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   Chapter 424 Coincidence

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"You'd better take away all the girls around me, so as not to bother me all the time." With his arms crossed over his chest, Kami looked annoyed.

Sophia poked at Teddy's forehead and said, "You should learn from Kami. Don't always pay attention to girls. You are still young and it's not appropriate for you to have a relationship now. You should focus on your study. From now on, I will deal with all the bad women around you. I promise you will drive away all of them."

"Mommy, don't worry. Kami doesn't like girls." There was a secret smile on Teddy's face.

"What do you mean?" Sophia was shocked.

"Don't like girls. Isn't it much more serious than me?" Teddy shrugged.

Sophia almost fainted. If her lovely eldest son had a sexual orientation, she would just find a piece of tofu and kill herself.

Lucas, who was originally calm, was also shocked. "Kami, don't you really like to date with girls?"

"Daddy, I don't like to date with girls or boys. I only like to date with my computer." After giving Teddy a ferocious stare, Kami picked up the iPad in his hand and began to play.

His words did not dispel his mother's misgivings. After returning to her room, Sophia leaned against the head of the bed and thought for a long time with a serious expression. Lucas pinched her chin and said, "I can see that Teddy is making fun of his brother. Don't take it too seriously."

"Maybe you are right, but they are just teenagers now. We should guide them well. One is not interested in girls at all, and the other is too fickle. It's not good to treat girls as playthings." With her hands crossed over her chest, Sophia sighed bitterly. Then she held Lucas' face and asked, "When you were at the same age as them, were you also so troublesome to your parents?"

"When I was at their age, what I wanted most was to make money." Lucas threw up his hands.

"Making money?" Sophia jumped out of bed, stared at him in extreme surprise and doubt, "This was what I did at that time. Y

nt's family. Since she ran away from home and eloped with an American, there has been no news of her. I didn't expect that your uncle would meet her in New York by chance."

"That's great, Mom. Grandpa was talking about aunt before he passed away. Now he can rest in peace in heaven." Sophia said excitedly.

"Yes, your uncle said that your aunt was going to go back to Q City with her son and grandson. We can have a family reunion after she comes back in two days." Tears welled up in Mandy's eyes.

"Then let's inform grandma, little aunt and uncle to book a restaurant to welcome them."

"Okay, okay, okay."

At this time, Sara ran downstairs excitedly. "Mommy, I have a big news for you. You and grandma will be shocked."

"What news?" Sophia smiled and thought, 'Today will be double happiness, won't it?'?

"I just talked to Krystal on the phone. She is coming back to Q City. It turns out that her husband, Vance, is a relative of our family." Sara jumped with excitement. The world was too small.

Hearing this, Mandy asked, "Is his father called Rollins and grandmother called Beenle?"

"Yes, yes!" Sara nodded.

"What a coincidence! Your aunt's granddaughter-in-law is a good friend of Sara." Mandy grinned.

"What a coincidence! I didn't expect that Krystal would be our relatives." Sophia smiled.

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