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   Chapter 9 make a bet with all of you

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In the Hua group, dressed in a business suit, Heidy Hua held her head up and walked into the meeting room. With a polite bow, she said, "Hello, every uncle." Then Heidy took her seat.

Looking at her, director Wang, who was sitting at the most front end of the left, spoke first, "Miss Hua, our chairman has just passed away. We need a suitable person to hold the position of chairman and executive president. The Hua group also needs a leader. "

Hearing that, Heidy smiled, "I know my father had made arrangements before he died. I will take over the company on behalf of my father. I think that's also what my father wants to see. "

Before she finished her words, director Wang disagreed and said, "Miss Hua, you have taken over the shares of the previous chairman. Although you hold the largest shares, you have no experience in management. It's so ridiculous to let a inexperienced girl lead us. Mr. Xu has been doing well these two years. As Miss Hua's husband, you can hand the post of CEO to him. "

Heidy calmly glanced at Jack and said, "director Wang, though I have no experience, I will try my best to manage the company well. As a listed company, the share sharing rate of the Hua group was very decisive. At present, I hold 70% of the shares, which means that I am the biggest decision maker, right? "

Hearing her words, other directors began to whisper. "Miss. Hua, as you know, last month your father made a decision-making mistake, which caused a heavy loss of the Hua group. Several hundred million was lost. Because of this, the company is still in a financial crisis. We are worried that you will be in charge of the company in this case. " One of the directors said.

"You are right. Jack. Xu is the son of the chairman of JA group. If you let Jack. Xu manage the company, I believe that he can definitely persuade Jacob. Xu to help our company get through the difficulties. So I think you should give me the title of CEO to Jack. Xu. " Director Wang sa

id seriously.

Jack smiled at Heidy and said nothing. He was determined to be the CEO.

Clenching her hands under the table, Heidy looked around coldly. She knew she couldn't lose her temper.

"The Hua group is the result of the Hua family's painstaking efforts. Even if Jack. Xu is my husband, his surname is not Hua. Most of the people present were comrades who had ever fought with my father. If my father was God, how sad would he be when he saw this? I won't give up the title of CEO and chairman. " Heidy announced loudly.

At this time, Jack, who had been silent all the time, said abruptly, "Heidy, why don't you make some achievements for the directors? Otherwise, you won't be able to earn everyone's trust. "

Turning her head to look at him, Heidy squinted, "what do you mean?"

"The company is facing financial difficulties, cash flow problems and urgently needs to raise fund. As long as you can get a project worth hundreds of millions of dollars within a week or the financing with hundreds of millions of dollars, I trust you with the ability to run the company without any worries. " Jack smiled.

Others echoed his words. "Yes. If you can, we will be willing to be your leader. But if you couldn't, we only hoped that Miss Hua could keep her shares and be the chairman of the company. Jack. Xu, please do me the favor. " Director Wang concluded.

Looking at them, Heidy knew that she had no choice. "Okay, I accept." Said Heidy in a heavy tone.

Jack smiled with satisfaction, his eyes reflecting spirit. He knew that Heidy was doomed to lose this time. Looking at her seat, Jack's eyes were full of expectation.

With no expression on her face, she walked out of the meeting room. Heidy pursed her lips. "Heidy, don't blame me. I just did this for the company's sake." Jack followed her with a smile.

Turning back to look at him, she said in a curve of smile, "it's not that easy for me to admit defeat." Then she walked into the elevator.

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