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   Chapter 414 We Are All Drunk

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Regardless of this, Alina crossed her hands over her chest and said directly, "Park, last night, you took away the first kiss of Krystal. Shouldn't you be responsible for her?"

Park scratched his head and continued to play dumb. "I'll go crazy when I'm drunk. I'm just having fun with Krystal." Then he turned to Krystal and said, "We are good friends and it will never change, right?"

This was a declaration. How could the smart Krystal not understand that her heart fell into a deep pool of despair? And the last one percent of her hope was completely destroyed.

"Yes, Park, we are always good friends." Her voice trembled uncontrollably. After saying that, she turned around and rushed downstairs. Alina glared at Park angrily, "You rich people all have the same character. You are superficial and self-righteous."

Park sighed helplessly. He didn't think he did anything wrong. He had always treated Krystal as a friend and didn't want her to waste her time on him. She should find someone who really love her.

After returning from the yacht, Krystal's mood log was full of strong sadness.

She felt like her heart was hollowed out. She worked hard, ate hard, and went shopping desperately… She tried every means, but failed to forget that.

It was said that time was the best medicine to treat a broken heart. Why did this fellow climb forward slowly like a tortoise, not working at all?

After work, Jessie came. She missed Krystal very much.

Seeing this little angel, Krystal felt much better.

In the evening.

The sky was clear. The haze that had been floating for many days finally dissipated with the aura.

The sun was shining brightly.

In Vance's villa, Krystal quickly prepared a sumptuous dinner.

Vance smiled, "what should we do? Jessie and I are not used to the food cooked by chefs anymore."

"I don't mind cooking for you, but you have to resist wage increases." Krystal winked playfully.

"Hello, auntie." Jessie held her hand and asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No… I don't. " Krystal felt a little sad.

"That's great! My father doesn't have a girlfriend now. He has got rid of the bad witch. Can you be my father's girlfriend?" Jessie clapped her hands and said happily.

Vance didn't stop Jessie immediately. He just looked at Krystal with an implicit and intriguing look.

Krystal blushed, "Jessie, your father is my boss. I don't dare to fall in love with him."

Vance shrugged and said half-jokingly, "why do you mean that I'm a tiger who can eat people? Am I so terrible?"

"Boss, I know myself well. We are not from the same world." Krystal pouted. A mixed blood handsome man like him, who was worth ten billion, was a rare species on the earth. An ordinary woman like her who was drowned in the sea of people for a second could not covet him. He was the star in the


Vance touched her head and said, "well, it's okay. You can go and play by yourself."

After Jessie left, Vance scratched his head in distress and tried to call Krystal, but her phone was powered off.

At this time, Krystal just returned to the apartment. Her mind was in a mess.

Alina breathed a sigh of relief when seeing her back. "Did you spend the time in Vance's house last night? Why didn't you call me back?"

"Jessie… Let me stay with her. " Krystal faltered and went upstairs. After taking a shower, she fell onto the bed. She didn't remember how she fled from Vance's room. She only remembered how flustered, scared and at a loss when she opened her eyes and saw what had happened. How could she do such a stupid thing? She picked up a pillow and covered her head with it, trying to erase the memory that shouldn't have been in her mind, but it was like a shadow that kept twining around her.

Then she thought of Park, her first love, which had not begun but ended. Tears welled up like a spring and wet the pillow.

In the evening, Vance came.

She didn't want Alina and Sara to know about this thing, so she took him to the lake not far away.

The sun had already sunk into the horizon. The orange glow gradually dimmed and turned into deep silver ash.

The night was like a dark net, falling down from the clouds, covering the mountain forest, the lake, and the rows of tall buildings…

Krystal stared at the dark sky and said faintly, "forget what happened last night. We are all drunk." She believed that this was what Vance wanted to hear, but she didn't see a trace of loss in his eyes. He held her shoulder and said, "I can't pretend that nothing has happened. I will be responsible for you."

She shook her head and said, "you don't have to do that, Mr. Vance. We both have a love. We don't have to make trouble for ourselves for a small mistake."

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