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   Chapter 425 Return To The Root

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Sara rolled her big blue eyes two times and covered her mouth, screaming, "Mommy, Vance is your cousin, and according to the seniority, he is my uncle. Then Krystal will be my aunt."

"Yes, you are right. From now on, Krystal will be your elder." Sophia giggled and patted her daughter on the shoulder. "Show me your uncle's photo. Handsome or not?"

"Of course he is handsome, mixed blood." Sara smiled and took out her cell phone to show the video she had taken at the wedding of Krystal and Vance to her mother and grandmother.

Sophia sighed as she looked at it, "This is the fate. The Murong family has been trying to train their eldest daughter Alina, hoping that she can marry into a rich family. They didn't expect that their little daughter, Krystal, would marry a rich family."

Sophia's words reminded Sara, "By the way, mom, I asked aunt to arrange a role for Alina. Did she arrange it?"

"Your aunt loves you so much. How could she ignore your begging? She has planned to let Alina be the second heroine in this action movie recently. If Alina is good at acting, she might become the heroine next time. " After saying that, Sophia muttered, "But Ellie hasn't fulfilled what she has promised me."

Sara knew that her mother still held a grudge against for not being able to be the heroine, and her mother didn't get the Pig Reward. "Mommy, it's Daddy's fault. Last time, aunt finally made a movie for you, but you were unlucky to be pregnant again. After that, you have to take care of Sebastian at home. How can you have time to act?"

That's right. If it weren't for the mess made by Lucas, she, Sophia, would have been the queen of Pig Reward. At the thought of this, Sophia put her hands on her hips and looked fierce. She would settle accounts with Lucas and old grudges tonight!

In the evening, as soon as Lucas entered the room, he saw his wife leaning against the bed with a sad face and sighing.

"What's wrong, honey? There's a good news today. Your aunt's family is coming back. I heard that the little girl, Krystal, has become your broth

et married and settle down as soon as possible. He didn't expect to meet his aunt by accident.

Seeing that Maria didn't come, Sophia asked, "Uncle, why didn't my cousin come back with you?"

"She has to prepare a clothing show and will be back in two days." Uncle Ye sighed and said, "She is a troublemaker. She is almost forty years old, but she is still impetuous. If only she could be half as good as you."

"Uncle, my cousin is awesome. She is the chief designer of Chanel now." Sophia said with a smile.

"Women can't just have a career. Family is the most important." Uncle Ye looked helpless.

"Brother, don't worry. I heard that this foreign country is different from ours. Women are always popular even if they are forty years old. There are a lot of people chasing after them." Mandy comforted her brother.

"Yes, uncle, I think my cousin must have her own living arrangement. As long as she lives well, there is no leftover in the United States. Even if a charming woman reaches 50 years old, she still has a lot of pursuers. You don't need to worry about her." Said Vance.

Uncle Ye waved his hand and said, "Well, forget it. I can't care about her. If I say too much, it will only make her unhappy. Now that you are there and take care of her, I can rest assured. "

"Yes, Rollins and I will take good care of her. Don't worry." Carrie said with a smile.

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