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   Chapter 24 it seems that I have a crush on you

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Waking up in the middle of the night, Heidy slowly opened her eyes and looked at the dark environment, losing her mind for a moment. Under the moonlight, Heidy looked down at her silk nightgown and panicked, her eyes wide open. "Am I bullied by bad guys?" Thinking of this possibility, Heidy's heart was beating fast.

Turning on the bedside lamp, Heidy finally set her mind at rest when she saw the simple and cold room layout. At this moment, she understood the situation.

Heidy uncovered the quilt and walked to the French window barefoot. Watching the moonlight falling on the ground through the glass, Heidy remained silent. Sobering up, Heidy smiled with self-mockery on thinking of the reason why she got drunk.

She opened the French window and walked to the balcony. In silence, Heidy stood there with her arms folded. It was cold at night. She was only in her thin pajamas and her body trembled with cold. But she still stood there stubbornly. Only the cold could make her clear headed. After what had happened today, she had put her heart down thoroughly and would not feel sad for him anymore.

Just as she was immersed in her own world, a deep voice sounded, "are you awake?"

Hearing this, Heidy turned around and looked at the man behind her. Stunned for a few seconds, she sincerely said, "thank you, Mr. Tan. It's a coincidence that you are the one who shows up beside me these days when I'm in a difficult position. "

With a blank face, Hearst didn't say anything. He just came over to her. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and pulled her into his arms. "No dinners!" Ordered Hearst.

Hearing that, Heidy smiled and said, "Mr. Tan, are you worrying about me? Don't worry. I won't die. "

Seeing that she said calmly, Hearst frowned. He frowned and said seriously, "since you are going to give birth to the baby for me, I don't want the baby to have any problem. It's not good for the baby to suffer from alcoholism during pregnancy. "

Raising her head to look at him and listening to his explanation, Heidy said with self-mockery, "yes, we only have a relationship of interests. Okay, I'll listen to you. I won't drink. " With that, Heidy moved his hand from her waist.

Hearst could feel the coldness from her palms. Seeing that, something flashed through Hearst's eyes. "Are you cold?"

Heidy was about to answer, but she saw only Hearst holding her hand with a poker face, bowing his head, rubbing her hand and blaming, "are you a pig? It's cold at night. Why don't you put on your clothes? "

Strangely, her heart was warm. Since her father passed away, no one had shown any concern for her except for Jessica. Thinking of the present situation, Heidy said lightly, "sometimes I thought it would be nice if I could die for my father. In this way, I won't have to live a hard life. "

Hearing this, Hearst said calmly, "life or death are not up to you."

Nodding approvingly, Heidy asked the man in front of her, "Mr. Tan, why do you help me like this? Are you my father's friend when I saw you in the cemetery last time? "

Rubbing her hands, Hearst started to take off his coat and put it on her. "I help you, not all for you," he said lightly

"Then why do you insist on having a baby with me?" Heidy continued asking.

Noticing her change, Hearst fell into silence. Suddenly, Hearst lowered his head and looked at her. With that, Heidy took a step back nervously and leaned against the railing.

He put his hands on the railing and trapped her in his arms. Then Hearst bent over and leaned over to her. As Heidy watched his lips coming closer and closer, her heart could not help beating faster.

Seeing that they were about to kiss, Heidy closed her eyes carefully. After a while, seeing her lips still not falling, Heidy opened her eyes and saw the smiling face of him. Suddenly realizing that she was teased, Heidy blushed and pushed him away reflectively.

Seeing her being shy, Hearst was suddenly in a good mood. Then he stepped forward and grabbed her chin with one of his fingers. Hearst teased, "you want me to kiss you?"

With her cheeks flushed, Heidy said guiltily: "no, I'm just a little sleepy If there is nothing else, I will go to bed first. " Before he finished, she pushed him away and ran to the room. Standing in the bedroom, Heidy suddenly paused.

Then, with one of his hands in his trouser pocket, Hearst stood beside her and said in a low voice, "I'll sleep in the guest room tonight." Without giving her a chance to refuse, he left in an indifferent manner.

