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   Chapter 4 Funeral, performance by two.

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Today was the day of the luxurious funeral of the former president of Hua group. Many of his friends in city A had come to see him off. At the front of the line, Jack Xu and his other family members were worshiping.

"The eldest daughter of the Hua family hasn't shown up yet. Has anything really happened?" Some journalists whispered.

With the support of Sherry Hua, a middle-aged woman in uniform turned around and said slowly to all the guests, "thank you all the relatives and friends, and come to see my husband off. As long as he was still alive, he would remember everyone. On behalf of the Hua family, I am very grateful to you. " As she spoke, the middle-aged woman bowed.

The journalists swarmed forward and aimed their cameras at the woman and her family. "Mrs. Hua, Heidy Hua hasn't appeared for days. Is she really injured as it's said? Heidy Hua is the heir to the Hua group. Now that something happened to her, who will be the next chairman of the Hua group? "

Jack stepped forward and said: "Heidy is fine. She is just so sad and not feeling well that she is absent from today's funeral."

Before the end of the song, a delicate voice came through from the crowd, "today is Dad's new year. No matter how uncomfortable I am, I will not be absent."

The familiar voice attracted Jack's attention. Following the sound, he saw Heidy in her filial dress walking towards them. She looks good and she is not sick at all. Seeing her, Jack Xu frowned.

Seeing her, the reporters immediately surrounded her. "Miss Hua, about the news that has appeared recently, it's said that Miss Hua is seriously ill. Is that true?"

"Do you all think I look as if I am seriously ill? A few days ago, my husband played a performance for me because he worried that I was too tired. As a result, I couldn't take care of my father. "

"Miss. Hua, could you please tell us what kind of game it is?" The reporters asked curiously.

Standing in front of Jack, Heidy said slowly, "in this performance, nobody can finish it. I want you to cooperate with me. As for what it is, I will tell everyone after my father's funeral. It's almost the time. My dad should be buried in the earth, rig

ht? "

"Will Heidy Hua inherit the Hua Group in her will?" A reporter shouted quickly.

Glancing at Jack, Heidy said with a smile, "of course, my father has devoted all his efforts to the Hua group, so I won't hand it over to any outsider. Jack, do you think so? "

Because his name has been called, Jack Xu looked a little strange, but soon he calmed down and replied with a smile, "of course, Heidy, I'll help you to guard our father's company."

Hearing his words, Heidy's eyes were filled with coldness. As if she hadn't heard what he said, she went to the side of harmony, Mrs. Hua. "Aunt Mary, let's begin," she said

The journalists on the scene observed the relationship between Heidy and Jack and guessed what the subtle change between them. Thinking of the rumors about them, the journalists speculated that.

As soon as Heidy's dad was buried in the grave, Heidy stood in front of the tombstone and felt sad to see her beloved father cared for her since she was a child. Heidy got down on her knees and slowly reached out her hands to stroke the tombstone. She said softly, "father, have a good rest here. You have been cherishing your career. I absolutely don't allow anyone else to covet it. "

Jack came to her and held her arm, "it's time to go home, Heidy."

Frowning in disgust, Heidy pushed away his hand and said coldly, "Jack Xu, I will settle our accounts." With that, she walked forward expressionlessly.

His movements were stiff, and Jack was in a trance for a moment. Feeling her left temperature, a hint of bitterness flashed through Jack's heart. Looking at her back, Jack slightly held his hands.

Not far away, in a dark Bugatti Veyron, Hearst Tan was leaning against the seat and his cold eyes fell on Heidy and Jack. Hearst tapped his fingers rhythmically, making it hard to tell what he was thinking.

"Boss, I've got things settled. What should we do next? " The assistant hung up the phone and said to Hearst.

Looking at Heidy's lonely back, Hearst said coldly, "go back to the company."

The assistant nodded. The driver stepped on the accelerator and the car slowly drove away. The whole process did not attract anyone's attention.

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