua."

Standing in front of them, Heidy said smilingly, "I heard that you two come here to discuss the contract extension with our Hua Group on behalf of your own companies. Am I right?"

The man in dark blue suit said in an apologetic tone, "Preident Wang said your company's development direction was different from our company's, so we intended to cancel the contract."

"So does president Wu." The man in the grey suit said.

Looking at them, Heidy smiled and said, "We are heading in the opposite direction? As we were applying to the development plan of the Hua group, we carried out the same goal as we did last year. This reason seemed to be a little far fetched. You two, we can sit down and have a chat. "

With a gesture of stopping her, the man in the black suit politely said, "no, we're in a hurry. To tell you the truth, president Hua, the reason why president Wang made this decision is that you fired president Xu. We don't know yet about president Hua's working ability. Our company won't take any risk. There may be a chance of cooperation in the future. "

Hearing their reasons, Heidy still smiled and said calmly, "although president Xu left the company, we still have more outstanding industry elites to join our team. If they wanted to cooperate with each other, they would depend not only on the company's leader, but also on the company's strength. I don't think I need to explain to you how influential the Hua group is. "

The man in grey suit said with a slight smile, "of course we know the strength of the Hua group, but president Wu's meaning is very clear. If president Xu can't return to the position of general manager, the cooperation between our two companies has to be cancelled. If president Xu comes, we can sign the contract at any time. President Hua, I have some work to do. Excuse me. "

Then she left straight away, leaving no chance for Heidy to say no. "That's exactly what president Wang wants to say. With president Xu in the Hua group, we can rest assured. I hope we can cooperate with you again. " The man in dark suit said and left.

Seeing the result, Heidy frowned. "President Hua, the Hua Group mainly involves the real estate development and construction, and these two companies are the relatively large-sized material companies in city A. If we cancel the cooperation with them, it will have a great impact on the Hua group. "

With her brows wrinkled, Heidy was about to speak when director Wang said, "President Hua, I think we can get president Xu back."

Following the voice, Heidy said with a smile, "Director Wang, we have discussed it in the board of directors."

Director Wang came to her and said with a serious expression, "I didn't expect that president Xu's leaving would have such a great impact on the company. After all, president Xu is your husband. It was understandable for him to return to the company. More importantly, it is for the interests of the company. "

"Everybody wants the company to benefit. My father founded the Hua group and I think the wish to prosper it is not less than director Wang," Said Heidy quietly.

Looking at her, director Wang smiled and said, "I know you did it for our company, but if you don't have the leadership ability..."

Anna narrowed her eyes and looked at him with a slight smile, "director Wang, have you forgotten our gambling before? I don't think my ability of leadership will be questioned by director Wang. If director Wang really think that I will be a burden to the company, I don't mind buying your shares at the price of twice the market price. So you don't have to worry about it. "

Seeing that she was going to buy the shares in double, director Wang hesitated. She might have the confidence to win. Thinking of the bet, director Wang compromised. "Well, I won't mention it again. The revenue of the next quarter was much lower than before. If so, president Hua didn't know how to explain to the board of directors. That's all I want to say. Hope you conduct yourself well. "

After saying that, director Wang left the office too. Seeing him leave, Heidy kicked on the sofa angrily and said with a dark face, "I'm so angry. Everyone is trying to make me angry. You want Jack to come back? No way! "

It took her great efforts to get rid of this malignant

tumor in Hua group. Heidy would not allow him to come back again no matter what cost. At that time, it would not be easy to get rid of it.

It took her the whole morning to be busy at work. Several companies proposed not to renew the contracts. When the flames of anger broke out at the same time, Heidy wasn't stupid enough to think that it was a coincidence.

Back to the Hua family, as soon as she walked to the porch, she saw Jack blocking her way. He questioned, "Heidy, why didn't you go home last night?"

Looking at his expression, Heidy sneered, "I don't need to report to you where I go."

