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   Chapter 7 no one can help you except me

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After a simple lunch, Heidy Hua left the table. At the thought that Jack Xu betrayed her and couldn't get a divorce for the Hua Group's sake, she had no mood to eat with them anymore.

As soon as they arrived at the yard, Jack came hurriedly. Holding her wrist, Jack frowned and said, "Heidy, can't you have a good meal with us?"

Heidy shook off her hand in anger and sneered, "Jack, I feel sick as long as I think of having dinner with you. I even suspect that you got close to me on purpose from the very beginning. "

After listening to her words, Jack put on a straight face and denied directly, "no, it is not like that. Heidy, I really love you in the beginning. If I don't love you so much, I won't risk my life to save you. After we got married, you didn't allow me to touch you. I thought you didn't love me. But I still tried my best to take care of you. "

"In that case, why did you sleep with Sherry? Jack, I don't believe in your nonsense. " As long as she thought of his betrayal, Heidy's heart ached.

Pain appeared in his eyes. After a moment of silence, Jack said, "because I know the reason why you don't want to be touched by me. You never told me where you were when you were nineteen. It was not until Sherry told me that I knew. It turns out that you got pregnant for another man behind my back. "

Her face turned as pale as paper. Hearing what he said, Heidy looked at Jack in astonishment and said in a quivering voice, "you You know it? "

"Yes, I felt painful when I knew it. I hate your betrayal and I can't let you go. When I was sad, Sherry comforted me all the time. So I was possessed and had sex with her. But I promise, I will always love you. " Jack responded in a hurry.

Biting her lips, Heidy said nothing. Only they two in the world knew that she had been concealing this from them. But she didn't expect that Sherry would tell this to Jack and make him betray her. The more Heidy thought about it, the more distressed she became.

Looking at her face, Jack said softly, "actually, the reason why I have slept with Sherry is to take revenge on your betrayal. Heidy, if it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't have done such a thing. You know, I was devoted to you before. I will accompany father and mother. We will talk later. " After that, Jack Xu turned around and left.

Hearing the news, Heidy walked slowly forward. She didn't expect that her husband's betrayal was caused by what happened years ago. Thinking of what had happened in the past, Heidy felt a thrill of sorrow.

She looked at the end of the corridor. When Heidy was about to turn around, she found Hearst Tan behind her. Seeing him, Heidy took a step back by instinct, "Why are you here?"

"I was just passing by." Hearst replied indifferently.

Heidy frowned and looked at the mysterious man in front of her. She didn't want to talk to him anymore. When Heidy was about to leave, she was stopped by a man. She wanted to bypass it, but was directly pressed against the wall by him. Feeling uneasy, Heidy raised her head and looked into his eyes, "uncle, you trapped me here. Aren't you afraid of being seen?"

Hearst looked down upon her face, sensed her hostility and estrangement, and replied calmly, "not at all."

Heidy tried to push him away, but failed. With her eyes wide open, Heidy said in a low voice, "uncle, what do you want?"

Pressing against the wall, Hearst confined her against the wall. Then he said calmly, "last time I saved you, I just passed by."

Hearing the explanation, Heidy clenched her fists, her nails digging into her flesh. "You are the uncle of Jack Xu. If he knows that you helped me that day, I'm afraid it's not good for you. I don't think a businessman like Uncle Hearst will do a bad business. "

Then Hearst pinched her chin with her finger pulps and raised it frivolously, making a smile at the corners of his mouth. "I am clear whether you want to compensate or not," he said

The woman's intuition made her feel dangerous. Heidy took his finger away and said, "I don't know what your intention is. I only know that it would be better if we take each other as a passer-by." With that, she bent down quickly and got through his arm.

On her way, Hearst said calmly, "if you need my help, come to me."

"If you are just talking about Mr. Tan, I will ask you for help. But since you are Jack's uncle, I won't beg you. " Said Heidy quietly.

With both hands in his pockets, Hearst walked up to her and said, "you have no choice. I'm the only one who can help you." After that, he left first.

Standing still, Heidy frowned. "I don't believe you." Said Heidy softly.

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