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   Chapter 415 Break Up

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The corners of Vance's mouth twitched slightly. He still vaguely remembered that she said she was refused last night. "People's feelings are not never change. I have decided to forget the past. You should also look forward. Don't waste your time for a person who doesn't worth your love."

"It's a waste of time for us to be together. We all know it's impossible." Krystal smiled sadly.

"Why not? I think we are a perfect match." Vance raised his thick eyebrows.

"What about Opal? I don't want to get involved with you. I don't want to be a mistress. I hate it the most. And your mother doesn't like me. You shouldn't make her sad. " Krystal turned to look at the lake. She still had a lingering fear at the thought of the contemptuous faces of Opal and Carrie.

"Even without you, I won't marry Opal. I have no feelings for her. I agreed to have a try with her only because my mother. As for my mother, if she really can't accept you, I can only say sorry to her. After all, love is between the two of us, and has nothing to do with others. " Vance said frankly and solemnly. Since he was educated in America, he paid attention to the freedom of love. In his mind, even his parents had no right to interfere in his personal feelings.

"You are not serious about love at all. Sometimes you love this person, and sometimes you love other person. You are not as constant as we are in K Country." Krystal pouted.

Vance didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. "As far as I know, the divorce rate in K country is far higher than that in America, and I have 2/3 of the bloodline of K Country."

"But you have a pair of blue eyes. You look more like an American." Krystal said.

Vance shrugged and said nothing. He had to admit that his grandfather loved him very much because of his blue eyes.

To be honest, his family tree was a little complicated. His English name was Vance Augustine, and his grandfather, Richard Augustine, was from New York. He met her grandmother, Beenle Ye, on a trip in China. At that time, people in the K Country were very conservative. The Ye family might not allow their daughter to marry a American, but his grandmother was brainwashed by love. She eloped with his grandfather. However, there were always some difficult differences in life and culture between eastern and western people. When their son was ten years old, the two finally divorced. Beenle took their son, Rollins, back to the K Country and changed his name to follow her surname. Rollins Ye grew up, studied and got married in K Country, and had a son, and that was Vance. And Richard Augustine had also become a well-known rich man in Wall Street in New York. Unfortunately, he and his second wife did not have a child. When Vance was eight years old, Richard came to K Country again and found his son, Rollins, hoping that he could go back to the United States to help him manage a huge family business. Of course, Rollins couldn't wait to go back to America with his wife and children after getting the consent of Beenle.

After a

e her a chance to retreat.

As soon as they reached the gate of the building, they saw Carrie coming towards them.

She found the intimacy between the two at a glance. Well, this bad woman really hooked up with her son!

Krystal tried to withdraw her hand from Vance's palm in a hurry, but he held it tightly.

Carrie was furious. She rushed forward, raised her hand and slapped on Krystal's face. Her hand was held by Vance.

"Mom, don't go too far!"

Carrie was furious. It was the second time that her son had contradicted her. Before he knew this woman, he had always been filial to her and almost obeyed her.

"Let me make it clear today. If you continue to entangle with this woman, you will no longer be my son!"

"Mom, you should know that it's my personal business. It has nothing to do with you. The person who lives with her is me, not you. You have no right to interfere with me!" As a person who had been educated by American culture since childhood, he didn't understand his mother's behavior. As a native of K Country, Carrie couldn't change her mind. In her mind, as a mother, it was natural for her to have the right to let her son choose a daughter-in-law that satisfied her.

Because of the different ideas, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had become a deadlock in K Country for five thousand years. In the United States, there was no so much problems of that relationship. Even if a son wanted to marry a woman from an African tribe, his mother would only send her blessings without objection, because in her opinion, it's her son' choice, and she did not need to worry about it.

Carrie was so angry that her whole body was trembling. Her son's words had obviously shown his stance. "Do you want to vent your anger on me?" She was very angry.

"Mom, this is the company. It's not good for us to talk this. You can go back first. I will see you later." Vance held her shoulder.

"You unfilial son!" Carrie was so angry that she raised her hand and slapped him.

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