Watching Hearst leave, Heidy said in a grateful tone. If he hadn't brought her back tonight, what would have happened to her? She shook her head and walked to the bedroom without thinking. You'd better not touch these things

When the warm morning sunlight fell on her cheeks, Heidy felt itchy. She

slowly opened her eyes. She stared at the ceiling blankly for a few seconds and then got up, heading to the bathroom. She was familiar with all the decorations in this room.

After washing up, Heidy found a shopping box on the coffee table. Heidy opened the box and saw a dress in the same style as the one she wore yesterday. If you didn't look carefully, you wouldn't find the difference.

Thinking of this, Heidy chuckled, "I didn't expect him to be so thoughtful." As she said, she took the box to the locker room.

After changing her clothes and standing in front of the mirror for a few seconds, Heidy turned around and walked out of the room. When she reached the stairway, she saw Hearst talking on the phone in the living room.

When she was hesitating to wait for him to make the phone call, she heard him say in a cold voice, "honey, I'll be back soon. You have to be good these days. "

Opening her eyes slightly, Heidy was stunned. Hearing him calling her in an intimate way over the phone, Heidy guessed that the woman on the phone must be the one he loved so much? She had always been curious that how could such an excellent man not have any woman by his side. Now she realized that she might be overthinking.

At the moment, what kind of person was she? As the heiress of the Hua group, what a shame? You are worse than your lover. You are just a tool to deliver the baby. It was ashamed enough to betray her uterus, but now she had betrayed her body. Her life was destined to be a joke.

But she had no room for regret. It was her own choice. With tears welling up in her eyes, Heidy raised her head and tried to wipe away the bitterness. Now, she had no right to be sad. She looked up at the ceiling and didn't calm down until she felt better.

Then, Hearst hung up with a tender smile on his face. Heidy noticed his change and understood why he was smiling gently.

Seeing her come downstairs, Hearst asked her in a calm voice, "you woke up?"

Standing opposite him, Heidy bowed to him and said with a smile, "Well, I'm sorry to bother you last night."

Noticing a hint of alienation from her, he looked into her eyes and replied in a low voice, "no need."

"It's late now. I have to go to work. Bye!" Heidy nodded politely and left.

Then Hearst stood up and walked over to her. "I'll drive you home," he said calmly

Shaking her head, Heidy said politely, "Mr. Tan, I've already bothered you a lot. Please don't..."

"It's the hillside villa area. There's no taxi here. If you want to walk down the mountain, I won't mind. " Said Hearst in a plain tone.

Looking at his carefree expression, the corners of Heidy's mouth twitched. Then she bit the lips and said, "then I have to bother you."

Without saying anything, Hearst suddenly held her hand and went outside. Heidy was stunned for a few seconds and looked at his slender fingers, absent-minded for a moment. She couldn't be too close to Hearst? After all, they were just partners.

On their way to the company, Heidy and Hearst kept silent. Heidy looked out of the window but didn't look into the car. And as for Hearst, he was driving calmly without looking at her too.

When their car arrived near the Hua group, Hearst slowly stalled the car. When Heidy was about to get out of the car, Hearst held her hand and said, "Heidy."

"What?" Hearing how he addressed her, Heidy was in a daze and looked at him in confusion.

Hearst stared at her eyes and said nothing. Thinking of the phone call just now, Hearst's heart skipped a beat. "You and Jack..." There was a moment of silence in the room.

Looking into his eyes, Heidy said with a light smile, "I'm sober and give up." The three simple words had already shown her love for Jack.

With a simple answer, he continued in a steady tone, "we are still investigating the case, and we have gotten some preliminary evidence."

Understanding his meaning, she said sincerely, "Mr. Tan, if you can persuade Jack to divorce without asking for anything, I'm willing to give you 10% of shares as a token of my appreciation."

Hearing her words, he smiled and said, "I told you I'll help you. It depends on your mood. I don't care about the stock. "

"I know you have a strong family background, so I don't care about the stock and profit. But this is my heart. Once I terminate the cooperation with you, I don't want to owe you anything else. " Said Heidy in a polite yet distant tone.

Hearst couldn't help but frown at her words. Before he could say anything, Heidy moved his hand away and got off the car. Hearst didn't stop her. He just stared at her back.

Seeing her receding figure, Hearst felt that he had changed his mind. His feelings for Heidy were not as simple as they used to be. "It seems that I have a crush on you." Said Hearst with a smile. He didn't resist such feelings.

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