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   Chapter 22 If you want to play, you have to do a full set

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At the same time, in the mansion of Tan, Heidy stood quietly in front of the French windows, with her arms folded in front of her chest, wearing a bathrobe. She looked up at the stars in the night sky, biting her lips. Even though Jack betrayed her, she was a shameless woman as long as she slept with a man behind his back while they were not divorced.

The sound of door knob rotating came through. Turning her head back, Heidy saw the figure of Hearst. At the sight of him, Heidy smiled, "You are coming."

When they were talking, Hearst came over to her. He stared at her, lifted her chin with his hand and said, "you have something on your mind, don't you?"

Turning her head slightly, Heidy smiled slightly. In a calm tone, she answered, "nothing. Let's begin." Then she turned around and went to the bed. It was an obligation for her.

Hearst seemed to have figured out what she was thinking, but he didn't say it out. Seeing her lie down, Hearst moved forward and propped his hands on the bed. It seemed that he could enter the state of being at any time.

Looking at the man on her, Heidy became nervous again. She pointed at the crystal chandelier and asked in earnest, "Can you turn off the light?" In this way, she wouldn't feel so humiliated.

Without answering, Hearst switched off the light. All of a sudden, the room turned dark. Only the moonlight fell on the floor through the open curtains. "Ready?" Hearst asked in a low voice.

Taking a deep breath, Heidy answered softly, "yes."

At the end of the long scene, Heidy lay weakly on the bed. Unlike the last time, Hearst didn't leave quietly. He bent over and held Heidy in the bathroom. He gently put her in the bathtub. "Thank you." Said Heidy, exhausted.

Then he stood up and walked towards the bathroom. Seeing him leaving, Heidy opened her eyes. The shyness showed up in front of her and she whispered. "What are you thinking about? Wash yourself quickly." Heidy slapped herself in the face and began to clean.

After she took a shower, she tidied herself up and walked out of the bathroom. When she walked out, she saw Hearst in the bedroom. Standing in front of him, Heidy smiled and said, "Mr. Tan, if there's nothing else, I'll go first."

Noticing her anxiety, Hearst replied casually, "what about the company?"

"Not bad. Every department of the company is running smoothly. After Jack resigned, I took over his work. I'm still not used to the life here, but I'm working hard on it. It will get better after some time. " Heidy answered concisely.

At this moment, her cell phone vibrated. Heidy took out her phone, looked at the number and looked towards Hearst. After hesitating for a few seconds, she answered the phone, "Hello, attorney Zhang."

Hearing the content on the phone, Heidy frowned. After ending the call, she looked serious.

With both hands in his pockets, Hearst looked into her eyes and said calmly, "just as I said before, you want to divorce. As for the property after your marriage, you will give half of the Hua Group's shares to Jack."

Nodding heavily, Heidy said with worry, "yes, attorney Zhang said that even if I can prove that Jack had an affair and betrayed his marriage, it can't be the proof for robbing him of property."

Heidy didn't want to continue such a life, so she consulted a lawyer. She wanted to find a way to keep both the Hua group and the divorce.

"Yes, you're right. A cheater will only be restricted by the morality. They have equal rights in law." Said Hearst in a plain tone.

Heidy went mad and said remorsefully, "If I had known that I would not get married at such a young age, unless Jack voluntarily gave up the property and went out of the house, as attorney Zhang said. Otherwise, he would still be the owner of the Hua group. Jack was an ambitious man. How could he be willing to give up everything. But now, I am still worried that he will divorce me. "

Seeing the baffled look on her face, Hearst said in a low voice, "For the time being, Jack won't ask for a divorce. What the Xu family wants is not only half of the shares of the Hua group. So it is not impossible for him to give up voluntarily. "

Heidy looked at him doubtfully, with a glimmer of hope in her eyes, "really? What can I do? "

Seeing her frowning, he thought of her sexy body under him. Hearst raised his hand and caressed her cheek, saying, "Do you really want to know?"

A warm feeling came from her face. With a heartbeat, Heidy replied softly, "yes."

