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   Chapter 23 the man who borrow your belly

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It was a special day for Heidy on July 9th. Two years ago, she and Jack officially got married. However, she was unable to feel the happiness in the past on her wedding anniversary this year.

Heidy walked slowly in her four inch high heels, walking around the vast campus. Heidy just stood there, watching the students passing by. She walked to the hibiscus Lake unconsciously. Looking at the willows far away, Heidy could not help but stop talking.

She recalled a very long time ago, where she met Jack four years ago. It was the first time they met each other. Jack Xu was leaning against the willow, breeze blowing his hair. At that time, he liked to laugh happily. Hearing his words, Heidy's heart skipped a beat. After they made eye contact, Jack walked towards her with a smile, as if he was walking in the sunlight.

With a little romantic atmosphere when meeting for the first time, Heidy had never thought that such unintentional meeting would usher in her first marriage. At that time, she was eighteen years old, adorable and lovely. She had no experience in love and was easily captured by him.

Drawing herself away from the past, Heidy smiled bitterly. She turned away and went on walking. The campus was filled with so many memories of her and Jack. When she walked past them again, she couldn't find her heart anymore. What had happened during this period of time still shattered her heart.

For the whole day, Heidy immersed herself in the past. She had been despaired of him, but when she thought that he slept with other women, she still felt heartbroken. She thought she was still not strong enough.

After leaving the school, Heidy walked slowly on the street. Her hands were drooping beside her body, and the warm wind blew her face. It was getting dark but Heidy was not in a hurry to go home.

She took her phone out of her bag and turned it on. There were several missed calls. Heidy texted back her comments one by one. Heidy went blank for a moment when she saw the note of Jack. Finally, she pressed the dial key and asked coldly, "what's up?"

On the other side of the phone, Jack said softly, "Heidy, today is our wedding anniversary. Could you please give me a chance to talk about it?"

It turned out that she still remembered it. Heidy said lightly, "there's no need to talk between us."

"I know you are still blaming me. I don't care. I will wait for you no matter how long it takes. Heidy, my love for you will never change. " Jack said emotionally.

Without any response, Heidy hung up the phone and put it back to her bag. Heidy was tired of listening to his lie every day. She stood by the side of the road and was about to hail a taxi. Suddenly, a car slowly stopped in front of her.

The car window was rolled down slowly, and the face of Hearst came into view. At the sight of him, astonishment flashed in Heidy's eyes but soon disappeared. She smiled and said, "Mr. Tan, nice to meet you."

Then Hearst turned to look at Heidy, and said, "where are you going? Let me drive you there."

Shaking her head, Heidy replied with a smile, "don't bother. I'll be waiting for someone here." Subconsciously, Heidy didn't want to talk to him too much.

Talking about this, Hearst didn't say anything. He just stared at her eyes. It seemed that he had read her mind. Then he said calmly, "Okay, drive."

Watching the car slowly disappear from her sight, Heidy breathed a sigh of relief. At this moment, a taxi stopped and she opened the door. "Let's get drunk." Said Heidy lightly, leaning against her seat.

Soon, the taxi stopped at the door of the bar. Thinking of her encounter with Jack and other beauties last time, Heidy took a deep breath. Today was her wedding anniversary. This was the only place she could think of.

After paying the bill, Heidy carried her bag and walked towards the door of the bar. Suddenly, Heidy caught a glimpse of the familiar Ferrari, so she stopped. She stiffened, paused for a few seconds, and turned around slowly. Staring at the familiar license plate not far away, Heidy walked towards the car out of control.

As they were getting closer and closer, the figure in the car became clearer and clearer. Suddenly, Heidy opened her eyes and gasped for air. Inside the car, incredible things were taking place. And the man with his back to her, even if he turned into ash, she could still recognize him.

In the closed room, Jack did shameful things with another woman. Meanwhile, Heidy clenched her fists tightly with her drooping side.

Taking a deep breath, Heidy took out her phone and dialed Jack's number. The familiar ringtone seemed to come from the car. He was not very close, but she heard him clearly. Then, a hoarse and panting voice was heard by Jack, "Hello, Heidy."

"Where are you?" Said Heidy, pretendi

ng to be calm.

