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   Chapter 15 Starting From Tonight

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Around eight in the evening, Heidy drove to the villa. The grand villa seemed to have a lot of secrets. The entrance was already open. Heidy observed the villa cautiously while gripping the steering wheel tightly. At the moment, her mind was a chaotic mess.

She knew if she got inside now, there would be no turning back. Currently, she had no other choice but to accept his offer. However, that didn't mean she wasn't nervous. The image of her father's lifeless body flashed through her mind, followed by Jack and Sherry making out. She inhaled deeply, making up her mind. Stepping on the accelerator, she left her worries behind as the car sped towards the villa.

When Heidy climbed out of the car, Hearst's assistant with a surname Liu was already waiting for her. He gestured with a smile, "Ms. Hua, Mr. Tan is waiting for you in his room."

"Okay." Heidy nodded, then followed him inside. The assistant took her to a luxurious bedroom on the second floor. Once opening the door, the assistant gestured for Heidy to get in.

But as Heidy was a little nervous, she stood outside the door for a few seconds, closed her eyes and took deep breaths. After a moment, she opened her eyes, then walked into the room. Her eyes found the man sitting on the sofa as she walked towards him calmly.

Hearst saw her, as he straightened and pointed towards papers on the table. "This is the contract. After we sign it, we'll respectively perform our duties."

Heidy sat down beside him, picked up the contract and read the terms written on it carefully. The contract clearly said that it would be terminated as soon as she got pregnant and conceived a baby. In return, she would get the project worth over one hundred million, and inherit all the property of the Hua family. The reward was better than expected.

There was no scope for hesitation. So, Heidy took out a pen and signed the contract without wasting any time. "Mr. Tan, when shall we start?" Heidy asked with a smile.

Taking the contract from her hand, Hearst scooted closer to her. Hearst cupped her face, stroking it gently, feeling the smoothness of her skin and whispered softly, "Go, take a shower. We'll start from tonight."

Heidy gave him a nod before rising and going to the bathroom. The contract had been signed already. So there was no way back. She couldn't regret her decision now.


ter taking a hot shower for fifteen minutes, Heidy came out of the bathroom and fell into a trance when her eyes fell on the man standing by the window. Why was he willing to have a baby with her? The reason couldn't be love, and she was certain of that. Then why?

Hearst felt her eyes on him. He turned around and looked at her pretty face. The woman in front of him was beautiful, and had delicate features. He was so absorbed in her beauty. Heidy was wearing a bathrobe, so her collarbone was exposed and the sight tempted him.

He went and stood in front of her, then lifted her chin up. "Are you ready?"

With her eyelids slightly drooping, Heidy consented, "Yes."

Hearst didn't wait anymore. He lifted her up in his arms in bridal style, walked over to the bed and put her down softly. Undoing her bathrobe in a swift motion, Hearst took in her beauty hungrily. As he started removing the robe deliberately, his eyes observed her every curve and every nervous reaction. Her skin was clear, soft and delicate. He took great pleasure witnessing the goddess like body of her.

Heidy was indeed too nervous to even move her hands. Hearst whispered noticing her nervousness, "Relax, else you might get hurt in the process."

Heidy flinched at his husky tone. But her body relaxed gradually.

Hearst's eyes were filled with raw emotions,

whereas Heidy was clutching the sheet tightly in her fists. Under Hearst's intense gaze, Heidy turned red as she confessed, "I don't have any experience."

A smile tugged on his thin lips. He responded in a low voice, "Don't worry. I'll take care of everything." As the night deepened, they emerged themselves in a slow, heated and rhythmic process of love making.

When it ended, both were out of breath, panting and satisfied. A moment later Hearst got up and put on his clothes. "The doctor will soon check your ovulation period. Have a good rest first."

With her eyelids almost closed, Heidy managed a single nod, "Okay."

Before leaving, Hearst gave her one last glance and noticed the tears hanging on her eyelashes. A strange feeling rose in his heart, but he didn't say anything more and left.

Meanwhile, Heidy was feeling the soreness all over her body. Although she had just lost her virginity, it was a trade. She sighed, then struggled to get up and dragged her aching body to the bathroom.

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