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   Chapter 423 Romantic Gene

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The people sent to Paris didn't find out the relatives of William and Angela. They grew up in an orphanage. Marlon took the opportunity to ask for the postponement of the wedding until he found out Sara's identity. This trick was very clever. It meant that if Sara's identity was not clear, she would not be able to marry Jasper.

Lucas was looking around for Black Tulip. He should be the one who knew Sara's background the most, but he had disappeared for a long time.

But Sophia had another idea. At night, she called Jasper to the villa.

"That cunning old fox, Marlon, is very stubborn and has great power in the Cabinet minister. But we have our own measures."

Seeing her mysterious smile, Lucas became more curious. "Honey, what's your good idea?"

Sophia turned to Jasper and asked, "Have you really decided to be with Sara no matter what happens?"

"Of course, I love Sara. Even the end of the world can't stop me." Jasper said firmly. Sara looked at him affectionately. She couldn't lose Jasper. Without him, she would die.

"Great!" Sophia clapped her hands happily and lowered her voice, in case that there was someone hearing them. "My idea is that you two go back to Q City to register the marriage secretly, and then you can start your life of the marriage. When the little prince is about to be born, Marlon can't object anymore." After saying that, Sophia covered her mouth and snickered. She was very proud of her brilliant plan.

Lucas coughed and seemed to be choked. Was this a good idea? He really couldn't agree with her.

"Mommy, do you want us to keep our marriage a secret?" Sara lowered her eyes and blushed.

Jasper scratched his head and said, "In fact, I also think so, but I'm afraid that you will be unhappy. Sara and I both think that we are still young, so we don't have to have a child so soon. We should have a few more years to be alone with each other."

Sophia waved her hand and said, "It's a special time now. I can't care so much. You two can have a good discussion. If you agree with me, our whole family will go back to Q City."


also had some romantic factors in her bones, but she didn't find them? And now she was also inherited by this boy?

"How many girlfriends have you changed?" Sara crossed her hands over her chest and smiled at him.

"Not much. One for a day. I wanted two for one day, but I didn't want to waste time, so I changed it to one for a day." Teddy said casually.

Lucas smiled and touched the head of Teddy. Then he sat on the sofa and drank the orange juice as if nothing had happened. He was kind to his sons and didn't care about their emotional problems. These trifles were all up to his wife.

Sophia didn't blame her son for being a playboy. She just asked indifferently, "How did you deal with them? Aren't you afraid that they will cry?"

"Mommy, don't worry. We all follow the rules." "I have a condition list. If you meet the requirements, you can go to my assistant's office to register and sign the agreement. You are qualified to be my girlfriend for one day. Then we can get together and have a good time. It's fair and reasonable."

"What if they don't want to break up?" Sara looked at Teddy with a strange look. She didn't realize that this little guy was a playboy!

"Badgering will take up the time of the people behind. Do you think they will be willing to do that? So without me, there will naturally be someone to deal with her." A smug smile appeared on Teddy's face.

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