"Kiss me." Said Hearst in a plain tone.

What? Heidy was dumbfounded for a few seconds and looked at his smiling eyes. Thinking of that they had already had intimate contact, she stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips. Heidy lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, "is that okay?"

As her scent swept past him, Hearst raised one corner of his lips and said, "not enough." Then, all of a sudden, Hearst moved forward. Heidy was forced to lean against the French window by instinct. Before she could open her mouth, Hearst had already got over her body and kissed her on her lips.

With masculine air being around her nose, Heidy widened her eyes in astonishment. Why did she talk about Hearst so passionately tonight? Before she figured it out, Heidy had already deepened his plunder of the city and taken away her breath from her mouth.

Heidy didn't know how long it took. With her legs weak and limp in his arms. She couldn't breathe, and Hearst didn't let go of her until she was almost out of breath. Rubbing her lips with his finger pulps, Hearst said hoarsely, "the skills in kissing are needed to be improved again."

Heidy gasped, her cheeks flushed, and looked at him coquettishly. "Mr. Tan, we just have an agreement to have a child. How can you keep kissing me?"

Looking at her reproachful eyes, Hearst found her kind of cute. Looking into her eyes, Hearst replied calmly, "if you want to do it, do it."

The corners of Heidy's mouth twitched, and her forehead was covered with a few black lines. After Heidy came to her senses, she changed the subject tactfully, "can you tell me what can I do?"

With his long arms around her waist, Hearst supported her and said calmly, "Find out what Jack can do to you."

Hearing this, a hint of disappointment flashed in the eyes of Heidy, "what could he do to make him give up voluntarily? Just as you said, the Xu family is determined to get the Hua group. I am sure that Jack won't let them down because of his secret. As far as I know, Jack always wants to get the management right of JA group. "

Hearst still looked calm. Then he said slowly, "if that secret is serious enough that he may be expelled from the Xu family? At that time, is half of the shares of the Hua group more important than the Xu family's? "

Heidy looked at him in surprise and asked, "what is it?"

Speaking of which, Hearst didn't answer directly, but said lightly, "I'll take care of it. We don't have enough evidence. It will take some time. "

For reasons she couldn't tell, Heidy believed that he was confident as long as Hearst said in that way. Thinking of this, Heidy nodded to greet him, "Thank you, Mr. Tan."

Hearst placed his hand on her belly, and said with a meaningful look in his eyes, "you want to thank me, but please carry my baby for me as soon as possible."

With her cheeks flushed, Heidy nodded softly, "Okay, I'll take care of my body and try to get pregnant as soon as possible. In fact, being pregnant with you is a relief to me, and I don't need to endure the psychological suffering any more. "

Getting her point, Hearst held her cold hand and said, "I'll drive you home." Then, before she could say anything else, he held her hand and went downstairs.

Heidy wanted to draw her hand back, but she gave up at the thought of his help. If it were not for the man in front of her, she must have led a more difficult life. Thinking of this, Heidy felt grateful to zed.

She walked out of the villa and went to the garage. Then she met assistant Liu, who just came to the villa. Assistant Liu's jaw almost dropped when he saw their hands.

Taking notice of assistant Liu's eyes, Heidy got rid of his hand and said with a smile, "excuse me, sir. I'll go back first. See you later." Then she opened the door and sat on the driver's seat. She fastened her seat belt, stepped on the gas, started the engine and drove away quickly.

Seeing her leave, Hearst said to assistant Liu, "besides, I need more details and evidence about what happened two years ago."

Assistant Liu came over to Hearst and said with a smile, "Mr. Lu, it seems that you pay more attention to miss Hua's thing recently."

"Really?" Hearst raised his eyebrows and explained, "I just don't want the Hua group to be destroyed so easily. It's not good for me. " Then, Hearst stood up and walked back to his room.

Looking at him, assistant Liu whispered, "Boss is really weird. If it had been in the past, he wouldn't have explained anything to me." Thinking of this, assistant Liu ran after her with the documents in his hands.

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