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   Chapter 13 A Heavy Blow

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On the way home, Heidy decided to refuse Hearst's proposal. She was still Jack's wife. It'd be a torture to bear another man's child, while she was still married to Jack.

Four years ago, her ovary was injected with sperms and she gave birth through surrogacy. She had given birth, but never had she ever slept with any man. Even so, she had spent all these years in fear.

Once reaching the Hua family's villa, Heidy looked up and sighed softly. Was there really no other way? Heidy walked into the house and went to the backyard. She noticed two people standing too close to each other.

Heidy furrowed her eyebrows and looked closely. It was Sherry and Jack, kissing each other passionately. Their bodies clung to each other tightly, as if they couldn't get enough of each other. Jack's hands were all over Sherry's body.

Heidy clenched her fists. This man was a sick son of a bitch. He claimed not two days ago that he loved her and wanted to save their marriage. But now he was flirting with her sister again.

Heidy was so furious. She was about to step forward and interrupt them, but stopped when she heard Jack saying, "Honey, I'll come to you at night." Before leaving, Jack pressed his lips on Sherry's and kissed her wistfully.

Sherry watched him leave with flirty eyes and then turned and located Heidy. The smile on her face widened. "Well, doesn't it hurt to see the man you love sleeping and kissing with me?" asked Sherry, smugly.

Blinded by anger, Heidy raised her hand and wanted to slap Sherry. But she could not, as her wrist was suddenly grasped. "Sherry, I have been so good to you since childhood. Then why did you do such a despicable thing with me?" Heidy asked angrily.

Sherry flashed a cruel smile and proudly said, "Why did you think I will reciprocate your care and charity as well? You treated me well because you wanted to prove yourself superior to me. You wanted me t

o become your follower. I don't need your pity, Heidy. I will get what I want on my own. Including your husband."

Heidy said spitefully, "So, you told Jack Xu about my secret, because you wanted him to hate me? You wanted to woo him? Didn't you?"

"Of course! Jack loved only you at that time. So I had to do something. He doesn't love you anymore. He doesn't even think about you now. Thus, it's pretty easy for me to get everything that's important to you. You cannot protect the Hua Group either. Three days later, it will be owned by Jack. You're just a puppet."

With hatred in her heart, Heidy said through gritted teeth, "I will never let Hua Group go under your control."

Sherry laughed aloud arrogantly, "Whether you want or not, it's inevitable. Do you know why Jack is unwilling to divorce you? If he divorces you, he could only get half of the shares. But now, he will own the whole of Hua Group, all the property Dad has given to you, and then he will kick you out."

Although Heidy had already guessed their intention, hearing it with her own ears still made her furious. At that moment, she felt like strangling Sherry. But she prevented herself from doing anything rash and clenched her teeth. She glared at Sherry and yelled, "Stop dreaming right now!"

Sherry let go of Heidy's hand and crossed her arms over her chest. "Soon, everything that you own, will be mine. Just wait and see, Heidy." With a sly smile, Sherry left after that.

Standing there, all Heidy felt was a dull throbbing in her chest. She thought Jack still loved her. But she was so wrong. Jack had broken his words. He was now completely under Sherry's spell.

Thinking of the Hua Group and the painstaking efforts of her father, Heidy clenched her fists and said to herself, "I will never give up. I will do anything to protect Hua Group, even if that means selling my body, or doing something against my will."

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