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   Chapter 408 Getting Drunk

Love Whispers By Orange Characters: 10227

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At night in Stanford, the lights were shining, like a cup of freshly brewed strong coffee, belonging to the city.

In front of the magnificent gate of Vitoria Club, Krystal stopped Alina.

"Sister, do you want to go here? It's not easy to get in here."

Vitoria Club was the top entertainment club here. People coming in and out of it were either rich or powerful, and it needs membership.

With a sly smile, Alina took out a shiny membership card from her handbag.

"Platinum VIP?" Krystal was shocked, "How did you get it?"

Alina giggled and said, "I just want to ask your good neighbor, Barth. But that guy has an appointment with a beauty today, so he can't come with us. I'm not good at English, so I have to ask you to come with me." Alina shook Krystal's hand and said, "Krystal, you have so many rich friends. You must come here often, right?"

Krystal was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She had been here for two times. One was a party held by Park, and the other was a classmate reunion of the business school. To be honest, she didn't think the world here was suitable for her at all. "Sister, go back. This place doesn't belong to us." Thinking of Park, her face became a little gloomy, as if she was infected by the night around.

Alina pouted, "If I don't come here, how can I chase after a handsome American man?"

"Don't be silly. There are not good men. And you aren't good at speaking English. How can you communicate with them?"

"Since all the men in the world are fickle, it's better to find a rich man. Even if I am divorced, I don't have to worry about the rest of my life."

Alina grabbed Krystal's arm and begged for mercy. Finally, Krystal surrendered and followed Alina in.

They deliberately found a conspicuous seat. Before they sat down, Alina began to search around with her dark eyes.

There were all kinds of superior men here, including upstarts who cheated on their wives and children, new rich men who could dispel loneliness and pressure, and playboys who didn't know what is poor. They were surrounded by a group of women.

Krystal didn't look at any place. She hated night clubs, because it was a fallen forest, the distribution center of the dirty men.

After a moment's silence, Alina said in a half annoyed and half helpless voice, "You have so many young men around you, but you haven't seize the opportunity to hook up with one."

Krystal shrugged her shoulders and didn't say anything. At the thought of Park, she felt like ants crawling up and down in her heart, which made her uncomfortable. "I'm just an ordinary girl. How can I be liked by them?"

"You have to be confident in yourself. Your advantage is no longer your appearance, but your brain. I heard that handsome men in the United States are different from those in K Country. They pay more attention to girls' inner quality. Why don't you hook up a handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes?"

"Stop making fun of me, okay?" Krystal glared at Alina.

"All right, all right. I don't care about you anymore. You are


He took two steps forward, but was stopped by Alina. "You are Krystal's boss, not an outsider. You don't have to be so polite." Alina stepped forward and grabbed his arm. "I'm a professional. I've learned massage. I promise you won't feel headache later."

Vance was at a loss. When he was in a daze, Alina had grabbed him and pulled him to the sofa.

But she was really good at doing massage. With her massage, Vance felt much better.

Then, Krystal brought the hangover soup.

When he was drinking soup, Alina touched her stomach and said, "I'm hungry, Sara. I want to eat moon cakes."

Sara smiled and opened the box. "You're welcome."

Krystal went to the kitchen to bring plates. Alina took out one first, put it on the plate and handed it to the guest. "The moon cakes of Sara's family are the most delicious in the world. You must have a taste."

Vance took it over. The moon cakes on the plate were as big as the ones sold on the market, but they were very round, with a layer of crystal transparent thin skin. When they were close to each other, they could smell a faint fragrance of Osmanthus fragrants.

"It's such a big one. Why don't we cut up and eat separately?" He suggested. As soon as he finished speaking, Alina's voice came over, "No, no, no." She raised her index finger and waved it. "There is a rule to eat the moon cakes made by Sara's family. You can't cut, break or leave the moon cakes. You have to eat one by yourself."

"Why?" Vance was confused. This rule was a little strange.

"The moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival are like the moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival, representing a family, so they can't be separated." After saying that, Alina turned to Sara with a smile, "Am I right?"

Sara nodded. "But he's a guest. He doesn't have to be so fastidious."

"It's up to you. I like it." Vance smiled, picked up the moon cake, put it to his mouth and took a small bite. The tip of his tongue was smeared with a clear and light sweetness, which extended to the bottom of his heart.

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