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   Chapter 16 another time

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After Heidy changed her clothes, she walked out of the room and saw the servant waiting at the door. "Miss Hua, Mr. Tan is waiting for you in the study."

"Uh huh." Heidy said softly and walked slowly. Although Heidy was already pregnant, she had just had sex. It was inevitable for her to feel pain. Coming to the study, a servant opened the door for her. Heidy nodded politely and walked into the room quietly.

Seeing her walking stiffly, Hearst recalled what had happened on the bed just now, and his eyes darkened. Holding the file in his hand, Hearst came to her and said, "About Hua Group's development of Jing City, J.Y Group invested 100 million. This is a contract." At eight o'clock tomorrow morning, the money will be paid on time. "

Taking over the file, Heidy skimmed it quickly. At the end of the file, she saw the name of the vice president of J.Y group and the seal of the J.Y group. Heidy raised her head and looked at the mysterious man in front of her. With a slight smile on her face, she said, "Mr. Tan, what on earth do you have to do with the J.Y group? You can easily sign the hundreds of millions of investment. "

Said Hearst in a calm tone, "Novah Yan is my good friend."

Heidy raised her eyebrows and smiled. She didn't believe that a simple friendship can make the other party sign the contract without hesitation, unless "Are you the CEO of the J.Y group?" Heidy looked at him in surprise.

Noticing her anxiety, Hearst rubbed her lips with his fingers and said, "you'll know soon."

Seeing his ambiguous behavior, Heidy turned her head. After all, they had just had sex. "Thank you, Mr. Tan. I will obey our agreement." Said Heidy sincerely. If not for his help, the Hua group would have been ruined by her.

"What's more, many members of the Hua group are Jack Xu's. You must deal with them as soon as possible." Hearst reminded her.

Speaking of this, Heidy smiled bitterly. Now she was merely a commander without any branches, and many department managers didn't listen to her at all. "I know, but if so many people are fired at a time, the company will run in trouble." Said Heidy with a frown.

Looking at her, Hearst said calmly, "I can help you as long as you trust me."

Heidy raised her eyes and looked at the man in front of her de

eply. Then she said with a smile, "now the only person I can trust is you."

She didn't want to trust strangers easily, but she knew that she had to rely on Hearst to save her life. Now, apart from him, she didn't know whom to believe.

Noticing the gleam in her eyes, Hearst put his hands in his pockets and said calmly, "Okay, I'll handle it. It was 8 o'clock in the next ovulatory period. You will be informed of the specific date. "

With understanding, Heidy looked at the time and said lightly, "Okay, I remember. It's late now. I'm going home. Otherwise, people would suspect her. I'm not qualified to divorce before I can't keep all my property under my control. "

Just as she took a step forward as usual, a sudden pain swept over her. Heidy frowned and slightly bent her body. Noticing her abnormality, Hearst naturally held her slender waist and asked, "is it still hurt?"

Her face flushed red. In an embarrassed tone, Heidy answered, "yes, a little." Both of them were satisfied not because they loved each other, but Hearst were not as gentle as before.

"I'll be gentle next time." Said Hearst.

The temperature on her face continued to rise. Heidy didn't know how to respond. When she was about to speak, Hearst lifted her up in his arms. Resting her head on his chest, Heidy Hua looked at the handsome and mysterious man in front of her and had mixed feelings.

Carrying her downstairs, Hearst put her on the driver's seat gently and fastened the seat belt for her. "Are you sure?"

Her feet were still trembling, but she didn't want to stay any longer. Heidy smiled and said, "I'm not that fragile."

Noticing her anxiety, Hearst nodded and said, "give me your phone."

Perplexed, Heidy looked at him and handed the phone to him obediently.

With his fingers pointing at the phone number, he kept it on the screen. Then Hearst said to her indifferently, "call me if you need any help."

Thinking of his promise, Heidy took the phone from his hand and waved her fingertips in the palm. With a tacit smile on her face, Heidy nodded, "Okay, thank you, Mr. Tan."

Then Hearst closed the door and put his hands in the pockets. He watched the car disappearing in the night without any fluctuation. But he didn't know that their entanglement had just begun.

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