Jack answered without hesitation, "I'm on business. Heidy, I'll call you later."

Without answering, Heidy hung up the phone and bit her lips tightly.

It never occurred to her that she would see her husband sleep with another woman again. More shocking. She had been a little guilty before, but now it was gone. But her eyes were still wet with tears.

"Is he the man you're waiting for?" A deep voice came just when she was having a difficult time

Hearing the voice, Heidy turned her head uneasily, just meeting his gaze. Before she could wipe the tears off her face, he had seen her clearly. Heidy quickly collected herself and wiped away her tears leisurely. Then she said calmly, "he doesn't deserve it. I'm not a fool."

"To put it simply, at this moment, you care about him in your heart." Said Hearst peacefully.

Staring at the exciting scene, she took many pictures of them. Then, Heidy said coldly, "before today, my heart has been broken into pieces. Now, I want to change my heart into a diamond one. From today on, he can't make me sad any more. As for me, I won't let him continue to be so confident. "

As she was about to walk up to him and expose his lie, she was gripped by Hearst's wrist. Seeing the severe look on his face, Hearst said calmly, "it won't do you any good if you want to break up with me. The two results: first, you would divorce Jack directly. Second, he knows you can't get divorced, so he can do it more unscrupulously. He will do more horrible things to the Hua group. "

Hearing his analysis, Heidy fell into silence. Just as he said, no matter which kind of the result was good for her. "What else can I do? I am not willing to accept that. " Said Heidy, gritting her teeth.

Looking at the Ferrari, and seeing the same expression on Hearst's face, he answered as usual, "half a month later."

Hearst didn't speak clearly. Heidy understood what he meant. Looking at him, Heidy nodded, "OK, I believe you."

Taking a deep look at the man who was still struggling, Heidy turned around and walked towards the bar. Standing there, Hearst watched her leaving and squinted his eyes. He said nothing and followed her.

In the bar, Heidy sat in the corner, drinking one after another. Across from her, Hearst looked at her calmly. He knew she was anesthetic, but he didn't stop her. It's better to vent something.

Tears blurred her eyes. During this period, she had been trying hard to put a restraint on her emotions. Today, she finally released her anger completely. "You bastard, Jack. The last second you called me and said you loved me, the next second you make love with another man. He regarded me as a fool Burp! Playing tricks! "

Seeing that, Hearst raised his glass and said lightly, "you are really silly."

Placing the wine glass heavily on the table, Heidy said in a hurry and mischievous tone, "I'm not silly. I'm just an idiot. I knew he hurt my heart again and again, and told myself I didn't care. But every time, I felt that he did this for me because I had a child with another man. I was also responsible for it. Because of that, I always tell myself that it's not all his fault... "

Hearing her explanation, something flashed through Hearst's eyes, "do you hate that man?"

Heidy looked at him with her confused eyes and asked: "who is that man?"

"Someone borrowed your belly." Hearst stated concisely.

Heidy kept silent and stunned for a while. After a long time, Heidy said bitterly, "what right do I have to hate him? He didn't force me to sell my uterus, but I needed money. Do you think I am shameless? Do such a thing for money. "

The bitterness in her heart continued to spread. Heidy picked up her glass and drank it in one gulp. Tears flowed down her cheeks. Heidy then said in self-mockery, "I just thought that I was too shameless. Maybe I could have thought of another way, but I chose..." Every time she thought of this, she felt it was a shame for her.

Seeing the look on her face, Hearst asked in a low voice, "what will you do if you meet the man again?"

She was a little confused and her vision became blurred. Placing one hand on her head, she murmured, "I hope I will never see him again for the rest of my life. But even if I meet him, so what? I don't know him... "

Hearing that, Hearst frowned slightly, looking at the drunk Heidy on the table. "It seems that you don't want to see me." Said Hearst in a hoarse voice.

Seeing that she was drunk, he came over to her and bent over to hold her in his arms. Then he steadily walked outside. The driver opened the door for them and asked, "where are we going, sir?"

Holding Heidy in his arms, Hearst sat in the back seat and then sat next to her. Noticing that she was unconscious, he paused for a few seconds and then said, "go home."

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