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   Chapter 428 Handsome Man Gets Fat

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"Mommy, my conditions are very harsh. I was not the man that like any girl. I like to choose the one wisely." Teddy crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her seriously.

"It seems that mommy has to know you again." Sophia smiled. After all, Teddy had inherited the genes of her and Lucas. No matter how fickle he was, there would be a limit.

On the Lunar New Year's Eve, Jessie was going to set off fireworks with his brothers and sisters, unwilling to go home. Sophia simply let Krystal and Vance stay in Bluewater Villa for the night.

After nightfall, they went to near the lake to set off fireworks. The children were very happy, especially Jessie. She rarely saw fireworks in the United States.

Kami picked a firework of golden tree and a silver flower.

The night by the lake was deep, and the sky was dark. After a sharp sound, a red light came out of the darkness and rushed into the air, emitting thousands of gold threads that fell down, like a willow tree covered with gold lights. When the tree sank into the darkness, another silver light arc shot up into the sky and exploded in the air, forming countless silver flowers flying in all directions. When it fell, it turned into red and green rain drops.

"Wow…Great!" Jessie, Naomi and Sebastian clapped their hands and applauded.

Then, Teddy set up three fireworks and lit them with Jasper and Sara.

Therefore, several bright arcs rushed into the air one after another, blooming bright flowers in the darkness, lighting up half of the lake. Then many silver flowers grew from the ground and scattered the golden flowers everywhere.

The lakeside was full of children's claps and laughter. Their voices scattered on the quiet water, turning into ripples.

"Kami!" Jessie ran to him and said, "I want to set off fireworks too. Can you tell me what to do?"

"Okay, let me show you." Kami handed a small stick to Jessie, held her hand and lit the fireworks. Then he took her hand and ran away. The beautiful fireworks bloomed in the sky. After seeing tha

l skin care products, I don't need tp worry that I will get old. I can sell them and make money." Sophia laughed.

Lucas also smiled. His wife was really smart, selfless and righteous!

In another room, Sara and Jasper were worrying about whether they should have a little baby or not.

"What should I do? I was only nineteen years old and my career has just begun. I really don't want to have a baby so early." Sara lay on the bed railing, her eyebrows almost twisted together.

"In fact, I don't want to have a noisy little guy to separate us so soon. I think we should have a child after twenty-eight years old." Jasper hugged her.

"But I don't want you to be in a dilemma. You are the prince. Uncle Philip has put so much effort in training you. He has placed great hope on you. You can't let him and your people down because of me." Sara's slender fingers gently touched his chest.

"Baby, no matter what decision you make, I will listen to you." Jasper kissed her lips affectionately.

Sara picked up her phone and looked at the e-mail she sent to Black Tulip, but there was no reply. "If only my boss were here. He adopted me. He must know something about my background. I believe that my parents are not that bad people."

"I also believe that your parents are not ordinary or bad people with such good genes giving you." Jasper smiled.

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