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   Chapter 21 disgusting picture

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At night, when Heidy got up to drink water, she saw Jack coming back. Seeing her, Jack was stunned for a few seconds. Watching her turn around, Jack stepped forward and grasped her wrist quickly, "Heidy, you can't do this to me. I'm your husband."

Hearing his words, Heidy turned her head and asked him with a faint smile, "Have you taken yourself as my husband?"

After hearing this, Jack looked at her emotionally, then he suddenly exerted force to pull her to him. Staring at her, Jack said painfully, "do you really want to completely sentence me to hell because I made a mistake? Heidy, I love you so much. The only person I love is you. "

Hearing his words, the scene she saw in the bar flashed in her mind. Heidy squinted and said lightly, "really?"

Pressing her shoulders with both hands, Jack said soulfully, "Heidy, I beg you, please give me one more chance, will you? I will distance myself from that bitch, Sherry Hua. You are the only one I love. I just play along with her for a while. "

As the light fell on the shadow at the entrance of the passageway, Heidy chuckled and said, "It was just a game. How sad would Sherry be if she heard that?"

Seeing that her expression was softened, Jack was encouraged and expressed his stand, "I don't care whether she is hurt or not. I wouldn't have touched her if she hadn't seduced me by wearing sexy clothes again and again. Heidy, you are the only one I love. In my heart, you are a princess, and she is just a pheasant. "

Before he finished his words, Sherry ran out excitedly, angrily ran to Jack and slapped him in the face, her eyes full of tears. "You bastard, how dare you speak these words behind my back. All those sweet words you said to me in the bed. Now it's all my fault! "

Jack didn't expect that Sherry would suddenly appear and was stunned for a few seconds. Watching Heidy with her arms around her chest, Jack raised his hand and slapped on Sherry's face, "Sherry, I don't like you at all. For me, you are just a tool to satisfy my sexual desire. "

With a pale face, Sherry covered her face and widened her eyes in disbelief. "You hit me. Jack, I'll fight you like hell." As soon as she finished her words, Sherry rushed to him with her long nails clutched at Jack's handsome face.

As soon as he heard that, Jack, who was in a towering rage, immediately grabbed her hand and shouted madly, "Sherry, you are crazy!"

Watching the scene of their fighting, Heidy sneered. Heidy turned around and poured a glass of water for herself. Jack slammed Sherry to the ground, and held Heidy's hand eagerly. "Heidy, my love for you is self-evident. Let's make it up, okay?"

Her eyes fell on the collar of his shirt by accident, and Heidy said leisurely, "next time when you fall in love with me, you damage the lipstick print on your body. Are you still dating with Sherry a moment ago and now you are putting on an act in front of me? If that's not the case, then there must be more than one of your lovers. "

Saying this, Heidy raised her hand, shook off his hand in disgust, and went upstairs. Before Heidy entered the room, she heard Sherry shout excitedly, "You have another woman!"

Heidy went back to her room and leaned against the door. Thinking of the scene just now, a temporary delight appeared in the eyes of Heidy. But more was sorrow. How blind she was to fall in love with such a bastard like Jack.

Heidy came back to her senses and walked to her desk to work. She didn't know much about administration, so she spent more time on studying. Otherwise, the Hua group would be ruined by her. The night steadily grew.

The next morning, Heidy got up early. Even on weekends, she didn't have the habit of lying in bed. As soon as she reached the stairway, Heidy suddenly saw the figure of Sherry, who was sneaking in the kitchen. Looking around, no one was around, Sherry took out a bag of powder from her pocket.

At the sight of this, Heidy narrowed her eyes, turned sideways, and hid in the dark to observe her small movements. "Heidy, how dare you to let Jack insult me last night! I'll humiliate you today. 'soon, I will let you disgrace yourself in the Hua family and see how arrogant you will be in the future.'. It's so effective. Watch your expression. "

After she put the ointment on the tea table, Sherry took the opportunity to leave the kitchen. Witnessing the whole process, Heidy calmly looked at her back. Heidy walked down unhurriedly and came to the kitchen. She opened the left pot lid and saw the stewing bird's nest soup. An idea occurred to her and she said: "it's so funny."

An hour later, in the restaurant. As Heidy went downstairs, she saw that all people including Mary Song were presen

t. What was more surprising was that all the servants in the villa were waiting there. Understanding what had happened, Heidy walked to the table in silence.

