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   Chapter 6 met him again

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The next day, in the Xu clan's mansion, Heidy Hua and Jack Xu appeared side by side. Amy stood up and greeted enthusiastically, "Jack, Heidy, you are back."

Walking into the living room, Heidy was silent for a few seconds and bowed to them, "Dad, mom."

Jacob Xu glanced at her indifferently and said coldly, "I heard from Jack that you are going to divorce him? You have owned the Hua Group thanks to Jack. Since your company has been in such a huge mess this time, if we JA group don't help you, I'm afraid that the Hua Group will not be listed in the listed company in city A. "

Hearing this, Heidy frowned and said solemnly, "although Jack is the general manager, he is not the only one who can run the company. Since the Hua group and the JA group had been in a cooperative relationship, the former was in a win-win situation. Dad, Hua group was as important as JA group. As for my divorce, Jack has betrayed me when he tried to seduce my sister. "

"Divorce is not a problem. Hua Group as your post-marital property, Jack has the right to get half of it." Said Jacob Xu calmly.

With her eyes wide open, Heidy looked pale and said decisively, "it's impossible. The Hua group is my dad's heritage and the painstaking efforts of his whole life."

Looking at her attitude, Jacob said coldly, "it's not up to you whether you give it or not. Heidy, think it over if you want a divorce. "

Amy saw that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, so she quickly held Jacob's hand with a smile and said, "well, don't talk about these things. Today, we are going to have a little reunion. Don't be so upset. Heidy, I have taught Jack a lesson and hope you can live well. "

Clenching her fists, Heidy said in a tense tone. It was apparent from what Jacob Xu said that if she dared to divorce, he would definitely stop the cooperation with the Hua group. Thi

s was undoubtedly adding insult to injury to Hua group. Moreover, she definitely wouldn't agree to give half of her shares to Jack.

Just when they were in silence, Amy suddenly stood up and warmly called to the door, "Hearst, come on in. Everyone is here."

Hearing the name, Heidy frowned her eyebrows instinctively. She turned around and was surprised to see the man approaching. Was he Xu family?

Holding Hearst's hand, Amy smiled and introduced him, "Jacob, he is your younger brother-Hearst Tan whom I mentioned to you before. According to my father, Hearst was a successful entrepreneur. Jack, Heidy. Call him uncle. "

what? With her face darkened, Heidy bit her lips. It turned out that he was Jack's uncle. This piece of information was too much to take in.

Jack Xu was also surprised and after a while he responded, "uncle, nice to meet you. Have we met before?"

Thus, Hearst pulled away Amy's hand, put one of his hands into the pocket of his trousers and said indifferently, "hospital."

"Yes, we are in the hospital. A few days ago, mom told me that I have a very powerful uncle. Today, I finally meet him. Uncle, can I help you with your business? What's its name? "

"Not worth mentioning." Replied Jack shortly. Apparently, Hearst didn't want to say anything more.

Looking at the tall and handsome man like a royal mansion, Heidy smiled, but there was coldness in her eyes. "I have never known that Jack has such a mysterious uncle." She stressed on the word "Uncle" deliberately.

Getting her point, Hearst replied in a composed manner, "I just walk around."

Amy wanted to pull his hand. After hesitating for a while, she withdrew her hand awkwardly and said, "everyone is here. Let's have dinner."

With a deadpan face, Heidy turned around and glanced at the man not far away from her, with a faint anger in her heart.

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