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   Chapter 15 go to take a bath, starting tonight

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At seven o'clock fifty in the evening, Heidy Hua drove to the grand and solemnly villa. Looking at the open door, she held the steering wheel tightly. Pursing her lips, she kept struggling in her mind.

She knew what it meant to get inside. Although she knew that she had no choice, it took a lot of courage for her to take this step. The cold body of ice Heidy's father, together with the image of Jack Xu and Sherry Hua sneaking through, appeared in her mind. Making up her mind, Heidy stepped on the accelerator and the car sped toward the villa.

As Heidy walked out of the car, assistant Liu gestured to them and said smilingly, "Miss Hua, the president is waiting for you in his room."

"Okay," replied Heidy indifferently. Then she followed assistant Liu into the room. After entering the luxurious villa, she followed assistant Liu to the bedroom on the second floor. Assistant Liu opened the door. She stood on her side and gestured for Debbie to get in.

She stood there for a few seconds, closed her eyes and hid all her emotions. Then she opened her eyes and walked into the room. Seeing the man sitting on the sofa, Heidy walked forward calmly.

Pointing at the papers on the table, Hearst said, "this is a contract. After we sign it, we'll respectively perform our duties."

Heidy picked up the contract and read the terms on it. It clearly said that the contract would be terminated as long as she was pregnant successfully and had a baby. In return, she could not only get the project worth over one hundred million, but also help her get all the property of the Hua family. The reward was better than expected.

Without any hesitation, Heidy took out a pen and signed her name. "Mr. Tan, when shall we start?" Said Heidy with a slight smile.

Taking over the contract, Hearst stood up and walked up to her. He raised his hand and gently stroked her cheek, to feel her smooth skin. He said, "go to take a shower, starting tonight."

Realizing what he meant, Heidy turned around and walked towards the bathroom. The moment she signed the contract agreement, there was no room for regret.

Half an hour later, Heidy came out of the bathroom and fell into a trance when she saw the man standing in front of the French window. She wondered why this mysterious man in front of her had to have a baby with her? She knew clearly that this reason would never be love.

Seeming to notice her eyes, Hearst turned around and looked at her pretty face. Beautiful, delicate features and elegant temperament. Wearing a simple bathrobe, her collarbone was slightly exposed, showing a temptation.

Standing in front of her, Hearst held her chin and lifted it up frivolously, "are you ready?"

With her eyelids slightly drooping, Heidy said, "let's start."

Without replying, Hearst bent over and carried her in his arms, putting her on the bed lightly. He put his fingers on the bathrobe and undid it. When he opened the collar, the bullet proof skin appeared in the bottom of his eyes.

Heidy was too nervous to move her hands. Noticing her nervousness, Hearst whispered in her ear, "relax, or you'll be the one hurting."

Feeling his aura around her, Heidy thought about flinching. But finally, she nodded slightly.

As they talked, shock and disbelief flashed through Hearst's eyes.

Heidy held the sheet tightly as she spoke. Having noticed his gaze, Heidy's face turned red, "well, I don't have any experience..."

A thin smile appeared on his cold face. Then Hearst said to Heidy in a low voice, "I'll slow down." Then, Hearst went on with their sport assignment.

This kind of bed thing had no attachment to them. Then, Hearst got up and put on his clothes, and said calmly, "the doctor will soon get to know about your ovulation time. Have a good rest."

With her eyes hollow, Heidy managed to make a smile, "okay."

Then, Hearst caught the tears on her eyelashes casually. Something went wrong in his mind. Without saying a word, Hearst turned around and left, leaving Heidy alone in the room.

Heidy kept feeling pain on her body and smiled bitterly. Although it was her first time to make love, it was just a trade. She struggled to stand up and dragged her aching body to the bathroom.

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