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   Chapter 435 A Strange Stranger

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Two hours later, Krystal finally gave birth to a healthy boy.

"His eyes are blue, the same as his Daddy's." Sophia said with a smile, holding the baby in her arms.

"Come and let me hug him." Carrie took her grandson from her and was overjoyed.

Jessie stood on tiptoe and looked at the little boy in granny's hand with curiosity. "He is so small. Was he also so small when I was born?"

Vance touched her hand and said, "Jessie used to be so small, but now you have grown up."

"The little boy looks like father. I don't look like my father. I look like my mother, right?" Jessie looked at Vance with her eyes wide open.

"Yes, Jessie looks like your mother." Vance nodded and said in a low voice. Jessie didn't know her real identity, so Vance didn't want to tell her the truth now. He didn't want to cast a shadow on her mind when she grew up.

Sara made the milk for the baby and handed it to Carrie. "Aunt, my godson is hungry. Feed him now."

Looking at her sister, a cunning light flashed in Kami's eyes. "Sister, it's not appropriate for you to take the baby as your godson. According to the seniority, Krystal is our aunt, and the baby is my younger cousin. If you want to take him as your godson, then you will be my aunt."

Sara pinched his ear impatiently. "You don't have to care about the seniority. Krystal is my best friend, and her son is, of course, my godson. If I give birth to a daughter in the future, we will have to make an engagement for them from childhood."

"It's a child marriage again!" "When you got married, Mommy arranged a marriage for us. Why do women like to arrange marriage for their children?" Teddy sighed.

Hearing this, Sophia came over and put her arm around Teddy's shoulder. She chuckled, "The marriage was specially made for you. I'll send you to H Country to be the king. The people all over the country are looking at you. You can't even be a playboy."


mart girl, don't worry too much. Just focus on your study."

"I'm not worried about you. I just care about you." Naomi pouted.

Walking along a street and seeing street artists performing street dance by the fountain, Naomi rushed over with interest. Sophia was waiting for her on a bench not far away, and Sara was going to buy ice cream for Naomi.

At this time, a phone call came in. It was from the game studio. Sophia answered it for a while. When Sara came back, she found a bunch of flowers in Naomi's hand.

"Naomi, where did the flowers come from?" Sophia pulled her over.

"It's from a clown uncle. He said it's for you. Mommy, you're awesome. You have fans in LA." Naomi smiled and handed the flower to Sophia.

Sophia took a look and thought, forgot-me-not!

"What does that uncle look like?" Sophia asked. Since the show of the prelude of Avatar hadn't started yet, she wouldn't have much fame in the United States and wouldn't be recognized.

While she was thinking, Naomi replied, "He is wearing a clown mask. I can't see his appearance!"

"Did he say anything to you?" Sophia asked again.

"He said I was beautiful and looked like Mommy." Naomi smiled.

"Mommy, are we followed by the paparazzi of Q City?" Sara frowned. Paparazzi were everywhere.

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