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   Chapter 421 Good Things Always Wait

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Upstairs, Sara was alone in her room. When she saw Sophia come in, she threw herself into Sophia's arms and asked, "Mommy, are they really my biological parents?"

"Daddy Lucas has sent someone to investigate it. Don't be affected by it before it's clear. After all, it can't be ruled out that someone has an ulterior motive to destroy your wedding with Jasper." Sophia caressed Sara's head and comforted her.

"Okay." Sara nodded.

After a moment's silence, Sophia asked, "What's Jasper's reaction?"

"He said he didn't care who my biological parents are, but I know if my biological parents are really so bad, I am not qualified to be his wife." A touch of pain flashed through Sara's blue eyes.

"Don't worry. Daddy Lucas will handle it well. There is no problem in the world that Daddy Lucas can't solve." Sophia smiled at Sara.

"Mommy -" Sara hugged Sophia tightly. "It's the luckiest thing in my life to meet you and Daddy. I don't want to know who my biological parents are. In my heart, I only have one father and one mother. They are you and Daddy Lucas."

Sophia patted Sara's back gently, "You will always be the little angel of Lucas and me. Our biggest wish is to make you happy. If anyone dares to make trouble in the middle, we will definitely make him lose the courage to stay on the earth." Someone dared to bully her daughter?

In the Royal Palace, Philip knew why Lucas came. He was also worried about it. The rules of the royal family couldn't be changed. If Sara's identity was really like this, she couldn't be favored by the public. And if Jasper insisted on getting married with her, he had to give up the right to inherit the throne.

Lucas went to Jasper first. What he wanted to know the most was the decision of his future son-in-law. If Jasper wavered, he would immediately bring Sara back. However, Jasper's expression was very firm, just like ten thousand year old granite, which could not be melted even if the lava was grilled. "Uncle Lucas, no matter w

igate it carefully."

While they were discussing, Bonnie went to Sara. She wanted Sara to quit and leave Jasper voluntarily.

"I thought you were noble, but I didn't expect you to be the daughter of a gambler and a dancer." Bonnie said with contempt, "You should know how troubled Jasper is now. According to the public opinion online, more than half of the people don't support your wedding. They won't support a dancing girl and a gambler's daughter to be his wife. If you really love Jasper, you should let him go and stop pestering him. "

Sara sneered, "It's none of your business. Even if I can't be his wife, you won't have a chance."

Hearing that, Bonnie's face turned pale and blue. "I have been getting along well with Jasper. If it weren't for you, he would have married me."

"If a man really loves a woman, there is no difficulty to stop them." Sara took a sip of coffee slowly. She could see the completely Bonnie's expression.

"Your blood is really full of bad genes. You want to pester Jasper. Don't think that you can get the king's permission just because your adoptive father has a good relationship with the king. The rules of the royal family can't be broken even by the king. You are doomed not to be Jasper's wife." The tone of Bonnie was extremely vicious, and her eyes were extremely malicious.

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