Hearing this, Jack looked at her angrily, grabbed her wrist and shouted, "yesterday is our wedding anniversary!"

"Jack Xu, do you know it's a wedding anniversary? You know what you have done. " Said Heidy coldly, shaking off his hand.

Upon hearing this, a tinge of astonishment flashed across Jack's eyes. "What did you say?"

She found some photos from her phone and put them in front of him. After reading the content of the photo, Jack's face suddenly turned pale. Looking at him with satisfaction, Heidy said contemptuously, "you have to change a secret place, so as not to humiliate ourselves." Saying that, she went upstairs without looking back.

After a long while, Jack came to his sense and started to chase after her. Seeing that she was about to go back to her room, he immediately blocked the door and asked, "you know everything?"

Unwilling to talk to him, she pushed him away coldly. Just as she was about to close the door, Jack suddenly stated, "Heidy Hua, even if you know I have an affair, so what? Now, you have to repair the relationship between you and me. "

As soon as she heard him, she stopped. With her eyes slightly open, she looked at him in disbelief, "what did you say?"

With a smile on his lips, Yingjie said, "Catherine, if I divorce you now, I will own half of the shares of the Hua group and the property of the Hua family. If you don't want to give it to me, you can please me. "

These days, Yingjie begged for Hua Jing's forgiveness in hope that she could accept him again. However, no matter how hard he tried, Catherine said coldly. Upon seeing those pictures, Yingjie knew her heart was already broken. Since he couldn't get her heart, he must get her!

Looking at the strange face, Heidy was speechless. She said word by word, "you want me To please you? "

Clenching her chin, Jack lowered his head and said in a low voice, "yes, as long as I don't divorce, you can keep Hua family safe. Heidy, I'm willing to love you. " After that, Jack lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Eyes wide open, Heidy couldn't believe what she just heard. Seeing that Jack pressed her directly on the door and kissed her, and his hands fell on her clothes restlessly. The picture of him and another woman having sex last night flashed through her mind unconsciously. Suddenly, a sense of nausea came to her.

She tried to push him away with all her strength, but she failed. She lifted her foot vigorously and kicked at his vital parts. Taking advantage of his grief, Heidy turned around, bent over and leaned against the board, retching in pain.

As Jack saw her behavior, his eyes were burning and his chest heaving. "Do you think I'm sick?"

She retched so painfully that her eyes were even wet. After a while, Heidy stood up and looked at him, "don't touch me. It's so dirty. Being kissed by you is like eating half a fly, which makes me feel sick. "

Hearing her humiliation, Jack tightly pinched her wrist as if he were going to crush her bones. Said Heidy, gritting her teeth to endure the pain. "Aren't you afraid that I'll divorce you? At that time, you will lose half of your property. " Jack stared at Heidy and threatened her.

"In that case, I will expose the photos of your infidelity, and the fact that you and Sherry murdered me together at my father's funeral. If you dare to rob my property, I will destroy you! " Said Heidy in a warning tone.

With a livid face, Jack pushed her away with great force. And then she fell to the ground heavily. Looking at her in anger, Jack suddenly sneered, "even if you push me too hard, I won't show mercy. The gossip media would be interested in your helping another child. "

Before he finished his words, Heidy looked at him in astonishment, her face extremely pale. Looking at her face with satisfaction, Jack folded his hands over his chest and said arrogantly, "I give you a week to consider. In a week, take a shower and send yourself to my bed. As long as I'm satisfied, I won't get a divorce. Otherwise, I will not only take the property of the Hua family, but also destroy you! "

After that, Jack left with a smirk. Heidy was seated on the ground with white fingertips. She bit her lip tightly with her eyes wide open. The lovers who once loved each other had now come to threaten and kill each other.

Enduring the pain on her ankle, Heidy stood up and looked at the door. Thinking of the threat from Jack just now, she clenched her fists tightly with her drooping body. Now he took away all her care for the property of the Hua family. "I won't let you get what you want. I will destroy you." Heidy said word by word.

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