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   Chapter 407 Be Crossed In Love

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Bang! Bang! Bang Vance hit the wall so hard that even the wall was shaking.

"Vance!" Krystal screamed and held his head. A nerve in the bottom of her heart was pulled. Vance looked like an injured child, so painful and helpless. This scar was too deep. If no one came to clean it or apply medicine to it, it would definitely keep bleeding and torturing him.

"Although I don't know what happened, I'm sure it's not your fault. You love them so much, and they love you so much too. Seeing you torture yourself like this, how sad they are in heaven!"

Vance buried his head into her arms, his shoulders trembling and cramping. His body was still as hot as fire, burning her skin. "I shouldn't have been happy again. I shouldn't have been happy again. I am destined to go to hell."

"No, Vance, you are wrong. Do you know that you are not only living for yourself, but also for Jessie and Alison and Curry? Only when you are happy, Jessie can be happy and Alison and Curry will feel at ease in heaven."

"Not for myself, not for myself..." Vance murmured, raising his bloodshot eyes for a long time.

Krystal helped him lie back on the bed, "Let me sing a song for you."

"Okay." Vance nodded, looking like an obedient child.

After tucking him in, Krystal sat on the edge of the bed and sang in a low voice, "I'm a wandering cloud, covered with a faint white, condensing the transparent dust. I will drift to the corner of the sea, wait quietly, travel to the end of the earth, wander silently... "

Krystal's beautiful voice was like an angel's soft fingers caressing the unhealed wound in his heart. The pain was slowly disappearing, and his heart slowly fell into a quiet and warm spring water.

"What kind of song is this? I have never heard of it. "

"Wandering Clouds. I wrote it when I was free." Krystal smiled.

"It sounds great. You are talented in music." Vance relieved and closed his eyes slowly.

He slept peacefully that night.

It was almost noon when Vance woke up the second day. Thinking of what happened last night, he couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

"Last night, I was probably having a fever. You... Don't take it to heart! " Vance lowered his head and said awkwardly.

With a gentle smile, Krystal walked to the window and opened the curtain.

The warm and bright sunshine cast in and immediately dispelled the darkness and coldness in the room. Krystal held his arm and pulled him from the shadow to the sun. "From now on, the person standing here is a new Vance, the smiling Vance!"

Vance looked at her quietly. Her smile was more bright and warm than the sunshine. Through the thick ice, it sprinkled to the heart that could not be touched by the sunshine.

Vance was infected and unconsciously drew his lips. A low and deep smile came out of his throat, and her silvery laughter intertwined and echoed in the sun!


In the Hilton Hotel, the anniversary party of the Golden Company, which was affiliated to S Group, was about to be held.

Krystal and Vance walked out of the luxurious Ben

Vito deliberately walked around the banquet hall before he came to his seat. "There are many strange faces on the board of directors. Will they be kicked out as long as they make miss Mr. Vance unhappy?"

[Vance glanced at Vito with a faint smile, and his face was as deep and calm as usual. "The board needs vitality and fresh blood. Since I took over the S Group, the stock price has been rising, and the income of all shareholders has doubled every year. This is attributed to the board of directors who have long-term vision, trust and support for the company's development decisions." Vance raised his glass and said, "On behalf of the company, I propose a toast to all the directors."

All the directors raised their glasses in response. Then, as a major shareholder, Mr. Zhou stood up. "We are all businessmen. The purpose of business is to make money. As long as the company can make money, the decision is good. As long as the president who can make money is a good president, those black sheep should be kicked, and the branches should be cut off. In just three years, Mr. Vance has made Golden Company become the No.1 in the domestic electronic industry, and also greatly increased the confidence of our shareholders. I believe that Golden Company will soon become the second in the top 500 in the world in the hands of Mr. Vance. " He raised his glass and said, "I'd like to propose a toast to Mr. Vance on behalf of all shareholders!"

The shareholders' representatives all echoed and praised Mr. Vance. Since Vito couldn't continue the play, he raised his glass sulkily and drank up the wine in it.

The dinner returned to peace.

Krystal admired Vance's calmness and wisdom. No wonder the American Business Weekly regarded him as a business genius.

At the end of the banquet, Park came over. "Krystal, let me drive you home."

"Okay." Krystal nodded and couldn't help but feel happy. A pair of slanted eyes curved into a crescent moon. Vance looked at her, and an imperceptible bitterness slipped down from his face.

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