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   Chapter 417 A Mysterious Test Paper

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Time passed quickly. A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Jasper had returned to M Country. His wedding with Sara had been put on the agenda. At Christmas, Sara would go to M Country with Sophia and Lucas to discuss the wedding with the Philip's family.

Krystal and Vance were still getting to know each other.

Carrie had always hoped that Vance would go to visit Opal, but Vance had no such intention. Since they had been separated, they should be separated completely and stop giving each other any fantasy.

However, Opal was still unwilling to give up. She had been in low spirits at home every day. She had been looking forward to Vance seeing her, but she hadn't seen him for a long time. The love in her heart had gradually turned into resentment. If she couldn't get Vance, she would never let Krystal, the mistress, live a happy life.

She decided to have a good talk with Krystal.

The two arrived at Starbucks.

Looking at Opal, Krystal felt more or less sorry for her. Krystal really hoped that what Vance said was true. They broke up because they were not suitable for each other, not because of the drunken that night.

Stirring the coffee in her cup, Opal asked, "Is Vance good to you?"

Krystal nodded.

Opal smiled sadly, "He must have told you that he has never liked me, right?"

Krystal was slightly stunned and did not answer.

"Men are like this. When they love you, they can tolerate all your shortcomings. Once they don't love you anymore, your advantages will become useless in his eyes." With a sad smile on Opal's face, she continued, "You can't imagine how kind and obedient he was to me when we first started dating. Even if I lost my temper, he would try every means to make me happy."

"Really?" Krystal raised her eyebrows doubtfully.

Noticing that, Opal took a sip of coffee and continued, "You must think that I don't like Jessie. In fact, it's not the case. At the beginning, I liked Jessie very much, but..." Opal paused deliberately and lowered her eyes, revealing an extremely sad expression. "Because of her, I lost my own child."

"What?" Krystal was shocked, "Did you have a child with Vance?"

"Two years ago." Opal nodded, "I was so happy to find myself pregnant at that time that I ran to tell Vance at once. I thought he would be as happy as me, but I didn't expect him to ask me to have an abortion! He said that it was enough for him to have Jessie and he didn't want to have another child. I felt terrible. I cried for a long time. He kept persuading me and made an appointment with the doctor for me. When I said that I wanted to keep the baby, he was very unhappy and even threatened me to break up with him. Once a woman falls in love with a man, she will do everything for him, even if she wants to kill herself. That's how I was at that time. I cried and went to the operating table. I'm afraid of losing him. As long as I can be with him, it doesn't matter even if I don't have a child. I thought it would last long, but I didn't expect that he was still tired of me. "

Hearing her words, Krystal felt a chill sp

our house?" Alina was shocked.

"Check the monitor." Sara also became alert. The two of them came to the monitoring room and showed the video of the past few days. When they saw Krystal walking into the hall, Sara's eyes suddenly froze and enlarged the picture by two times.

The scene that Krystal took out the pregnancy test stick from her bag was successfully photographed.

"OMG!" Sara and Alina covered their mouths at the same time. They couldn't believe what they saw.

"Krystal, she Is she bullied by others? " The first thought came to Alina's mind was that her sister was insulted by a bad man, because she only loved Park, and she didn't even go to the bar in normal times. It was impossible for her to play ONS like others.

"Let's go to see Krystal." Sara stood up from the chair.

At this time, Krystal, hiding in the room, was completely upset and didn't know what to do.

Sara had asked Alina to calm down and beat around the bush, but Alina was too anxious to care about it. As soon as she entered the room, she grabbed her sister and said, "Krystal, tell me, who bullied you? Your classmate or colleague?"

"Sister, what are you talking about?" Hearing her question, Krystal became more flustered. She lowered her eyes and dared not to look up at her.

"Ah, what time is it now? Will you tell us when your belly gets bigger?" Alina poked Krystal's forehead.

"You... How did you know? " Krystal was shocked.

Sara held Krystal's shoulder and said, "What's wrong with you? If someone hurts you, tell me and I won't let him go!"

"No." Krystal quickly shook her head, lay down on the bed and covered her head with a pillow. "That day when I went to see Jessie, I accidentally got drunk and had sex with Vance..." Krystal sighed in frustration.

"So the child is your boss's?" Alina breathed a sigh of relief.

Krystal held her head and asked, "What do you think I should do?"

"What? Get married." Alina sat beside Krystal and said decisively. Sara agreed with her. "Go and tell him that he has to be responsible for you."

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