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   Chapter 434 Graduated

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"I am only interested in it." Kami shook his head.

"Do you still want to be a saint in love?" Teddy pouted his lips in disdain.

"I can't be the holy lover. I just don't want to waste my love on unnecessary people." Kami shrugged.

Lucas and Sophia touched Kami's head at the same time and said in one voice, "Like me!"

Looking at his parents discontentedly, Teddy crossed his arms over his chest and mumbled, "Then who do I look like?"

"It's still to be discussed." Lucas pinched his ear. 80% of his son was an integral part of the hidden genes in their bodies.

Sophia looked at her watch. It was getting late. She had to go back and pack her things. Tomorrow, her family would fly to California to attend Sara and Krystal's graduation ceremony. They would casually talk about the contract with FOX in the Twenty-first Century.

On the second day, Lucas set out with the whole family. After twelve hours' flight, they arrived in San Francisco in the morning and then drove to Stanford. It was afternoon.

Sara and Jasper were very happy to see them. Sara had lived in an apartment alone since Krystal got married. Jasper had just arrived yesterday.

"Daddy, I have discussed with Jasper. After graduation, I will open a psychology clinic in the capital." Sara said to Lucas.

"So you plan to major in psychology?" Lucas looked at his daughter.

"Well, now the social pressure is getting greater and greater, and there are more and more people with mental health problems. If I help them solve their mental diseases, I can reduce suicide and crime." Sara said seriously.

Lucas stroked her head, "No matter what you do, your Mommy and I will support you."

At dusk, Vance] and Krystal came with Jessie. Seeing Naomi and Sebastian, Jessie was overjoyed. Krystal was about to give birth. Sophia took out the gift for Krystal's baby.

"This is for your baby. He will be able to use it when he is born."

"Thank you." Krystal took it over with a smile.

Sophia patted Krystal's hand and said, "You should have

nited States, her husband and family could go into the delivery room to accompany her. Therefore, Sophia asked Lucas and Jasper to wait outside with the children. She and Sara changed their clothes with Vance and went into the delivery room to accompany Krystal.

Sara looked at her best friend's painful face, and her face turned a little pale. Sophia noticed that. Perhaps she shouldn't have let her daughter, who hadn't given birth yet, came in in order not to frighten her.

Sophia walked over and patted Sara on the shoulder. "Do you want to wait outside?"

"I'm fine." Sara shook her head with a smile. "I'm just a little nervous. I want to stay with Krystal and gain some experience. I won't be afraid when I give birth to a baby in the future."

Sophia stroked her head, and the two of them went to cheer for Krystal.

"Krystal, take a deep breath. Push, push!"

Krystal clenched her teeth. She was so painful that she almost fainted. "Vance. It's so painful to give birth to a baby. Don't give birth to another baby in the future, okay?"

"Okay, We'll have this one. We won't have another baby." Vance held Krystal's hand tightly.

Looking at them, Sophia remembered that she had said the same words to Lucas when she gave birth to the twins. However, accidents came one after another, and the plan couldn't keep up with the changes.

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