Looking at her, Mary Song said coldly, "Heidy, why do you get up so late? I told everyone to wait for you."

Hearing her question, Heidy turned her head and replied smilingly, "I'm sorry. I got up late last night. Now that everyone is here, let's start eating. " Then Heidy picked up the chopsticks and started to eat.

After having porridge, the servant brought their own desserts for each of them. It was a convention of the Hua family. After breakfast, they would serve all the desserts they liked. In order to keep beauty, Heidy always ate edible bird's nest to fair skin.

Taking a spoon of rice, Sherry smiled and said, "Mom, your skin is so good that there are no wrinkles. I wish I could be as young as you someday in the future. "

Hearing her words, Mary smiled from ear to ear and said in a good mood, "Sherry, you are such a honey tongued girl. My cosmetician once said that eat collagen every day can stay young. Sherry, you are still young. You have to start eating even after a few years. "

Hearing their conversation, Heidy smiled and said, "Today's bird's nest seems very delicious."

Seeing Heidy was eating the bird's nest, Sherry smiled deeply. "Heidy, your happiness will be over."

After eating up the desserts, Sherry said with a smile, "since my father passed away, all of our family members have been neglected. Why don't we have a chat today? "

Mary nodded and agreed, "Okay, no problem. We all should have a talk. Heidy, your relationship with Jack also needs to be alleviated. "

With a composed expression, Heidy said with a smile, "aunt, we are both grown-ups. We can solve our own problems on our own."

Jack Xu walked to the side of Heidy and held her hand, "Heidy, we..."

As he was speaking, Sherry suddenly made a faint sad sound. Her legs were weak and her face was red. Seeing this scene, Heidy knew that a good show was about to begin.

With concern in Mary's eyes, she asked, "Sherry, why is your face so red?"

Her mouth was dry and her tongue scorched. All of a sudden, Sherry felt that her collar was a bit tight. After swallowing, Sherry said softly, "I don't know either. I feel a little hot."

Hearing this, Heidy frowned and asked doubtfully: "why did you suddenly get hot? You were fine just now? Jack, go to take a look. Does Sherry have a fever? "

Just as Jack was about to object, Heidy shot a cold glance at him. Seeing this, Jack had to come to the front of Sherry. When Jack's hands touched Sherry's forehead, Sherry felt comfortable and trembled slightly.

Jack soon realized something. As he was about to leave, he saw that Sherry suddenly grabbed his arm and said in a hurry, "Jack, I'm very uncomfortable..."

Jack got rid of her hand and shouted at her, "let go of me, Sherry."

As if Sherry hadn't heard his threat or warning, Sherry gradually lost her mind. She lay on him and rubbed against him in pain. "Jack, your hands are so cold and your body is also cold..."

Hearing such a direct request, the servants at present looked at each other and whispered. Seeing this, Mary said angrily, "who drugged Sherry?" As she spoke, Mary shot a questioning look at Heidy.

Heidy spread her hands innocently and said, "Auntie, I am the last one to get up. I'll have someone check who went into the kitchen in the morning. "

While they were talking, a servant said in a low voice, "My lady, Miss Heidy, I saw Miss Sherry come out of the kitchen this morning. I saw her holding something in her hand. "

Heidy opened her eyes in surprise and asked in bewilderment, "is it Sherry who drugged herself? But that was impossible. Was there something wrong with the wine? Why don't you go to work? What are you doing here? "

"Miss Heidy, it's Miss Sherry. She told us to wait there." The servant answered honestly.

Seeing that Sherry was trying to open her collar, Heidy pretended to know everything. Then Heidy said with a half-smile, "I see. You asked for it! "

Not far away from him, Sherry lowered her head and kissed Jack randomly. "Jack, I..."

"I didn't expect Miss Sherry to be so bold and open-minded..." The servant whispered.

Hearing what they were talking about, Mary suddenly felt very annoyed. She ordered, "You guys, hurry up to drag Miss. Sherry back to her room. It's totally in a mess. " Then Mary Song left directly.

We are going to enjoy a good play. Then Heidy said with a smile, "Have fun. I won't disturb you." With that, she left happily. Thinking of the angry look of Sherry after she woke up, the corners of Heidy's lips lifted up a bit.

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