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   Chapter 18 sexy and enchanting at the dancing floor

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In the bar, Heidy sat leisurely on the bar counter, supporting her head with one hand and swaying the wine in the glass. She looked very pleased. Today, Heidy finally kicked Jack out of the Hua group, which made her relieved.

Standing next to Heidy, her friend Jessica Liu said full of indignation, "I just left for half a month, and so many things happened. How shameless Jack and Sherry are to do such a thing. It is really cheap not to pull them in the dip cages. Catherine, are you going to let it go? "

With a bitter smile, Heidy said in self-mockery, "what can I do? If I divorce, half of the shares of the Hua Group will fall into Jack's hands. With auntie backing Sherry up, I couldn't drive her out. Instead, people would gossip about me. How useless I am. "

Jessica Liu patted on Heidy's shoulder to comfort her, "it doesn't matter. We have a lot of time. We can take our time to play with them. Kill sherry, that bitch! I'll kill her within minutes! "

Hearing this, Heidy smiled, "well, okay. Now, you are the most important person in this world for me. "

Jessica Liu had grown up with Heidy since childhood. Jessica was also the daughter of Heidy's best friend. After that, Heidy bring Sherry to home and they went to play together. Heidy still remembered that Jessica had been doubtful about the fact that Sherry wasn't as innocent as she had been told many times. Now Heidy realized that she had been deceived by Sherry's appearance. She was totally a big fool.

Holding her hand to stand up, Jessica said to Heidy with a smile, "let's go to dance. Let's forget all the unhappiness."

Heidy came to the center of the dance floor and saw many people twisting their bodies to release youth. Thinking of the unbearable grievances these days, without hesitation. Heidy came to the steel pipe and began to wave it. Heidy's mom liked to tell girls that they should dance, so she was asked to learn all kinds of dance since childhood.

She swayed her body, while her long arms slid down the steel pipe enchantingly. Her long hair danced, and her slim waist danced gracefully. She looked outside the dancing floor with he

r seductive eyes. Heidy was surprised to see Hearst Tan there. Looking at the man sitting beside him, Heidy remembered that it was the man who had helped her avoid the reporters that day.

Heidy raised her lips and swayed her graceful body calmly as if she didn't see him.

In front of the dance floor, Hearst was sitting there in silence, holding a glass of wine in his hand and watching the woman wiggling. She was so sexy and slow, surrounded by steel tubes. They looked like strangers.

"Wow, she is so sexy! I wish I could become the pole in her hand. She was so sexy when you slept with her? " Novah asked with a smile.

After a sip, Hearst replied coldly, "no comment."

As Heidy danced, the men around her whistled. Only Hearst remained calm, staring at the charming woman.

After the dance, Heidy walked down the dance floor. Novah approached Hearst and said with a smile, "it seems that something has happened to Heidy."

Following his sight, Hearst saw a young man put his hand on her shoulder, stopping her. Seeing that, Hearst's indifferent expression changed a bit.

Looking at the man who stopped her, Heidy frowned and said, "get out of my way."

With a smile, the young man said with a smile, "beauty, do me a favor and I'll buy you a drink."

On hearing this, Heidy grabbed a glass of wine on the bar counter and poured it on the man's face. She replied calmly, "this shall be my treat."

Unexpectedly, she poured the wine on him. The young man held her wrist with anger and fierceness and shouted, "how dare you? If you can't afford my clothes of famous brand, you can give yourself to me. "

Seeing that, Hearst frowned. Before he could take any action, Jessica Liu had already grabbed the man's wrist. A heavy suplex was threw to the ground.

Jessica clapped her hands in disgust. She rested her hands on her hips and said, "How dare you grab my friend's wrist in front of me? You are so bold."

Novah narrowed his eyes with surprise and slowly said, "the woman is really fierce and strong. Where are you going? Hearst"

With one hand in his pocket, Hearst didn't say anything and walked away.

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