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   Chapter 412 Mother's Threat (Part Three)

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When the old man saw Alina, he was a little embarrassed. "Why are you also in America?"

"Why can't I come here? You bastard, you know there is something wrong with you!" Alina was furious.

The woman in the toad mirror looked at her up and down, and a mocking smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. "Ah, I thought who she is. It turns out that it is you. With your appearance, you want to marry a rich man? Dream on!"

Alina was furious. She grabbed the toad mirror on her face and said, "Oh, I see. It's you, a dead fish eye!" She sneered. The woman in front of her was her classmate in the film academy, Echo Cheng.

"You are the dead fish eye." Echo glared at her.

"Others don't know your background, but I know it clearly. When you were two years old, you went to Korea. After you came back, you changed your face completely. Your eyes, nose, lips, chin, and even your breasts became big. Your family has spent a lot of money on you, right? " Alina covered her mouth and laughed louder.

"Echo, have you had a plastic surgery?" The girl next to the old man was so surprised that her mouth turned into an O shape.

"Don't slander me. I didn't have plastic surgery. I was born like this." Echo's face turned red.

"I still keep the photos of us in the class. Do you want I to show them?" As Alina was about to take out her phone, Echo grabbed her hand and said, "Alina, you have been against me since you were at school. Don't think that you can slander me with a PS photo."

While she was talking, Sara and Krystal came over. Krystal looked at Echo carefully and then exclaimed, "Echo, are you the third prince in the Legend of the Mermaid? No wonder you look familiar." This was a legendary TV play that had just been played recently. The heroine should have been played by the best actress, Fern, but she was suffering from melancholy because

untie Sophia" He raised his beautiful lips and said, "If I add this, it will be perfect." After saying that, he pressed a hot kiss on her delicate lips.

Sara glared at him in a coquettish manner and tasted it herself. Then she raised her arms and said, "I've decided to learn cooking and cook a delicious meal like Mommy." She giggled and her silvery voice was taken away by the wind. It rippled on the lake and spread to the other side of the lake.

He was infected by her joyful breath and looked at her with a smile.

The sun shone down quietly. Her beautiful face looked fresh, pure and flawless in the bright light. There were also two dimples full of enthusiasm, floating with the slightly raised corners of his mouth.

Jasper was so intoxicated that he couldn't help holding her in his arms and kissing her affectionately. All the happiness in his mouth melted into a strong sense of affection.

After a long time, he let go of his lips and looked at her affectionately. "My holiday will be over. I'm a little reluctant to leave you."

Sara leaned her head against his chest. She didn't want to be separated from him. "I'll go to M Country to see you at Christmas, okay?"

"Okay." Jasper smiled and gently stroked her face.

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