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   Chapter 433 Don't Forget Me

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Her main job was to take care of her husband and children, and the rest were just minor jobs. But it was rare for her to be popular. She also wanted to go to Hollywood to study!

Sophia was in a dilemma.

She'd better listen to her husband.

Lucas also seemed to have noticed his wife's thoughts. Normally, when he was with her, her little mouth was always twittering like a magpie. But tonight, she was unusually silent.

"Honey, your movie has just been on show for three days, and the box office has exceeded eight hundred million. Even Avatar is inferior to you." Lucas said with a smile.

"Do you think whether I continue the shooting?" Sophia asked tentatively.

"If I don't agree, not only will the board of shareholders collapse, but also your fans will protest." Lucas sighed.

"It's so scary. Let's hurry up to prepare for the next episode. It's a fool not to make money." Sophia pinched his nose and kept silent for a while. Then she asked in a very low voice, "Do you want me to go to Hollywood?"

"Do you want to go?" Lucas asked deliberately.

"Honey, I will listen to you. If you don't let me go, I won't go." Sophia stuck out her tongue naughtily.

"Then you'd better prepare to renew it and stay at home to take care of your husband and son." Lucas raised the corners of his mouth slightly, revealing a secret smile.

"Okay." Replied Sophia in a low voice. She was so weak that she felt like a deflated ball was punctured.

Lucas looked at her and smiled, "Honey, you can go if you want. You are an international star now. Not only in our K Country, but also in Europe and M Country, there are a lot of your fans. If you go to Hollywood to make a scene, you will be the best actress next year. No one dares to compete with you!"

Sophia's beautiful face immediately turned bright. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Honey, I know you are the most reasonable one. After I finish the Hollywood movie and the extension, I will stop

his." Teddy stuck out his tongue.

Lucas pinched Teddy's ear, "Don't worry. No one dares to be your Mommy's lover except your Uncle John, unless they don't want to live on the earth."

"Your father is so excellent. There is no one on the earth who can be my lover. If there is someone on other planet, I can consider it." Sophia smiled.

"Wow, Mom, you promised to act as Avatar." Kami screamed.

"Yes." "I'm going to other planet to find a lover," said Sophia with a smile.

Lucas held his two sons in his arms and said with a playful smile, "Boys, you have to hurry up to build your space ships, or we won't be able to catch up with your Mommy when she is taken away by other men."

Kami and Teddy looked at each other. This was their great wish since they were young. It seemed that they had to put it on the agenda. They could just take their space ships when their parents went to the moon in the future.

"Well, Daddy, Mommy, for the sake of your great plan to go to the moon, I and Kami will try my best to make a good ultra sound space ship." Teddy giggled and patted his brother on the shoulder.

"Then you'd better focus on scientific research instead of picking up girls." Kami pouted at Teddy.

"Brother, don't you feel bored staying in the lab or in front of the computer all day long?"

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