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   Chapter 17 enjoy what I have paid you back

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The conference room of the Hua group was very lively. All the shareholders there wore a smile on their faces and said to Jack Xu flatteringly, "I heard that Miss Hua has been seeking help and always failed. I don't think she can change her mind this time. The position of CEO cannot be filled without Mr. Xu. "

With an ambitious smile on his face, Jack raised his hand and said modestly, "thanks for your appreciation. I will make more achievements to improve the interests of directors. "

All the shareholders were chatting enthusiastically. The atmosphere was harmonious. Heidy Hua sneered, but soon wore a smile again and sat leisurely in the position of chairman. "Good morning, every uncle." Said Heidy.

After hearing her words, director Wang said, "Miss Hua, today is the date of our gambling agreement. You should also fulfill your promise and hand over the position of CEO. We have discussed to let Jack. Xu take over the post of CEO. "

With her hands folded in front of her, Heidy chuckled, "I'm afraid I'm sorry to disappoint you all, I have successfully signed billions of investment yesterday. "

After hearing that, Jack opened his eyes with astonishment, "that's impossible."

Being not in the mood to reply, Heidy calmly glanced at assistant Chen. Then he passed the contract to the directors sitting in the first row. The directors looked at it one by one, with surprise on their faces. "I can't believe it! The J.Y Group invested one hundred million dollars? I can't believe that Miss Hua could make it in such a short time. "

Heidy slowly looked at Jack. Noticing that his face was overcast with anger, she said with a smile, " Jack. Xu, I remember when you were the general manager, you didn't get even five million, let alone one hundred million. Please take a look at the account book carefully. "

Then, assistant Chen handed out several documents one by one. The noise of discussion grew louder, "how could it be..."

Jack stood up excitedly and refuted, "all these information is fake. I didn't get the interest of the company."

Heidy raised her eyebrows and spread out her hands, "of course, you have always been fighting for the interests of your own company. As for the interests of the shareholders in our company... "

Realizing what she meant, some directors said in a low voice, "I didn't expect Jack. Xu to be such an ungrateful person. Of course, the JA group

is their property."

Satisfied to hear people's discussion, Heidy said in a calm tone, "since I won the bet, I will be the CEO. Do you have any comments on it?"

The board members looked at each other and said in one voice, "no problem. Miss Hua, you have won the contract, which means you are capable to manage the company."

Heidy directly dropped the other document onto the desk and continued in a calm tone, "Jack Xu is not qualified to continue to be a general manager. From today on, his job will be dismissed. 'I need Jack to finish the handover procedure today, ' In addition, since some employees of the company's management have not passed the interview, I will fire them. The specific personnel department will handle the related issues. "

Jack was not stupid. He knew that she wanted to clear up the people arranged by him, so he kindly reminded her, "Heidy, you have been too ambitious for a long time since you took office? If you fire all the inappropriate staff, our company will have some problems in operation. Are you determined to run the company well? "

Hearing that, the directors began to whisper. Director Wang said, "Miss Hua, this indeed has a great impact on the company."

"Directors, don't worry. I have found a replacement. They were all highly educated and experienced people. With their help, the Hua group would have a better future. I can even get hundreds of millions of investment from the J.Y group. It's not a big deal to find some more outstanding talents. " Said Heidy in a sonorous and forceful tone.

After careful consideration, these board members stopped discussing. Heidy stood up and said calmly, "assistant Chen, look at the manager. Anything that belongs to the Hua group can't be taken away. " Then Heidy left arrogantly after casting a glance at Jack.

However, things didn't go as expected. Jack rushed to her and grabbed her wrist, "Heidy, do you have to do this to me?"

She shook away his hand and sneered, "I should have known what would come to me when you and Sherry intended to kill me. Enjoy what I give you back. " Hearing this, Heidy walked to the office without looking back.

Seeing her heartless and apathetic, Jack felt a little sad. But mostly, he was not willing to accept it. "I'm going to take charge of the Hua group. I will make you regret in the future, kneel down and beg me to have you. " Said Jack, gritting his teeth.

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